OOTD: One of a kind Italian Coat

Have you ever been to a garage sale? I have, once! When I lived in Manhattan. It wasn’t even a garage sale per-say. I found a craigslist ad for a sale in Murray Hill where everything was $1. Maybe I didn’t know any better, maybe I am just that fearless, but that was one of the best sales I’ve ever been to! That’s where I scored my one of a kind hand made coat, which came from a flea market in Italy! I always wear my Grandma’s vintage pin on it as well (sorry you can’t see it in the picture, it’s covered by a scarf) but here is what it looks like:


This past Saturday was a super warm day for November in Minneapolis too, low 50s high 60s, just a great day to be out and about. Of course I had to wear my favorite boots (Sam gave them to me for Christmas a few years ago!), I wore an Old Navy knit dress underneath, which has a super cute pleated skirt – you can see it peaking from under the coat! My scarf came from Goodwill outlet in St.Paul, it has a paisley pattern, and always reminds me of the popular Russian motifs.

Of course it’s back to being cold here now, Saturday night it thunder stormed (yeah welcome to Minnesota in November) and Sunday morning it snowed!

I hope you had a great weekend! What has the weather been like in your neck of the woods? Also any thoughts and comments on the Outfit are appreciated!




How do you combine a $4 Adrienne Vittadini  thrifted dress, $10 sale shoes, $6 clearance sweater, a unique handmade jewelry piece, and a $400 Ralph Lauren purse in one outfit?

Here is how:

Hubs and I took the most peaceful walk through the North Loop neighborhood, and then along the River Front here in Minneapolis. The last photo was taken under the Hennepin Ave bridge! I hope you had an awesome Sunday and enjoyed the warm weather in the Cities 🙂



Walking my New Shoes

I’ve been dying to wear my new thrifted Cabin Creek shoes. And today, I finally did 🙂 Here is what else I wore

Cabin Creek shoes – Goodwill – $4.99

Vintage Skirt – Salvation Army – $1.99

Grandma’s top and necklace – PRICELESS

Vintage Coach Bag – Steeple People – $10








Hope you al had an awesome weekend!



Thrifting for Treasure: Suburban Edition

Dear everyone,
I think I’d better start writing all of my posts over the weekend and scheduling them to be published during the week, because it was so hard to put down my October issue of Vogue, but my passion for thrifting took over and today I’m sharing yet some more of my awesome finds!
Last Thursday I had an awesome opportunity to go thrifting after corporate orientation for my new job. So I hit up the Minnetonka Goodwill on Wayzata Boulevard and Clothes Mentor, located less than half a mile from the first location!
And here is what I found:
A pair of Cabin Creek shoes for $4.99, leather upper too 🙂 I love the basket style weaving, and the sole looks barely worn! These shoes were made in Brazil, I remember finding a pair of vintage shoes last year that were made in the same country, so I am starting to wonder about Brazil here 🙂

Next I found this cardigan type of sweater ( I gotta find out what exactly those are called, since this doesn’t have buttons or pockets 🙂 )

And this was $5.99!
I also scored this amazing velvet blazer from The Limited for $6.99. I’m not exactly sure whether I want to keep the tassels on the front, so far they aren’t bothering me, so I’ll let them live! The necklace came from Clothes Mentor, and cost me only $10, keep in mind that this is 4 strands of pink quartz with a Ralph Lauren tag on it 🙂

My most expensive purchase of the day was this Levi’s leather jacket, I got it at Clothes Mentor for $32, it was originally $40, but I had a 20% off coupon! I was specifically looking for a leather jacket, and I knew that I was probably gonna have to splurge. Do you think that’s too much for such a purchase or not enough 🙂 ?

Now I have a funny story about this next piece, and you’ve already heard it if you are my Facebook friend. This is a $6.99 Pure hand knit sweater. So I wore it to work on Friday, and during my lunch break, while walking to see my former coworkers at Macy’s I found 2 Xanax pills in the right pocket 🙂

And last, but not least is this vintage Monsoon sweater! That was $5.99 too, I believe 🙂

So now here is the big question: what were your most and least favorite pieces? I’m so looking forward to your comments!

