DIY Basil Limeade

My in-laws are wonderful people, they introduce me to amazing new stuff, a lot of times it’s something I would’ve never thought to try on my own, this time it was Basil Limeade, that came in a fancy bottle like this:


And apparently cost top dollar.

So I decided to make my own, plus my mother-in-law grows her own basil, so all I had to get were limes 🙂

Thanks to my fab new iPad and Epicurious app, I found a recipe for Basil Limeade in no time.

Here is how it goes:


But oh wait, we gotta make the syrup first 😉


So I got all the ingredients ready:


Then simply followed the steps mentioned above (the only difference though – I used zest of 2 limes, 2 cups of basil and lemon juice, instead of lime!):


I put the syrup into the fridge, so now I can have a glass of that basil goodness any time I want. Plus I am determined to get some seltzer tomorrow (or any type of unflavored carbonated water), I just love my lemonade bubbly! It also inspired me to make my own pesto!

I personally think this was a success, and probably a lot cheaper than buying a bottle of limeade in the first place.

Would you try something like this?




  1. Elena says:

    Женя, спасибо за рецепт! Cегодня на даче опробовала его. Правда с небольшими изменениями: были не только лайм, но и лимон (цедра соответственно тоже микс), а базилик был красный, поэтому этот лимонад у меня получился розовый!

    Очень вкусно и летом очень кстати 🙂

  2. I guess I would try to do something like this 🙂
    I’m following you on Bloglovin, Pinterest and Twitter.
    Magdalena (from IFB)

  3. I know the branded basil limeade syrup you show:-) My friend, Lori, started the company that makes it. Lots of great spices, salt, syrups, etc. But, yes, spendy, too. I would for sure do it myself. (you asked:-)) Thanks for sharing. Great photos!

    • Thank you Liz, it’s totally awesome how you know the founder of the brand 🙂 Have an awesome day!

  4. I would so try this! Looks yummy. You could even use some old bottles, make some of your own labels and give this as a gift. Thanks for sharing!

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