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There are so many things I love! Family, husband and values aside. Let me be “shallow” for once, let me talk about my passions, let me talk about the loves of my life!

I love blogging, I absolutely adore all my readers and blogger friends. I don’t think I can live without you! I love Thrift Style Thursdays, I love the inspiration, the ideas. I love the new levels you all take me on! Love is easy, give love to receive love. Think love. See love. Wish love.

Love the simple things. Love yourself. Love to love.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Thrift

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Winter White

Who says you can’t wear menswear? Following the instructions from “I know You Want It” and being currently addicted to Gossip Girl, I picked up a pack of 5 Fruit of the Loom V-necks at our downtown Target. Those were probably the cheapest shirts I’ve ever bought, $11 for 5, that’s $2.25 each, a good deal to me! So today we are going to style them, together, in front of the mirror.

 With a skirt, maxi or high waist, with shorts or skinny jeans, a white T is a win-win in any situations! Style yours today!



Friday DIY on a Saturday morning

It’s Christmas season, and even though there are a lot of people who say that you shouldn’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, retailers and advertisers tell us the opposite.

I have been working on Christmas Stockings for Sam and me, and even though we don’t have a fireplace, there are plenty of places in our apartment where we can hang these up! These aren’t finished yet, I am still debating whether to put decorations on the front or the first letters of our names, we’ll see. But nevertheless, I am going to leave a tutorial for you, so you can make one for yourself, or someone you love <3

 I have also decided to share this DIY table with you. And even though it’s going to be contradictory with you all book lovers out there, I think it’s an amazing idea, maybe not for a house, but for a coffee shop for sure (no wonder this one is at our local Caribou on Nicolette Mall)

 And now the stocking tutorial:

  Hope you are all having a fun SNOWY day, like us, here in Minneapolis!



My Coupon Experiment

Since we don’t subscribe to the Sunday paper, weekly mail in coupons are all I have, plus some in-store coupons, and the random coupon here and there I get from the manufacturer and which usually comes with a sample. I have to admit when it comes to in-store coupons, Target beats them all! The great thing about Target are sales/clearances which you can combine with a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon and viola – you have at least 40% of savings right there!

Anyways, I decided to do a month of coupon experiment, when every time Sam and I would go grocery shopping, we would use some coupons (I didn’t go crazy over anything) and write down how much we saved.

So it all came up to $88.62 a month, taking into consideration that we’ve only been grocery shopping 3 times, and spent around 50 bucks each time.

Now all the saved money can go towards… well, we don’t really know, but today we donated to the United Way, so I think that’s a good cause.

I am not an extreme couponer, and don’t claim to be one, I just like saving a few dollars here and there.

I might do another experiment like this, but with clothes. You know sometimes you find brand new things at thrift stores, like this black Gap dress:

The original tag was still on, with the original price of $59.95! That’s how much percent of savings? 99%?

What are the things you save one? And what do you splurge on? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!



PS. I am also going to be appearing in the video Support Where you Live for Minneapolis Foundation holding letter “I” and waving 🙂 I don’t know if that video will ever be up on YouTube, but I will let you know if it is!

The Fashion Rut

Rut!?! I don’t think I even knew the word “rut” until I moved to the States. It’s not something they teach you in an ESL class. But ever since I’ve discovered that word, I’ve started to use it more and more often – there is a make up rut, the marriage rut (aka my husband’s smart comments on the subject matter), and now, time has finally come to talk about the fashion rut, and all the things it brings.

I am usually very good at planning my shopping trips/thrifting trips/freecycling trips. I look for inspiration, cut out/print out some ideas, check on certain brands and off I go! Monday night I spent about an hour making a list of all the things I was going to look for!

There are 13 items on my list, I got 2 of them yesterday! The weekly show and tell of my thrift finds is coming up later this week, so be patient, I will also let you sneak a peak on how I prepare for my thrifting trips!

I am going to confess – I fell into the rut of  skirts/dresses and boots!

This look is so easy to pull off! Especially with my collection of dresses. I also dig the layering and the belts as well. Both of these pics are from a Sundance catalog by the way. I don’t buy their stuff, it’s too expensive, but the ideas are great! So if you have this “back-to-nature”/”nature-chic” kind of urge – check out their website.

Next I am guilty of taking advantage of skinny jeans and loose fit sweaters.

I seriously feel like I am turning into some “Fashion for Lazies” blog, so let’s learn how to fight and scream and kick and get out of a fashion rut:

1. Clean out your closet!

If you have as much as I do, there are probably things that you forgot you had! Usually the things we tend to wear more often, are the things we keep right where we can see them, reach for them and viola – you have been rocking the same outfit for a week! Congratulations!

