LIVESTRONG Zhenya – Day 4

I am extremely tired, had 6 consecutive ESL lessons. For those of you who are curious about my job – you can read my confessions here

Let me just add, that I heard enough “shoeses” and “newses” and “feets” for the day!

My day started off with some cottage cheese for breakfast and watching The September Issue – a documentary on how the sept. issue of Vogue is made. Highly recommended movie if you love fashion. I fell in love with Grace! She is my new hero, sorry Larry-Boy!

I managed to fit in this killer abs workout in the AM today:

I had a wrap and an orange for lunch (just like last night, because these shells go bad really fast!)

Then it was time to work, and I didn’t have time for a good dinner, so I had a banana, a tomato, and an open cheese sandwich! And lots and lots of coffee!

I went over my calorie limit by 11, so I am off to do a workout for arms! Wish me luck!

Love and lace flowers!


LIVESTRONG Zhenya – Day 3

So last night, I ended up working till 11.30 pm, so there was no time for dinner or for a planned workout, all I wanted to do was finish my coffee and watch Chelsea Lately.

Today was extremely difficult, I don’t know what it was, maybe the stress, maybe the fact that I didn’t get my bathroom tiles in place 🙁 anyways I really wanted to eat, or I should say snack! I also went to the grocery store and bought a lot of milk, some kefir, and cottage cheese. So excited to be eating those tomorrow. And believe it or not, I became one of those people who now read nutrition value at the grocery store, all it took was 2.5 days.

What did I eat today? Strawberry yogurt for breakfast. Salad, toast and apple for lunch, a pomegranate and some prunes (don’t even dare to say anything!) for snack and a wrap for dinner. I created my own wrap, it consisted of a shell, beef, salad from lunch (there is salad left for tomorrow!), cheese and sour cream. That’s all I had. After I finished my wrap I drank 2 glasses of water, and then I was told that I drink like a horse.

Now about the workout. I did Callanetics today. Here is some info for you, if you don’t know what it is:

” Callan Pinckney started an exercise revolution in the 1980’s with her introduction of The Callanetics Exercise Method. This very personalized and unique form of exercise utilizes precise positioning to isolate specific muscle groups and then by using tiny yet powerful movements which cause the muscles to work even deeper requiring more muscle fibers to be recruited. More muscle fibers recruited means quicker toning and results you can feel in one hour and see in as little as two! Each muscle group is warmed, worked and then stretched to ensure total body health increasing strength, flexibility and endurance.”

I can’t say I extremely enjoyed it. Definitely not going to do it tomorrow.

Love and lace flowers,


Funeral, my family style

It was a surprisingly sunny and nice day, and I was surrounded by my favorite pine trees. After we said our “Good-byes” and my grandpa was more interested in the funeral after ours, my family got involved into a heated discussion over the fence, the table, and the bench that we’ve decided to put around Grandma’s grave.

The cemetery workers immediately showed us what kind of fences, tables, and benches could be done, my mom made some adjustments to the picked fence, said she wanted balls on top of the posts instead of triangles. We left knowing that by the time it’s time to honor 9th day, everything but the headstone will be there.  (The headstone is something people usually get after one year).

On the way back we checked out the muslim part of the cemetery, my friend Erin said how different the Russian cemetery is from an American one, we got home, set the table and started taking pictures!

Now table talk at my family is always fun! But first the pics! Here is my cousin and I with our Grandpa.

Here is everyone except for Erin, who was kind enough to take the picture (my aunt and uncle, mom, grandma’s sister,grandpa, cousin and me).

Then we took one of just us, the girls (Katya, Erin and me)

You can also see two pictures of my brothers behind us! I’m glad they made the picture.

The food was very good. I made all the salads (the most common dressing in Russia is mayo, so 3 out of 4 salads had that, one had just oil). There was borsch, seledka, goulash, buckwheat, 4 different kinds of salad, sardines, and other foods.

There was some traditional memorial dinner food, you are supposed to eat pancakes with honey before the meal, and Kut’ya (sweet rice with raisins). You are also not supposed to use forks, but my family gave up on that pretty fast.

We spent some time remembering Grandma, and then listened to the amazing stories my family members had to tell.

My great grandpa Misha was a chain smoker, he used to grow his own tobacco (that’s before Belomor appeared – the most popular Soviet cigarette brand). He would make a long cigarette (also known as a goat’s leg) out of dried out tobacco and a piece of newspaper. Mind it, he grew the tobacco, dried it, mashed it up – basically had his own manufacturing at home. Once he mixed up the seeds and instead of planting tobacco, planted some beautiful flowers instead! Imagine how Happy he must have been! And in spite of all that smoking he lived till the age of 94.

My Grandma’s sister lost her husband to cancer several years ago. Her whole family used to live in Somalia in Africa back in the late 60’s. She has 3 kids, and there is a big age difference between the oldest and the youngest boys. So when the older boy was already an adult, the younger boy was still in elementary or middle school. Now Oleg (that’s the name of the older boy) got two turkeys as a gift (they were real gobble-gobbles, just like the ones you can find on a farm in the Midwest). So when the little son would misbehave, his parents always scared him with this line – If you are going to continue misbehaving, we are going to send you to Oleg to take care of the turkeys. Let me tell you, that line worked like no other!

