You are Diamond!


Today my husband’s grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! How awesome is that? 60 years with the same person! Sam also has his Grandpa’s wedding band, which is more meaningful to us than any words can describe!

So Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Betty, and may the 5 o’clock gins continue for many many more years!

We love you,

Sam and Zhenya!

PS. The photo was taken on their wedding day (May 15, 1953), and is a curtesy of my mother in law!

Making fun of the 90’s, because 90’s were FUN

Presented below is a visual list of items that were popular in the 90’s, needless to say – I am glad they stayed in the 90’s! And if you grew up in Eastern Europe, you have to recognize some of these!

The hideous hair ties

I don’t even have the courage to call it a scrunchie, this is a hideous cut out of a clown’s wig, at least that’s what it seems like to me today, but back in the day these were extremely popular. Perfect for Gay Pride, don’t you think?

Titanic Leo was everywhere, and so was Kate

 on T-shirts and Buttons

 Leggings were also popular

 Plus there were fuzzy sweaters and plastic headbands

 There was a ton of other stuff, and no I am not nostalgic, I just like making fun of the 90s, because 90s were FUN!


Old-school International Women’s Day Cards

As I was browsing on the web, I found these old cards from back in the day. I think if I look around my grandparents house, I will be able to find some real ones. But I felt like sharing these with you today!


Something Old

I thought I’d share some old fam pictures with you today. They are nothing special, just a few black and white shots I threw together. Hope you enjoy them!

1. Camping, Soviet Style!

2. Glamour, Soviet Style. The bottom picture was taken in Red Square!

3. My mom and uncle when they were little. Check out my grandma’s outfits!

4. My grandparents when they were young. I wish I could say they were my favorite people in the world. Alas!

5. Wedding, Soviet Style. Now these are not my parents, but I thought it would be fun to post some pics of a married couple somewhere out in the field!

6. These are some pics of my mom when she was younger. Please keep the comments that I look like her to yourself. I hate being told that! Thank you!

7. Fun, Soviet Style. Murder, She Wrote. Collective Farming. Mexican Style New Years Party. The pic on the bottom left is one of my mom and our cat. We had him for over 15 years. I think I was in 2nd grade when he died. The pic on the bottom left is of my mom’s friend from High School. This is what the Soviet Uniform looked like! A lot of girls still wear it for their High School graduation. I didn’t wear it, it’s the ugliest thing in my opinion!

8. This pic was taken Jan.1 1984, about 2,5 years before I was born. I love my mom’s hat and mittens!