1 Day 2 Outfits and Boo

Yesterday was my day off! And days off are amazing, I am sure you all know that! Plus I was on a mission – to buy Boo the cute little dog for Ingrid – the girl I baby sit! If you don’t know who Boo is – here is a picture!

I was able to order both the plush toy and the book about Boo from our Uptown Urban Outfitters, and have them ship it to my house for free 🙂 Oh the beauty of ordering from the store instead of online (that would’ve cost me $10!)

Anyways, once Boo makes it to my house, I’ll make sure to take some pictures of him for you before I pass him on to the cutest little girl in the area!

Now, I don’t want to be vain, or God forbid pull a Samantha Brick on you, but I went through 2 outfits yesterday. Here is the first one:

I am rocking my thrifted COACH cross body and BCBG Max Azria Jacket, my dress came from a sale at Macy’s, and the boots were a gift from my hubby, before we were even married. And then you know, the watch is the usual – Marc Jacobs, yes, I am obsessed 😉

After I placed my order at UO, I went to check out the Ragstock, and ran into my friend Tom, whom I haven’t seen for about 5 years! Here is some interesting info for you – there are 2 Ragstocks in uptown, both are in the same building, but I was so excited about everything I bought there, I had to immediately go home and change!

Hence, Outfit of the day #2:

As you can tell I am recovering pretty well after my surgery 🙂 Thank you all for warm wishes and loving messages! I appreciate all of them so so much!

Hope you had a good day yesterday!



Oh, Fairytales… Oh, Refashionistas…

Yesterday it has finally dawned on me – Cinderella was the first fairy tale re-fashionista! Of course with the help of her animal friends. And even though her dress ended up ruined,

the tradition of refashioning carries on! Here are my favorite re-fashionistas out there! Hope they inspire you just as much!


from Columbia, SC

 Erica from http://www.recycled-fashion.com


 Cotton and Curls http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com

Provo, Utah

Also check out her list of refashionistas! It’s amazingly useful!

And of course the Refashion Co-op 

Check out their website for useful links and numerous daily posts 🙂

Who is your favorite refashionista?




DIY Friday: Best stain fighting solution

A couple months ago I bought this gorgeous Betty Hanson vintage red dress, made in Italy. The only downside of it was that it had a few stains. Have I noticed those stains at the store, I would’ve never bought it. I have a rule about not buying clothes at thrift stores that have stains, because they never come out!

So instead of throwing this dress away, I decided to simply do this!

All stains are gone now 😉

Then I pinned some vintage lace to the front:

 Finally I sewed everything using my brand new sewing machine:

 I hope you all had a great week! Mine was fab! In addition to finally finishing this red sweater, I also finished a scarf and baked some cinnamon rolls for dinner! Yes, you heard me, cinnamon rolls for dinner!



Thrifting for Treasue

My fellow thrifters, I apologize for going MIA, and not going thrifting. I have a new haul for you. I know, FINALLY!

Steeple People has a sale this week, yes, a CLOTHING SALE – 2 for 1, it’s AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

Anyways, since one of my friends said that clothes look better on a pretty hanger than on the floor (see my yesterday’s post about the 7 dresses), I am going to put them on a pretty hanger today!

So here is the scoop:

1. Max Studio print dress, looks so much like DVF wrap!

2. Ellen Tracy cardigan!

3. Calvin Klein Jeans!

4. Some asian skirt (sorry I can’t read hieroglyphics!)

5. Fabric! Oh yeah!

Total: $18

Okay so the hanger thing didn’t really work, so there are my clothes on the floor again, all but one dress!

Here are some of the fabrics that I got, and some of the pieces on me – gray jeans, blue jeans, I bet you can’t tell a difference!



7 Dresses for Christmas

As promised, gifted (by a good friend from NYC), tried on and styled (by me)

Dress 1

Matthew Stevens Dress, Blue $1 necklace from Steeple People

Dress 2

Diane Von Furstenberg dress, Ted Baker purse (won in a giveaway), Old Navy necklace

 Dress 3

Necessary Objects dress, bangles (H&M), real pearl necklace (gift)

Dress 4

Maria Bianca Nero dress, Forever 21 jacket

Dress 5

Ann Taylor dress, vintage medallion

Dress 6

Aoyama Itchome dress, vintage slip

Dress 7

Maeva dress

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to my friend who sent those to me! And hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of the dresses!