We also heard the story of how my Grandpa saw a UFO, and how when my uncle was little he used to lift up my Grandma’s Sister’s skirt when she came to babysit, and how my Grandpa would spank my uncle with the belt for bad grades, but he himself got a “C” for Russian and Literature…

My point is, funerals are a celebration of life, life lived, life loved, and even though life lost, life, that would be remembered forever.

Whenever we would have company, my grandma would always make Napoleon, and her close friend in Kiev, followed her recipe, and changed the name of the cake to Tamara (my Grandma’s name). So every time she had company, she would make a cake, called after my Grandma.

Rest in Peace Grandma, you will always be in our hearts!

Death and All His Friends

My grandmother died today, after battling cancer for the past two years, Death came at 6.45 AM. It all went by really fast, the cops came, the funeral home agent came, the body was taken away when it was still warm, an hour and a half later. The funeral is this Tuesday at 1PM.



I wanted to make this post a tribute to all of us who’ve lost, love and hugs go out to all of you!

Don’t ever forget the ones you loved…

They are now angels…

And this one, especially for my grandma!

You can shed tears that she is gone,
or you can smile because she has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her only that she is gone,
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what she’d want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

David Harkins, British poet and painter

Never knock on Death’s door: ring the bell and run away! Death really hates that!


Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death
they would be asked two questions
and their answers would determine
whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife.
The first question was, “Did you bring joy?”
The second was, “Did you find joy?”
-Leo Buscaglia


Life is a great sunrise.
I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.
-Vladimir Nobokov


Love is stronger than death even though
it can’t stop death from happening,
but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love.
It can’t take away our memories either.
In the end, life is stronger than death.

There is no death! What seems so is transition;
this life of mortal breath
is but a suburb of the life elysian,
whose portal we call Death.
-Henry W. Longfellow

10 Things to do This Spring!

I love spring! Wait… I LOVE SPRING!!!!

This was better! And I am extremely excited that tomorrow is the first day of spring! And even though it snowed like crazy here in Russia yesterday, my hopes are up, and I know that “the Spring is a Coming”!

Now this spring I have decided to challenge myself to do these 10 things, and you are more than welcome to do them with me, because it’s going to be FUN!

1. Create Spring Art!

I came across this beautiful watercolor pastel of Cherry Blossom trees in Central Park, painted by a Brooklyn artist. And I was so inspired and moved by it, that I decided to create some spring art of my own!

You can learn more about the artist here

2. Wear florals, or bright colors!

I have noticed that lately I’ve been wearing a lot of blacks and grays, and decided to brighten up my life and my outfits this season. I found a great inspiration on

Love the parrots!

3. Hear the birds singing!

I wake up to birds, there are two trees outside my window, that seem to attract the most annoying kinds of birds – crows and jackdaws. But I found this amazing video and you can hear the birds singing no matter where in the midst of the busy city jungle you are!

4. Eat Healthy!

Am I the only person in the world who didn’t know about all the amazing resources has to offer? I found some great homemade hair care recipes yesterday, that I have mentioned in my previous post. But there is also a giant section on healthy eating, recipes included! So let’s all eat healthier this spring!

5. Do Some Yoga!

Whether you choose to follow the lifestyle of a yogi, or simply do some exercises to become more fit, you won’t regret it. I have already mentioned Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. My new favorite is Yoga with Rodne Yee! If you are a Mac lover like me, check out some great Yoga Apps that are out there! And remember – stay motivated!

6. Begin your day with Laughter!

I learned this from Sam, he always checks what I call “his” websites with some comics, funnies, or humor! There is a great blog here on WordPress, that makes me laugh so hard, esp. the latest post on Easter Bunnies, make sure to check it out! http://ske​tchybunnie​

Some other websites that I like are:

And don’t forget about the many many videos on YouTube of Kathy Griffin, Dane Cook, and other great comedians out there!

7. Believe!

Believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in others! Believe that you can, that you have the strength, the ability! Believe in opportunities, chances, fate! Believe in good, love, hope!

8. Take up a New Hobby!

One of my friends and fellow bloggers has recently started making her own soap, you can check it out here!

There are millions other hobbies out there! My mom does quilling! Here is a link to her website! I know that it’s all in Russian, but you can still see the works and how they are made!

Check out this link with a list of hobbies!

9. Plant an Herb Garden!

I always felt iffy towards house plants, but I love herbs, they smell great, and make food taste so much better! I am planning on planting a small herb garden and put on my kitchen windowsill! (Pictures coming soon!) I also believe that working with your hands, planting, gardening (which I don’t think I will be doing anytime soon) is good for your body, health and mind! And the smells of fresh herbs are also known to be great mood enhancers!

10. Redecorate your house, room, wall, table, shelf, ANYTHING for SPRING!

I found this amazing blog, that has some great redecorating ideas, the picture above shows a craft room, but there are other ideas there as well

I am planning on redecorating my TV stand, and maybe my desk! I am tired of the old dark brown color, and want to make it more vivid and exciting! (Pictures and DIYs to come!)

I hope you all enjoyed these ideas, and will be willing to give some of them a shot! Make sure to get back to me and tell me what changes you’ve made and whether you found this post helpful!