2. Get rid of everything old, everything that you know you are not going to wear.

And don’t lie to yourself about “maybe wearing that sweater next week”, you are probably not going to wear it ever again. I do recommend keeping clothes that doesn’t fit! I also recommend hanging that clothes somewhere, where you can see them every day, and that should be your motivation to loose weight and fit into those skinny jeans! Now by “getting rid of” I don’t mean throwing it away, I mean – donating, swapping, putting it up on Freecycle or Craigslist. Some items might even be worth selling on Etsy!

3. Look for inspiration!

It’s everywhere, outside, in the windows of department stores, in catalogs, magazines, blogs – join bloglovin’, lookbook and get hundreds of ideas on a daily basis!

So there you have it – the RUT and how to get out of it! Now I’d better get to step 1!



Thrifting for Treasure – Going for the Maxi

I did it, I thrifted to maxi skirts, which I absolutely cannot wait to wear! I also thrifted an amazing blue necklace and the cutest $3 vintage style bag!

Do you know what’s the best thing about thrifting? Striking random conversations with other shoppers.

Tuesday my friend and I went to the Salvation Army at the Warehouse District of Minneapolis and had several people there ask us what language we were speaking! (I do speak Russian to my Russian friends after all 🙂 )

Today as I was trying on a skirt at Steeple People, a lady told me I looked very cute. Steeple people doesn’t have a dressing room – so whatever you try on – you should be trying on over your clothes and in front of everyone else!

I bet you are dying to see what I got! Well, today I decided to surprise you, and put up a video, instead of pictures! So sit back and enjoy the haul!

Have a great rest of your day, wherever you are!




Fall 2011 Passion for Fashion

Today’s post is brought to you by Stephania, I met her through MyBlogGuest.com, hope you enjoy these fall fashion trends! I am going shopping later today, and I think these are great suggestions, that I might look for myself. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Cheap Sally Passion for Fashion Fall 2011

The joy of Barefoot living?

So the other day I ended up in a quiet comic situation. I was walking down Nicollet Mall Downtown Minneapolis, when my shoe broke. I am talking about my ALDO sandal/flip-flop in white. It’s almost broken before, back when I was in Russia, the strap that went around my toe started ripping off, back then I just super glued it. This time it was all way more serious, the strap that goes in between my toes fell off. I was right by the Y when it all happened. And my first thought was to call Sam and tell him to meet me there. But the benches by the Y is where a lot of homeless people stick around… So I kept walking. Adding insult to my shoe injury was some kid (teenager) who was trying to recruit people to sign up to donate for some charity, and called me a “sir”. Dear America, please teach your children about genders.

Lucky for me, Target was only a few blocks away and I got some gold colored sandals on clearance there. There are always has good deals there, and some of the clothes are super cute, I just don’t think they survive the washer/dryer torture very well.

It wasn’t the first time I walked around barefoot. A couple weeks ago Sam and I were going to our first pre-marital counseling session, and I had a few very painful blisters, so I took the flip-flops off, and on I went. The only important rule that you need to remember when walking barefoot – watch out for glass and other sharp objects. I remember back a couple years ago when I was still an Au Pair, I went to meet my second family, it rained really hard and it was safer to walk around barefoot, than slip and fall in my shoes. If I walked around barefoot in Manhattan, I can do it anywhere 🙂 (Maybe not in Russia 🙂

Then I remembered the bare walking shoes:

Those were (and probably still are) a huge hit. I once met a woman at the dog run by AMNH, who told me all about the benefits of those shoes. I don’t know whether I will ever have the guts to wear those, because they don’t make that great of a fashion statement, and I will always prefer my heels and wedges.

But there are people out there who go all the way – they walk barefoot, drive their cars barefoot, and do everything else barefoot (I imagine!). I once met a guy in NYC who did all that (in November!). He goes barefoot, but he only several times a year.

Maybe one day I will be willing to do the barefoot thing, but I will have to move somewhere warmer than Minnesota 🙂

Here are some charities that provide shoes to people for whom barefooting isn’t an option:

1. Soles for Souls


2. Tom’s


3. Shoes to Share


Of course there are many many other ones. I know that a lot of charity organizations donate shoes every once in a while. Interestingly enough, when we in the Western world want to take our shoes off and go barefoot, the rest of the world wants to put some shoes on!


Heaven is going to be one big green meadow where everyone will be doing cartwheels!



It’s been a good day, but emotionally tiring, and I am beat in the end! Beat physically too. I am glad today was the last day, for the last day, it was  a good day! I had a blast at the dance, and I’ve finally found a person who dances my kind of dance (Aerobics style). Christie is amazing, her and I should open dance classes at a gym together for sure! But in the end of the day, I am glad it’s over. And I can go to sleep!

So looking forward for the weekend!