Thrifting for Treasure: It’s been too long!

It’s been over 2 weeks since I posted my last Thrifting for Treasure. I didn’t want to do one last week, because I only bought two things, but this week’s haul, along with things that I’ve gotten off of freecycle and the items I thrifted a week before, should, all together, make a great post. Plus I was really inspired by Daniel Troppy and his almost daily YouTube haul videos.

The two items I bought last week were a salmon colored Talbots skirt and a cotton Gap black dress. When it comes to skirts, I have noticed myself leaning more and more towards anything high waisted and pocketed. And I know that I have blogged about it a lot over the past few weeks, so I am not going to bore you, but put the pictures up instead!

This week’s thrifting experience was a lot a lot more productive. I went to the Salvation Army in the North Loop district and here is what I got:

A vintage Coach purse, this one was meant for my mother-in-law, but I am not sure if she wants it, or if I am ready to give it up yet, but it’s absolutely stunning! If you are going for a Coach purse – go for the leather ones, don’t buy the fabric bags, even though they cost over $300, they still look cheap!

Next I got a Calvin Klein Dress. I immediately fell in love with this dress, the different layers of fabric add fullness and volume to the skirt. Plus I love how stripes go in different directions.

Remember my post on Trench Coats? Inspired by my husband? Well I just happened to find two trenches at the Salvation Army, and one of them is reversible – so that’s like 3 trenches instead of two 😉

The first one is a Jones New York Coat:

Guess which side I will be rocking more often?

The next coat is actually a rain coat by Ralph Lauren. It’s a bright orange color, which will definitely make me stand out in the Minneapolis crowd!

The last two things were a little hard to explain, but since I got those sewing patterns off of Freecycle, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some new fabric. And well – turns out they sell fabric at the thrift store. What a pleasant discovery! If you are not sure if your thrift store sells fabric – check the linens/blankets section – that’s where I found these two amazing fabrics:

Now I am definitely asking for a sewing machine for Christmas.

I hope you all enjoyed these finds, if you’ve gone thrifting this week, make sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog below, I would love to check your finds out.

Have a great weekend,


Fashion Personalities: Daniel Troppy

 You all know that I will advocate for thrift stores even if you wake me in the middle of the night, but I am not the only one! Today I wanted to share some advice and tips that I got from Daniel Troppy – a fashion blogger, store owner, for whom thrifting has not only become a lifestyle, but a career. I came across his videos last week, though I believe I was subscribed to his YouTube channel for a lot longer than that. He stood out to me because of his love for thrifting for brands. And he was nice enough to agree and answer some questions. I hope this will be helpful to all of you out there, especially my fellow Minnesota fashionistas (because if we don’t take measures into our hands, this State is going to drown in sweats and fleeces!)

Daniel doesn’t only have a YouTube channel, but he is also an author of a blog called The Thrifters – which I highly recommend. This is what he says about himself on his blog – I search for recycled luxury clothes daily. My motto is “luxury should be accessible to everyone not just to a few privileged.” It is my mission to seek out affordable STYLE so I can pass on the savings to my clients. Follow me daily on my STYLE adventures. Friend me on Facebook & follow me on Twitter. Toodles for now. Daniel your thrift curator! 

How did you become a thrifter? When and why do you keep doing it?

I discovered thrift stores when I first went to college and needed those extra things like pots & pans, flatware and dishes. It’s been 29 years ago so I can’t remember the very first thrift store I went into but when I talk to my oldest college friend Jerry he will tell that I was a thrift store addict then… Thrift store shopping is always an adventure because you never know what you might discover. Things change daily inside a thrift store so it’s always something new.

What are some thrifting rules or guidelines that you follow (or what advice would you give to a starting thrifter)?

I always tell beginner thrifters to pack their patience! I know I make thrifting fun but it’s work. I look at hundreds of pieces daily so you have to be patient. Thrifting is all about timing and luck.

Do you thrift for specific brands or specific styles? 

