Makeup No More

Happy hump day! How is your week going? Mine is pretty, well if we put it in my husband’s best friend’s words – shnazzy (is that how you spell shnazzy? I hope so!)

First of all, let me share something with you:

– Working in retail turns you into a mean, spiteful person, who constantly wants to make fun of other people, especially customers. So let’s all try and be a perfect customer to each other shall we?

– Working in retail turns you into a helpful and compassionate person, who is supportive and loving of his coworkers, so lets be that coworker to each other!

– Sometimes helping each other pays off, today it paid off in:


Another thing that’s been on my mind today and honestly for a while is


Here is why:

And this is how it’s all organized in and on my dresser:

Now being the geek that I have been this past week, I came up with some numbers. So my collection includes:

5 Blushes

3 Powders

2 Bronzers

2 Highlighters

1 BB Cream

1 Tinted Moisturizer

1 VitaZing

1 Foundation

11 Liners:

– 7 gel

– 1 liquid

– 4 pencils

10 Mascaras:

– 1 Primer

– 1 Clear

– 1 Blue

– 7 Black


– 1 Lipliner

– 6 glosses, plus whatever is at work (about 3, I think)

– 2 chubby sticks

– 4 lipsticks

2 Serums and 1 Primer (I know these are mainly skincare, but they have snuck in the pictures somehow)

5 Concealers:

– 1 Brightening

– 1 Dark Circle corrector

– 1 Acne corrector

– 2 regular ones

1 Eyeshadow base ( 🙂 )

34 Nailpolishes

4 Shimmer Powders

6 Eyeshadow singles

23 Eyeshadow Palettes, 10 of which include blushes, bronzer and/or highlighters, then 5 of these include lipsticks and glosses

Now you know why I am going to stop buying make up. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to use those things up, some items will run out/expire faster than others, but the goal is to use up as much items as possible 🙂 And I will definitely keep you updated!

Also, please no judgement on my collection, it is what it is 🙂



PS. If you want to learn more about any specific item, or for me to post swatches and reviews on any of these products, please leave a comment below 🙂 Also most of the brands are listed in the tags cloud!


  1. I’m jealous and I can’t believe how organized your makeup drawer is! I say collect whatever makes you happy. There’s nothing like getting ready for an evening out, putting on your favorite makeup, and just feeling good. What are your recommendations on highlighters and an eyeshadow base? I’ve gone through several eyeshadow bases and none seem to work that well. I’m also hesitant when it comes to highlighters.

    • Thank you so much, I have to be organized, other wise it’ll crawl everywhere 🙂 As far as highlighters go, I like Clinique’s Up-lighting (it’s a liquid high lighter), and any MAC ones, if you are looking for a budget friendly version – Physician’s Formula has great shimmer bricks, that can also be used as eye shadows! They are a knock off of Bobbi Brown’s shimmer bricks! Love them! Another thing you can do – use eye shadow to highlight your cheek bones, just a light shimmery shadow will do, there is one from Covergirl that works great for that purpose! Base wise, I’ve tried Urban Decay’s primer potion, and that seemed to have worked out the best, I do sometimes use cream eyeshadow as a base, and right now I have Sally Hansen eyeshadow base, but I have a feeling that was discontinued. Origins has a good one and so does Estee Lauder. But you can just brush some powder over your lid, that helps hold eye shadow in place too!

  2. Well I’m sure you will have fun using it all up. I did that a couple of yrs ago. Now I mainly stick to a couple of favs. But it is mysterious how they creep back in… I have 4 liquid foundations on the go plus a wet/dry I mostly use as pwd and 2 replacements in the drawer for when They run out. I often wonder how long it will take. I suspect when one is younger we buy more as we experiment and learn. At 40 I knew what worked best for me. Then there are some lucky clever ones, my step daughter has used the same foundation since she was 14.

    • I think it’s also because I work in cosmetics and there is always something new coming out, that I want to try! I do get to try a lot of products at work, but that’s mainly of boredom 🙂 haha I am still looking for my perfect products, I guess!

  3. Anna says:

    У меня тоже “проблема” с лаками для ногтей)) Женя, сделай, пожалуйста, видео о твоей коллекции лаков, если не трудно;)) хохо

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