Fall Smells Like Vintage

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A few weeks ago we shot some amazing pieces for Alacloth’s ASOS and ETSY stores. She is by far my favorite vintage seller of all, and I can always rely on her to find me something specific.

Having read this recent interview with Bill Cunningham, I started thinking about blogging and fashion industry as a whole. And while I still want to pursue a career as a buyer, I think it’s time to make this blog more unique and more me. Kind of that weird quirky style I used to have. I was so inspired that I even filmed a refashion video for you!

I had my first group presentation and my first midterm this week, and that’s why there will be way less posts on here, and way more pictures on Instagram, but I am very excited about Adam Lippes for Target collaboration that’s coming up at the end of the week, so I think I’ll feature that, and go spend my hard-earned college student dollars on more buffalo plaid!

Meanwhile I am also on a hunt for a garment steamer. I heard there is one at Goodwill by my house 😉


  1. Love the grungy look of some of the later photos – so cute on you. Also, congrats on getting past the first round of presentations/midterms. I’m like you, always posting to IG way more than to the blog.

    Good luck finding the steamer!

  2. You look so gorgeous! Like seriously the perfect vintage model 🙂 And I agree, I have been trying to be more uniquely me again too! Also – I CANNOT WAIT for that collab!

  3. Love these looks! Ah, a garment steamer. I’ve been thinking of getting one myself…

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