Zhenya’s News and Random Observations

Last week I saw Wayne Wilderson at Macy’s, and even though no one believed me, I tweeted him and what do you know? That was him 🙂 Made my Saturday!


Fall crept up on me, like something that creeps up on you, anyways, when did it become fall? I seriously thought I had till September 20…


But the sunsets are becoming a pretty pink and purple:


I also scored some shoes at Marshall’s yesterday, both pairs only cost me $12.50 🙂 That’s what I call a “better than a thrift store deal”


I am going to be one tall Russian in these 🙂

Also, here is what I have been obsessively listening to these past few days:

I am having a frustrating day today, and it’s not even 8.30 am. Please send me some positive energy everyone, sorry I am being such a sucker, but families are hard :/



Gold Shoes Neon Laces DIY

Remember I asked you to vote on what I should do to my plain white converse style shoes from Goodwill outlet?

Well studs got the most vote 🙂 But being the way I am, Being Zhenya, I decided there wasn’t enough glitter in my life, so I got some fabric paint at Jo-Ann’s for under $3 and got painting today!

I also substituted the boring white laces, for neon yellow ribbon!

On a sad note: remember the t-shirt I was refashioning? The one with a church on it? Well it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted, and I knew that even if I dyed it (yes, that’s what I was going to do), I still wouldn’t wear it. And I just don’t do those kind of refashions. So I cut the lace back off, tossed the shirt in the trash, and moved on! If you are an experienced DIYer like me, you know that not everything is going to turn out the way you want, and you shouldn’t get upset over it. Maybe I’ll try that same idea some other time, and be more careful and precise then!

I hope you enjoyed today’s refashion, please let me know what you think!



OOTD and some new shoes

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I know I did 🙂 And thanks to everyone who was a part of it! You all rock! I wanted to share an outfit and my two new pairs of sandals today. I know it’s not a lot, but the outfit is practically all thrifted and the shoes were buy one get one 50% off at Target! By the way the coupon is still there, and by there, I mean http://coupons.target.com/#lnk=GlobalPromise|&intc=263580|null

Just click on the apparel and accessories on the left and it’ll pop up! I just think that getting 2 pairs of shoes for $25 is pretty amazing, even if I am going to wear them only for a season!

Now on to the outfit! I am wearing a thrifted Calvin Klein dress, and a thrifted Gap jean jacket, the shoes came off a clearance rack at Marshall’s and were only $15! Too bad I totally ruined one of them on Saturday night when we went out to the W hotel :/

And here are the shoes! My friend Kara was wearing the same pair as the one on the left when she came over on Friday, and I loved them so much, I had to get my own! And the other pair was something I picked up just so that I could get the coupon to work!



Thrifting for Treasure: 3 pairs of shoes for $6

Hey, that’s a dollar a shoe! I know! How awesome is that? Here is my problem though. I went to one of my favorite thrift stores – Steeple People (duh!) – to make a donation – and walked away with 3 pairs of shoes. Seriously, Zhenya? The thing is – shoes were half off, and they usually run $4 a pair! That’s a steal!

Some of you have already seen those shoes, but I kind of hogged one pair and didn’t show it to anyone 🙂 Oh did I tell you 2 out of 3 pairs were brand new? Oh Yeah!

From right to left: Nine West Flats (the only used pair), Mustang Lace up Boots, Soda Knee High Boots (at least I think that’s what the brand is called)

And then I went a little crazy:

Can you find the right pair???

And finally, here is me in my new Knee Highs 🙂

What have you found in a thrift store recently?

Looking forward to your comments,



Из названия, я думаю уже догадались, что каждая пара обуви вышла мне всего в $2 – по доллару за ботинок))) Классно, правда? Моя проблема в чем? Я пошла в свой любимый секонд – Steeple People (куда же еще) – чтобы избавиться от кое-каких ненужных мне шмоток, а в итоге ушла от туда с 3 парами обуви! Серьезно! Обычно пара обуви стоит там $4, а в тот день у них была 50% распродажа, ну это почти даром!