When I go out hunting I look for designer luxury pieces, always searching for those classic brands: Gucci, Hermes, Chanel or Versace. I have educated myself on labels and brands by looking at magazines, blogs & of course the NYTimes Fashion section. When I’m in doubt I just whip out my iPhone and Google the brand in question.

Do you have any crazy/funny stories to tell about your thrifting experience?

My funny store about thrifting is I was at Salvation Army and scored 2 Mies van der Rohe MR Chaise Lounge chairs that had the Knoll sticker underneath for $29.95 for the pair. I bought them and quickly ran outside to put them in my car but my car was so so small they wouldn’t go in. I called my partner Mitch repeatedly asking him to come with his car to help me haul these away. I kept calling and calling him and it kept going to his voice mail. The reason it was going into voice mail was because he was a pallbearer at his friends funeral!

What was the best thing you found at a thrift store?

I’ve found a lot of luxury pieces that are treasures like an Hermes scarf or Hermes jacket, Chanel heels, vintage Chloe suit, vintage DVF dress or even a vintage YSL dress but when I’m asked about an item I would have to say finding a custom made cocktail bar by Cartier for $3.25.

How often do you thrift, and how much time do you spend at a thrift store?

I hit 2-3 thrift stores daily and I don’t have a day off because I’m always shopping for my blog and my store Doubletake.

How big is your thrifted collection and do you wear everything you get?

My personal thrifting collection is huge because I’m out shopping for my Doubletake boutique and clients I’m also shopping for myself and partner. I have to say my closet if full of Armani, Burberry, Brioni, Lagerfeld, Paul Smith, Lanvin & Rag & Bone. Over 29 years of thrifting you accumulate things so I’ve narrowed it down to just the best and give the rest away. I talk about in my blog and YouTube channel that if you just scored 1 item from a thrift store and that item was a Gucci Pucci or Prada item then you add that to your closet . Slowly building your wardrobe and closet with great luxury is what I tell my readers and clients. What I like to talk about is over time building your designer wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be the first time you hit a thrift store but over time you will have a closet like mine!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely going to follow Daniel’s advice, and in a few years will definitely show my luxury wardrobe 😉

Daniel’s blog  http://www.thethrifters.net/

Daniel’s YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheThrifters101

Follow him on Twitter  http://twitter.com/#!/2thrifters

Visit his store  http://www.dtroppy.blogspot.com/

Happy Monday! I hope you find an inspiration today!


Thrifting for Treasure: It’s getting colder outside edition

Fall is finally here. It rained all day yesterday, when it didn’t rain, it drizzled, when it didn’t drizzle, the sky was gray and it was windy. Good thing I stocked up on sweaters and outerwear! You know how some animals start eating before the winter, to gain some fat? Well I am like that with clothes – warm clothes. Since I am not planning on fattying myself up, but rather staying the 117 lb that I am, I choose fashion to satisfy my need for warmth, that and my husband! He is a great heater 😉

I wanted to share some of my finds with you and how to style them. (Since I only do laundry over the weekend, it’s going to be a while until I actually post pictures of myself wearing these items, so just be patient with me 🙂 )

We are going to start with the sweaters. Both are Macy’s brands, and one of them came with tags attached! I love finding brand new things at the Salvation Army.

1. Norwegian pattern sweater

I bet most of you thought I was talking about a sweater with reindeer on it! No, I am far from wearing Rudolph on my sweater. I was never into the whole trend of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters on my clothes! Anyways, here are the two ways how you can style a sweater like this:

a) with skinny Jeans

b) with a skirt and a pair of boots

I know that in this picture the sweater is pretty cut off, but you get the idea! Plus I have that exact same skirt, that I can’t wait to wear with my new sweater! By the way it’s Evan-Picone, a Macy’s brand, and it only cost me $3.99 😉

2. Tribal print Sweater

It’s a fitted sweater by Charter Club. With tags still attached, and a little sample of gray string to mend it if necessary! This was a $3.99 purchase, but it was also a white tag, which meant it was 50% off, Boo-Yah!

