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Everything is changing and everything is constantly moving. I can’t believe I’ve already been in school for a month! University has definitely pushed and stretched me in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. But one thing remained the same – I still love vintage and clothes, and styling my daily outfits. Probably even more now, than ever.

I have told the story of the jacket in my Instagram post yesterday, but I will share it again here. And if you are a thrifter, or a vintage shopper you will understand what I went through to get it.

I was at Steeple People on Franklin and Lyndale, actually trying to find someone new to talk to (for a class assignment), when I noticed a girl find this jacket. She actually asked one of the store volunteers to get it down for her, because it was hanging up high under the ceiling. Of course now I wanted it too. It was a perfect jacket that I wanted before I even knew I needed or wanted it. After about 30 minutes she decided against it, and set it back down. I guess I just got lucky this time, because I am literally living in it this fall. And just in case you are wondering, it is a wool Talbots jacket in light grey, the softest, most comfortable thing I’ve worn in a long time.

In this look I wore it over a vintage black dress, paired with a scarf I got from Popsugar Must-have box, and the black boots I got for Christmas two years ago, that my father-in-law brought from Germany.

I am wearing it again today, so make sure you follow me on Instagram!



  1. Hahaha good for you for stalking this! LOVE this outfit!

  2. Very cute jacket! Your stalking efforts paid off big time!

  3. Such a gorgeous jacket. I am so happy for you that the girl didn’t want it!

  4. Love this outfit and LOVE the jacket, so worth “stalking” for it haha!! Gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. sucha a cute jacket! i’m obsessed with gray this year. and i adore the colors of your scarf. perfect for fall/winter!

  6. Adorable jacket! Good find, how luck you are with your patience too!

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