Я думаю, что некоторые из вас уже видели фотки моих находок, но одну пару я никому не показывала. Кстати 2 пары из 3х были совершенно новые! Вот так вот )

Итак на фото (самое первое фото в посте) справа на лево: балетки Nine West (не новые), ботинки на шнуровке Mustang и высокие сапоги фирмы Soda (по-моему фирма так называется).

У меня никогда не было таких высоких сапог, так что для меня это немного crazy 🙂

Расскажите также о своих последних покупках в комментариях!

Всем отличного дня,



Outfit of the Day – Dressing up for the Dentist

Today was my last visit to the dentist. Now I am not talking about cleaning or anything, I was getting my teeth fixed big time, no I mean it, BIG TIME!

I guess dental care in Russia sucks, because when I was leaving last July, I went to see a dentist, who told me I was going to be fine and that my teeth looked okay. Then I came here, and they took the X-rays, and it all went downhill from there. Well now it’s all fixed, and I am a happy camper. I am also happy the anesthesia wore off and I can enjoy dinner, without having to worry about biting my lip off! But in all it’s honesty, I had 8 or 9 teeth done, that’s how bad it was!

It always helps when the dentist calls you hun though 🙂

But enough me blabbering – here is what I wore today:

Loafers – Lucky Brand

Jeans – Dollhouse

Shirt and undershirt – Old Navy

Purse – Ralph Lauren, duh!

Watch – Marc Jacobs – It’s actually not in the picture, but I don’t leave the apartment without putting it on!

Check out my bicycle necklace – how awesome is that? Yup, I won it in a giveaway!

I was also wearing my Steve Madden shades, but those aren’t in the picture either!

And finally, I haven’t been blow drying or straightening my hair for almost a month now, feels awesome! Anyone out there need an extra curling iron?



Сегодня был мой последний визит к дантисту. И я не имею ввиду чистку зубов, мне лечили зубы и еще как лечили!

Как оказалось, зубные врачи в России не знают, что они творят, за что мы их конечно простим, но когда я переезжала сюда на ПМЖ в прошлом июле, мой русский врач сказала, что у меня все в порядке. А потом мне сделали рентген и понеслось! Но сейчас уже все заделано и вылечено и радости полные штаны! К тому же заморозка отошла к ужину, и мне не нужно было задумываться о том, откушу ли я себе нижнюю губу или нет? Но на полном серьезе, мне вылечели 8 или 9 зубов! Да, все было так плохо!

Но всегда приятно, когда зубной врач обращается к тебе ласково, меня моя называла “hun” (сокращенно от “honey”)!

Но хватит болтовни, лучше расскажу из чего состоял мой аутфит:

Мокасины – Lucky Brand

Джинсы – Dollhouse

Майка/кофта – Old Navy

Сумка – Ralph Lauren, удивились?!

Часы – Marc Jacobs – на самом деле на фотографии часов нет, но я без них из дома не выхожу!

Обратите внимание на мой велосипед на шее – правда классный? Его я выиграла в конкурсе!

Я также была в своих солнечных очках от Steve Madden, но их тоже нет на фотографии!

И еще, хотела отметить, что уже почти месяц я не подвергаю свои волосы никакой термической обработке, и чувствуют они себя на все сто! Никому не нужна плойка? У меня одна лишняя!

Всем всего самого хорошего,





Making fun of the 90’s, because 90’s were FUN

Presented below is a visual list of items that were popular in the 90’s, needless to say – I am glad they stayed in the 90’s! And if you grew up in Eastern Europe, you have to recognize some of these!

The hideous hair ties

I don’t even have the courage to call it a scrunchie, this is a hideous cut out of a clown’s wig, at least that’s what it seems like to me today, but back in the day these were extremely popular. Perfect for Gay Pride, don’t you think?

Titanic Leo was everywhere, and so was Kate

 on T-shirts and Buttons

 Leggings were also popular

 Plus there were fuzzy sweaters and plastic headbands

 There was a ton of other stuff, and no I am not nostalgic, I just like making fun of the 90s, because 90s were FUN!