Watch Watching

So I want to get a new watch, I can’t wait to get it, there are other priorities though, so it’s probably going to be a few more weeks till I actually go and splurge. But this is what I’ve been look at so far:

As you can probably tell I am debating between Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs. Which one do you like the best?

Also I am wearing my husband’s watch for the whole day today, it’s his way of training me into wearing a large chunky watch 🙂



Oh, Fairytales… Oh, Refashionistas…

Yesterday it has finally dawned on me – Cinderella was the first fairy tale re-fashionista! Of course with the help of her animal friends. And even though her dress ended up ruined,

the tradition of refashioning carries on! Here are my favorite re-fashionistas out there! Hope they inspire you just as much!

from Columbia, SC

 Erica from


 Cotton and Curls

Provo, Utah

Also check out her list of refashionistas! It’s amazingly useful!

And of course the Refashion Co-op 

Check out their website for useful links and numerous daily posts 🙂

Who is your favorite refashionista?




Making fun of the 90’s, because 90’s were FUN

Presented below is a visual list of items that were popular in the 90’s, needless to say – I am glad they stayed in the 90’s! And if you grew up in Eastern Europe, you have to recognize some of these!

The hideous hair ties

I don’t even have the courage to call it a scrunchie, this is a hideous cut out of a clown’s wig, at least that’s what it seems like to me today, but back in the day these were extremely popular. Perfect for Gay Pride, don’t you think?

Titanic Leo was everywhere, and so was Kate

 on T-shirts and Buttons

 Leggings were also popular

 Plus there were fuzzy sweaters and plastic headbands

 There was a ton of other stuff, and no I am not nostalgic, I just like making fun of the 90s, because 90s were FUN!


BeingZhenya is now on YouTube

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally uploaded the first video to my YouTube channel, this channel is an extension of my blog, and some of the info will be kind of the same, but I will try to upload more tutorials, because it’s easier for me to explain DIY through videos! I hope you enjoy checking out my video/channel and seeing my new statement piece!

Statement Pieces



Black, Black Haul

Remember this song?

Yeah, this was my inspiration for today’s post 😉 This definitely doesn’t mean that my heart is black 🙂 At least not since the last time I’ve checked.

So since I got a part-time job with a cosmetics company, and will need to be wearing a lot of black, I had to go on an all-black shopping spree. I did have black clothes in my wardrobe, I just didn’t have enough. So where does a girl go? Marshall’s, of course. So here is what I got, most of it was on clearance, and it all equals to one day’s salary, so I figured, I can spend it 🙂

 Plus the shoes, they deserve their own photo, right?

So I am ready to go work on Saturday and sell some Lancome, stop by if you live in Minnesota 🙂



What’s your Statement?

Statement pieces should be in every woman;s wardrobe, period. Now you are lucky if you have one, if you’ve got more than one, well you are either amazingly lucky, or don’t really know what a statement piece is.

A statement piece is an interesting, attractive and relatively eye-catching wardrobe items that reflect your personality. It’s usually quite bold and unique, but not necessarily brightly coloured and oversized. It’s often, but not always, the thing people notice first about your outfit. Sometimes it becomes an item that people associate with your signature style.

A statement piece can be an accessory, or even an item of clothing. To give you some idea – here are great examples of statement pieces:

  So the question is – what’s your statement piece and why? I am in the progress of determining/creating mine!



DIY Friday: Afghan square clutch

From all of the crochet patterns popular in the US, I think afghan square is the most popular one. And if you don’t know how to crochet, learning how to make an afghan square should be a must.

What I did was turn a square into a clutch, I also added a “golden” button to create a vintage feel 😉

   Have a great weekend everyone,



Anthropologie Arrangement

Since I am going to be at 50th and France tomorrow, I might as well pop into Anthropologie, and check some things out, hopefully even buy something. But knowing me, I’ve already checked everything out in the catalogue (both physical and on-line), and I created this board of fun Anthropologie stuff. Call me crazy, but I think this pharaoh one piece swimsuit is something I would totally wear!


stay warm if you are in Minneapolis!


Shopping at Forever 21 after 21!

Yesterday while getting Sam’s watch adjusted at Rosedale Mall, I snuck a peek at the Forever 21 windows. I haven’t shopped there in ages and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of looks appealing to me, a 25 year old cynical fashion blogger, who shops for brands at thrift stores. So today I went on their website and picked out a few things that I consider age appropriate and flattering for myself and other 25 year olds like me! Enjoy!

Dolman Tribal Dress $19.80

 Floral Shirtdress $27.80

 Longline jacket $29.80

 Teardrop Bead Necklace $ 6.80

 Ikat Print Tote $ 19.80

 Lace Up Wedge Booties $ 32.80

Have you also noticed the same number over and over again after the decimal? .80? What’s up with that? Taking a break from the good old .99 I see, Forever 21? Anyways I thought these items were exceptionally cute, and who knows I might just pop into a Forever 21 one of these days!



PS. All pictures and prices were taken from the Forever 21 website

I got Brooked at Sanctuary!

The hair dilemma is solved! I did it, and I did it Aveda way! The Sanctuary Salon and Spa is the place where I went to. I had my appointment with Brooke, and she was absolutely wonderful. The second I entered I knew I smelled something wonderful – a blend of mint and rosemary, then my coat was taken by a very friendly receptionist, who later offered me some peppermint tea. My hairstylist was a young stylish girl, dressed in all black. I first got a scalp massage, and that was the 2nd time I’ve ever gotten a head massage, needless to say, it was wonderful! Then she washed my hair – and they have heated sinks there! How awesome is that? From the small amount of Aveda products that I’ve tried, they are wonderful and smell great! The haircut was fun and effortless. It only took Brooke about 25 minutes to cut and blow out my hair and do some more cutting once the hair was dry. She demonstrated and explained every product she used, what it was for, and it’s benefits. She never tried selling any of those products to me, which was great, I hate it when you are getting talked into buying something, because that pushes me away from the person/business. But enough of my blabbering, let the pictures speak for themselves!

Day 1

Day 1

 Day 2

And for everyone who is looking for a good hairstylist in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend taking advantage of Aveda’s New Talent program and get your hair cut by Brooke!