Copper Dress + Vigil for Orlando

copper dress copper dress copper dress copper dress copper dress

We spent all weekend moving from our house, to Sam’s parents’ basement. I woke up Sunday morning and told him how happy I felt. He replied – that’s because when you lived in New York you lived on the ground floor. He was right. Sometimes it still surprises me how well my husband knows me. I will talk about home ownership, and our house more later this week. But I am so happy in this ground floor “apartment” of ours for the time being.

Last night we took a walk through downtown, all the way to Stone Arch Bridge and around, it was beautiful. We ended it at the vigil for Orlando victims in Loring Park. So much sadness, but so much love at the same time. And love is the greatest of them all, remember it this week.

This copper dress is a little something I found at Target recently, it’s a WhoWhatWear line, I own the same one in black. It has spaghetti straps, but last night was chilly, so I threw this Francesca’s crop top over it. Sometimes a crop top makes all the difference. And of course my new favorite TOMS 😉

Happy Monday!

We will not give in to hate, we will not give in to fear. We never have and we won’t start ?

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So much love tonight!

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  1. I love that copper dress and your flats. I wanted to buy it at Target but it was sold out at my store and I cannot find it online. You look fabulous!

    Welcome by and linkup with me this Thursday. Thanks.

  2. Love is the strongest of all! We need to keep sharing the love we have via our little places on the internet! You look amazing in this lovely copper dress. And I love how you wore the crop top over it! Just beautiful!


  3. That colour and scalloped hem is absolutely gorgeous on you!


  4. The copper dress lookd great on you. Kudos for finding it at Target.
    Much sadness here in England.

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