I don’t do it in the Jungle, but someday I might

It’s always big when someone gets to be on a reality TV show, especially if that someone is an entire salon. Jungle Red may only look like a garage on the outside, but trust me there is more inside, plus the inside is also organic.

The local downtown salon got on Tabatha Takes Over, because the owner needed help, she was $45,000 in debt and actually living in the place! Those of you who watched the show last night could’ve gotten a sneak peak on her bras and the disgusting shower (I had a better one growing up in Russia! Just saying πŸ˜‰ ) The staff was a hoot, the make up artist was doing vodka shots like no tomorrow, at that point I started wondering how Russian she might be on the scale of 1 – drunk. Plus the dust, the hair, the oh so ranch looking tub for pedicures. No wonder I read horrible reviews on that place!

But here comes Tabatha with her adorable British accent, cursing left and right. In spite of all that, she plays the Fairy Good Mother for Kari, the salon manager and presents her with a yoga instructor job and people who can train her!

The show ends well, I am sure the salon is getting more and more business, to be honest I am still not sure whether it’s worth going to or not, I guess Aveda’s domination and reputation speaks for itself and if I can get an appointment to get my hair cut this week, I will go there.

Now about the party, no good came out of it, but this picture of Sam and I, I mean we are one good looking couple!

The viewing party held at Seven started at 7pm (feel the irony?), we got there around 7.30, 8pm was when the fashion show was supposed to start, and to be honest that was the part I was extremely excited about. But once the models started coming, I realized that this was going to be one hell of a show in a bad way, at some point I thought one of the models was going to fall, she was wobbling on her heels. All models were dressed in black leggings and tanktops. Some were wearing coats, some were just carrying purses or clutches, some were too big for models, some were okay, I guess. I think this was the part that my husband hated the most, but I guess he was expecting more from a fashion show, just like I was. All the clothes were presented by Pink Champagne, a boutique somewhere in the Twin Cities that I never heard of, the owner, who came out at the end of the show was wearing a furry head band and looked like she got lost on her way to Aspen. The video of the final walk-through is below for your judgement:

All in all, Jungle Red was a great fit for Bravo’s reality TV. One part of me wishes there was more drama, but it is what it is. I also wish Tabatha would’ve made it, but alas, she only Skyped, and I guess that reduced the effect she would’ve had on the crowd if she’s been here in person.





  1. I love Tabatha. I could watch the show all day!

  2. I had no idea fashion meant only wearing black leggings with heels! Guess I’m in trouble.

    • Oh psh you are not, I think they are πŸ™‚ well they were, the other fashion shows I’ve been to were a lot a lot different!

  3. It’s fun to see your posts from my home town Minneapolis! You are a very good writer!

  4. totally just finished watching that episode! it wasn’t the best one i’ve seen but it was definitely interesting esp. since it was Mpls-based. that’s pretty fun that there was a viewing party & that tabatha skyped in! the video you posted was amusing – and you were spot on with your critique – right down to the owner who “got lost on the way to aspen”. ha! anyway, speaking of haircuts – where do you go? you mentioned aveda (is that the one with the training school where you can get cheaper cuts/styles because they are done by students?). i’m totally on the look out for a good place to get my haircut! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I am thinking about getting a haircut from one of the Aveda students, I think it’s called New Talent πŸ™‚ So I am guessing they’ve just graduated πŸ™‚ I know that they have $25 haircuts at Aveda on the corner of Hennepin and Lake (Calhoun Square) and there is one on 12th street – Sanctuary, they do that too. I am planning on blogging about that experience too! There is a guy in Duluth who is amazing, but again it’s Duluth – 2 hours away, not going for a hair cut there :/ I had a really bad experience with a student hair stylist once in NYC though, but I hear Aveda is pretty good!

      • yeah I read great reviews on the Aveda New Talent! πŸ™‚

        well can’t wait to read your haircut experience then!

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