Self Care and Gliss™ Hair Repair Tutorial

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Gliss™ Hair Repair

Happy Monday! I have to admit something to you. The last few weeks, actually months have been extremely stressful. I found out Sam got transferred to Chicago and started looking for a new job there in December. I am so happy to announce that last week I accepted a new position in Chicago myself. I can’t wait to move and start fresh there. Still stressed out though, not as much and about different things, but it’s getting better!

Going through the stress of it all I decided that I wanted to make this post a self-care tutorial. Yes, that is a lot different than the usual make up or hair looks I create on my blog, but self-care is so so important! And while for some self-care can mean getting a massage or going away on a trip, for others it can simply mean getting 8 hours of sleep every night, drinking lots of water every day and going to an occasional yoga class.

Gliss Hair Repair

My perfect self-care recipe or tutorial if you wish consists of:

  1. relaxing night at home,
  2. wrapping myself in as much comfort as I possibly can,
  3. a bubble bath,
  4. a nice facial mask
  5. an intensive hair treatment

gliss hair repair

I have recently discovered GLISS® Hair Repair™ products that combine patented keratin technology with essential benefits like color protection, intense hydration, long-lasting volume, and weightless nourishment. I can get the repair you need without having to compromise and without having to leave my house! It’s a win win situation!

I’ve been using Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultra Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Anti-Breakage Treatment for dry, stressed hair. Are you noticing a theme here? Stressed Zhenya, stressed hair! Makes sense, right? GLISS products are scientifically designed and tested to deliver proven, measurable results in repairing hair, whether the damage is from styling, coloring, activity, or the nature of the hair itself. Gliss products are perfect for every day use! I often deep condition my hair overnight using either the Conditioner or the Treatment! This line has also become my go to at the gym!

I also wanted to share 7 Weird Things You May Not Know Were Damaging Your Hair:
1. Water
Yes, the same thing that cleans our hair can also damage our hair. Salt water and chlorinated water are the worst offenders. Every time you wet your hair, your color fades and leaving your hair wet for too long causes the hair to swell, which can cause splits and breakages.
Water is the number one reason why you can still find that your hair is breaking or has split ends even if you never blow-dry your hair.
2. Brushing
It’s a myth that you should brush your hair a hundred times a day to have healthy shiny hair. It doesn’t help at all. It’s also more likely that brushing the wrong way is damaging your. This is called mechanical damage.
Be extra gentle when brushing your hair and it’s worth investing in a good quality brush.
3. Twirling
Dirt from your hands transfers across to your hair making it heavy and limp. The constant touching causes breakage as well. Note to self, keep your hands out of your hair!
4. Hair Accessories (like elastics and pretty hair pins)
Elastics are not the gentlest on your hair. They snag and cause breakages, especially at the ends of your hair where it’s weaker.
Here’s a tip to make these bands and accessories safer to use. When you’re removing them from your hair, spritz them with the Schwarzkopf Fiber Therapy Leave In Conditioner Spray and also spray some on the ends of your hair. The bands and clips will slide right out, plus you treat your hair at the same time. It’s a win-win.
5. Your Handbag
Wearing a shoulder bag or cross body bag, you’re often catching your hair underneath the strap. That regular wear and tear on the same side of your head causes split end breakages. Eventually your hair will just snap off.
6. Your Pillow
Not putting your hair to bed properly at night is also causing damage. We didn’t really think that a pillowcase would make a big difference until we switched to silk. Not only is it so much smoother on your hair, it reduces frizz and stops those pillow creases forming.
7. Wearing the Same Style Everyday
It may seem easier to wear the same ponytail or bun every day but it’s damaging your hair.
Tight hairstyles constrain your hair, and placing your hair band in the same place daily will cause a ring of breakage around your hair.

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Hope you have a great week ahead! Let me know if you try the GLISS® Hair Repair™ products and what you think of them! Available at your local CVS.

Gliss Hair Repair