Some Pants a-hemmin’

The thrifted pants that is. When you come across a pair that you like, and you know you need, because, as mentioned before, all your shorts are at your fiance’s house, and that cost about $2, you just have to have them, even though they can be a little too long.

Today I am going to show you how to hem some pants, without a sewing machine. I think it took me an hour or so to do all the work. I was watching an episode of The Biggest Loser too! So I don’t know whether it served as a distraction or as a motivation 🙂

Begin with washing your pants first (it’s a good and HEALTHY practice to wash anything you buy at a thrift store!), then iron them, because you want to make sure the fabric is as smooth as it can be! No one wants for one pant leg to be longer than the other, right?

Find a pair of pants (or in my case – capris) that fit you well, and you know that the length looks good on you. Lay out the pants you are going to hem and lay the “good” ones on top!

After you cut the extra fabric off, take a piece of chalk (the special kind used for sewing) or soap (preferably dry and white) and draw a line, which is going to be your folding line! I hope you all figured out to leave some extra fabric for the hem! 🙂

Then fold the fabric that is below the white line (now I sound like Alison from The Biggest Loser, except for their line is yellow 🙂 ) in half and pin it!

Then fold it one more time using the white line as your guide line, and sew it up using some bright colored thread (yellow in my case)! Remember, it’s only a running stitch first time around!

Now using some black thread finish hemming the pants (you can really use a different color thread, something contrasting for example, but since all the other seams were done in black, I stuck to the original color!)

So, all you have to do now is wear them proud, or attempt to do a yoga tree pose! Enjoy!


Thrifted Jacket in Today’s Outfit

Continuing showing off (in a good way) my thrift finds, here is a jacket that I bought for $1.50 and wore today! Needless to say I boldly combined prints, and am proud of it!

The pants are from Old Navy (I think it’s one of the few things I have from there), they have these thin stripes that immediately drew my attention! These are the only Old Navy pants that fit me and look good on me. They are size 2, but they were kinda loose on my hips, so I adjusted the little straps in the back, and they fit perfectly now. These were on clearance when I got them, and I only paid $7! My floral top was a Birthday gift from last year, it’s Gap, and I absolutely love it! And finally the jacket – I think it’s absolutely amazing, has pockets, and plaid (which you can’t really tell unless you take a closer look!). So this was my outfit of the day, and I was so excited that the jacket blended in so well with these pieces from my wardrobe! I hope you enjoy thrifting as much as I do, would love to hear about some of your thrift finds!

Thrifted Tunic in Today’s Outfit

I went on a thrifting shopping spree last week, the only reason why I did that – a 90% off sale that I couldn’t resist! And I decided that this week I am going to add an Outfit of the Day type of post, in which I am going to show you, how I incorporated my thrifted purchases into my daily outfits!

So here is my $1 tunic. I am wearing a hand made vintage top underneath ( learn more about it here , a pair of brown leggings from who knows where :), my Kimchi Blue oxfords from Urban Outfitters, a thrifted BCBG jacket from Housing Works on Columbus Ave, and a purse, also from Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue).


Princess Katie Inspired Manicure

I absolutely love Kate’s simple, yet classy manicure! And guess what, you can do it too. I just did. All you need is some beige colored nail polish. I used 3 Free by Butter London, in Hoorah Henri.

Applied 2 coats, and here is what my hands look like now:

Butter London nail polish has got to be one of my favorite brands now, along with Nars! I highly recommend you try it, and the names are fun too! All England-related, just like the world likes it these days!


12 Days 12 Hairstyles, Marie Claire Inspired

I like teaching ESL lessons about Fashion, it’s just something I can relate to! So last night as I was looking for some interesting articles, I came across this Hair Styles Look Book, and decided to pull 10 looks that I will do for the next 10 days. I will be taking a picture of myself everyday, and will post all of them in a week and a half. Here is the link to where I found them (though I am not positive that it’s the exact same one, but I think I am pretty close 🙂 )

There were more than 60 looks, but these are the ones I chose!

Don’t forget to check back in 12 days, and see how all these hairstyles look on me:)


Zhenya vs. Clothes. Part 2. White Shirt.

The one fits all shirt is a dream come true, especially for a girl like me, because I prefer larger sized clothing anyways. I like the baggy look, thankfully a lot of designers have been creating small sized clothing, that already looks oversized! They have reached perfection in that industry, because that’s just what I need!

I have this vintage white  shirt

But the polo collar was a total mood killer!

So off with it!

And I used the collar to make a sunglass case!

Just like that!

Bonus photo – me in the shirt! Yes, I wore it today, and I am proud of it!

PS. Enjoy the new haircut, I know I will 😉

Zhenya vs. Clothes. Part 1. The black jacket.

This is a story of a vintage black jacket, that lived happily in my Grandma’s closet. Until one day I came with scissors.

Well, it didn’t really happen like that. But the truth is – there really is a vintage jacket, moreover, it’s also hand-made. And I happened to find it while going through some old clothes. The material feels like the one they use in H&M for their trench coats and such.

You all have seen a picture of it if you went through the posts about my vintage collection.

I can’t say it was love at first sight, more like confusion, but nevertheless, I have now made this jacket wearable! The problem? Weird sleeve length! The solution – scissors! And here is what I ended up with – a black vintage hand made oversized jacket with a tolerable sleeve length!


PS. Pay attention to my Simpson’s Poster in the background!

DIY Clutch #2

Remember that purse that I turned into a clutch? Well I had enough material to make another clutch out of what was left over.

1. The material before I turned it into a clutch. This used to be the front pocket of the purse, and the zipper – well I found it among my Grandpa’s treasures!


2. I am sorry I didn’t take any pics in between, but once again I used my linoleum trick, so that the clutch held its’ shape! The lining is the same fabric I used for my chair and my curtains! I also made the tassel, to give it a tassely look 🙂

Blue handmade Top in Today’s Outfit!

I have recently made a top out of a medium sized T-shirt, and wore it for the first time today in an outfit! I just wanted to quickly show you a picture of it, sorry for the not so good quality, this was taken with Photo Booth! (Gotta love my Mac!!!)

You can read more about this DIY project here!

Put Those Sleeves to good Use!

Yesterday I made a top out of a T-shirt. Remember? Well guess what, I still had the sleeves left. So I decided to put them to good use! And what better use can there be than to make some fabric flowers!

Now there are plenty of web-sites, blogs and photos on the Internet that teach you how to make those. So I basically found one, and followed the instructions!

1. First, I cut out fabric circles, you can do it by tracing a bottom of a cup, or wing it. I made about 20 circles of 2 different sizes. (I am really sorry I forgot to take the pictures 🙁 )

2. Then you fold the circles in half and sew them together. You only need to make a few stitches.

3. For the smaller flower, I also cut along the circle to give it a “Chrysanthemum” look.

PS. Check out these brands that also make such types of flowers!

J Crew