How to wear something tribal:

a) With skinny jeans and a solid color scarf

You don’t want to overkill the look with some striped or other patterned scarf, so going for a solid color is your best bet!

b) As a mini dress

These ones are available at Bloomingdales, but the sweater that I bought can also be worn as a mini dress. Though I will have to lose another 5-7 lb before I can come out in public like that.

c) with leggings or jeggings

I am really digging this whole nerdy look, with the hair pulled into a bun like that and some geeky glasses! If you find a norwegian pattern sweater that’s long enough, you could pull this look off as well.

3. Gray maxi skirt

This was the cheapest item in my cart before all the discounts – only $2.99. Plus it’s Green Cotton, made in Denmark! How cool is that!?!

So here are some ideas on how to style this amazing find:

a) wear it with a bright top, because almost all colors go well with gray!

b) go all gray

Don’t forget to choose accessories that will stand out!

c) Layer it up with white

d) Style Copycats

Hillary Duff or Ashley Olsen? You choose!

I hope you guys enjoyed my thrift finds! Let me know what you all think!



PS. The total price of everything was $11, but I paid only $7.22, thanks to the half price tags and the 25% off coupon that I got through the Choose to Reuse program!

My Rules of Thrifting

Do you remember playing treasure hunts with your friends when you were little? Or hot/cold (where you hide something, and the person is walking around the room or playground, and you say hot or cold or warmer/colder if he gets closer/further away from the “treasure” object)? That’s what thrifting is like for me.

There is a book out there called “Games People Play” (you can learn more about the book here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Games_People_Play_(book) – thrifting is my game! And it is just like that treasure hunt that I’ve mentioned above.

And just like any good game, my thrifting game has it’s rules. Now these rules are mine and mine alone, you can follow them or create your own:

1. When thrifting buy ONLY vintage or rare brands. That’s the whole idea of a treasure hunt! Yesterday I spent over an hour looking through the purses at a local Salvation Army. And an hour later I found another vintage Coach purse in brown! (Pics to come soon!)

2. Sometimes people would want to go thrifting with you, so when thrifting with friends make sure you tell them that they are free to look around on their own. But it’s always fun to goof around and try on ridiculous outfits.

Definitely check out Sammy D’s blog – the link is on the right side of the screen, under Blogs that Inspire me – She is a vintage goddess 🙂

3. Never buy Polyester! You want your skin to breathe, right? I don’t want to go into the whole explanation on why cotton is better for you, I trust we understood each other 🙂

4. Check if the store where you are shopping has regular sales or special one-day sales. For example the local Salvation Army has 50% off Yellow tag or 50% off Green tag. And last week they had all women’s tees for $1. It’s really hard to predict those sales, sometimes it’s going to be mere luck! I scored some awesome things on sale yesterday, but as funny as it may sound, a week before, when I was vase shopping for my wedding centerpieces, I got some of the vases for a dollar, and some for 50% off. They were identical too 🙂

( Sammy D’s pic again! She is just a great source of pictures of thrift stores and other oddities! Love you, Sammy!)

5. Bring your own bag. I know this sounds OC, but I feel like thrifting is a way of staying green. And another thing that being green goes with in my head is using a re-usable bag. I love my Zabars bag, I got it right before I left for Russia, and brought it back – it’s so durable, I can’t even describe 🙂

I have mentioned above that for me thrifting is hunting for brands or vintage. Now I don’t buy all vintage or all expensive brands (but I will not buy Old Navy or some Target brand at a thrift store, nor will I wear clothes by those brands – I will explain in the future posts, I promise). I also try and stay away from Buffalo Exchange (though I have nothing against this store and even wanted to work there at some point) and those type of stores, because walking into one, I feel like walking into a condensed version of a regular shopping mall, and yes the opportunity to buy a Betsy Johnson dress or a BCBG jacket is definitely appealing to me, but it’s so much more fun to find something like that at a regular thrift store. Though they do sell vintage at Buffalo Exchange and it’s usually cheaper than the other dresses. Anyways, this is a whole new subject 🙂

I hope you all are having a happy vintagy and thrifty week!

Also definitely check out Sammy D’s blog and her tips on how to thrift store shop.

Hugs go out to all of you! Spread the good karma!