Haircut dilemma

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something that every girl has to go through, especially when her hair is long enough for her to be able to pull off basically anything. I am no Rapunzel, but my hair is longer than it’s been for a while. Plus it’s going to be the first time for me getting my hair cut in Minneapolis. I am yet to find a good hair stylist, so if you know anyone in the Twin Cities, leave me a comment!

Now on to the hair cuts. Of course I could’ve tried some personal styler, but I am too lazy, so we are basically going to overload this post with pictures of Blake Lively! Because she is gorgeous, and I love her hair! There, I said it 🙂

    So there you have it, this is how I am getting my hair cut (read: trimmed) next week. I am also expecting to magically turn into Blake Lively after the hair cut!

Happy weekend everyone!



Wear Time around your Neck

Moving on from the age of owl necklaces and jewelry, which only lasted what? a few months, today’s trend are watch lockets. Have you gotten one yet?


The irony of the situation is – if you combine owls and watches – you get the real trend!




Winter White

Who says you can’t wear menswear? Following the instructions from “I know You Want It” and being currently addicted to Gossip Girl, I picked up a pack of 5 Fruit of the Loom V-necks at our downtown Target. Those were probably the cheapest shirts I’ve ever bought, $11 for 5, that’s $2.25 each, a good deal to me! So today we are going to style them, together, in front of the mirror.

 With a skirt, maxi or high waist, with shorts or skinny jeans, a white T is a win-win in any situations! Style yours today!