Fear Not

My biggest fear was I was going to hate it! Having lived on the east coast for 2 years, one year within a 30 minute train ride from Manhattan, one on the Upper West Side, New York had it’s spell over me! But I had the fear of being delusional. The night before I left I couldn’t sleep. Whether it was stress, or my sinuses infection, I kept waking up on the hour every hour. Less than 2 hours on the plane and it’s like I never left. The flipping each other off cab drivers, the view of Manhattan, it was all there and it was the same. I changed. New York didn’t. It stayed true to itself. And for this, I am grateful.









  1. i’m glad it was all still the same!! what a fun trip!

  2. kansa muse says:

    Enjoyed your blog. I awarded you two awards on my blog. http://kansamuse.me/2013/12/29/loving-blogging/

  3. It looks soooo lovely! Have a very happy new year!!

  4. I wish I knew you were here! I was off all week!

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