Corrupting my world

I have noticed, that I started doing what I was always doing best – nothing! I also procrastinate, screw up my schedule & stay up till 2 or 3 am. I watch everything, there are so many shows out there, and I watch all of them. Correction, I watch the ones, that are either funny, or sad, or have something in common with my life.

The Big Bang Theory – my fiance is a geek, and he turned me into one, so I can relate to Penny & Leonard.

The Big C – my grandma has cancer, stage 4, that show is my emotional outlet, I cry when I watch it. No one understands, but Cathy!

The Millionaire Matchmaker – I learn constructive criticism.

Hellcats – speaks to my inner cheerleader.

The Office – everyone watches it, and I have driven through Scranton.

Keeping up with the Kardashians – They study Kim’s case in Harvard business school, I was accepted to an Ivy League school!

Modern Family – reminds me why I don’t want to have kids!

The Simpsons – I have a poster with the most famous quotes from there!

Family Guy – Love Mila Kunitz.

That 70’s Show – Donna (Laura Prepon) is partially Russian.

Sex & the City – Love Manhattan scenery, watch it to recognize places, and then yell out – I was there!

Cougar Town – Love Cortney Cox, esp. her hair!

Ancient Aliens – Have to watch something on History Channel, right?

Firefly – gotta watch a sci-fi show once in your life, even if it is during Passover in Florida with the people you don’t really like.

And a whole lot of other stuff!


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