Currently Obsessed With…

1. Shamballa Bracelets – those babies are popping up everywhere, from blogs, to Olympian’s wrists:

2. Origins VitaZing SPF 15 – it hydrates, energizes and protects to maintain skin’s momentum all day. I love it!

3. The Balm’s Nude Tude palette and Translucent Powder – Sexy Mama – I just got those from the other day – and am in absolute delight 🙂

4. Reading Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

5. Styling Denim shirts – I’ve got 3 of those already 🙂

Happy Friday everyone, what are you currently obsessed with?



PS. I also thought that Vika Komova totally deserved gold today, she was wonderful in her last routine!


  1. Shamballa Bracelets are perfect for a DYI project. Do you know how to make them?

  2. Oh so cool. I have a denim shirt sitting in my cupboard waiting to wear it again.

    • And it’s perfect time for it too, denim is everywhere these days! Last night my husband and I went for a walk and I wore my shirt and a pair of short, which were also denim, so I am not sure if that means I was pulling off a Canadian tuxedo or what 🙂

  3. GRRRR I still haven’t seen the women’s all around. Our television network is in big trouble for their awful Olympic coverage, so I’m relying on a torrent I’m downloading! I would have liked to see Komova get a gold medal on something, but it looks like it’s already been decided uneven bars gold is for Beth Tweddle, so she probably won’t now.

    • Oh wow I hope your tv gets fixed soon! I am sure there are also some videos available on 🙂

      • Unfortunately NBC blocks anyone who isn’t in America. I hope that in a few weeks they’ll stop pulling the YouTube videos down!

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