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This Holiday Season Our Thrift Style Thursday crew is bringing you some cheer in a form and shape of Ugly Sweaters! Happy Holidays! We love you!

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2013-12-22 09.58.14

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2013-12-18 06.49.02

This is Sam’s Ugly Sweater! What do you know? It won him one of the first prizes!

Check out the other ugly sweaters!

Justine at TheTwo Cent Chick

Nout at Sandpaper Kisses

Jackline at Sincerely Miss J

Martyna at Spoolish

Kristi at Alligator Toe 

And the winner of the Crown Brushes Set is Comment #4 (Thanks to! I was also counting from the bottom) Elisse

Didn’t win? Don’t worry! There will be a lot of Giveaways coming up in January! And don’t forget to enter this MAC Cosmetics one!



PS. Do you have pictures in Ugly Christmas Sweater? Tweet them to me! I would love to see how ugly it can get 😉

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  1. adorable!! love the snow photos, we really miss snow!
    have a wonderful holiday!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

  2. This is just too cute!!!

  3. great “ugly” sweaters! Love the snow – today was a HOT day here in NC 🙁

  4. Your ugly holiday sweater is so cute. How’s that for an oxymoron? Congrats Sam!

  5. Hahaha, the sweaters always crack me up.

  6. Adorable, as usual. Love your boots too!

  7. I love your photos in the snow (but it looks soooo cold)!!! And why does poor Sam look so sad if he won a prize?! The two of you are cute, cute, cute! 😉
    Merry Christmas!!! 🙂

    • Haha, well I took the picture before Sam left for work, and he is always so dramatic! There are a few happy pictures with his co-workers, but I didn’t want to put them on the blog! And it wasn’t that cold yesterday, today is worse 😉


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