{27 Dresses} Dress 6: On the Boat Again






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Some of you were wondering whether I received a boat for my birthday last week, well not really 😉 The boat actually belongs to my father-in-law, and back in the day Sam and he spent a lot of time building it! And now sailing has become one of my favorite summer pass-times! And this time I made sure I packed my new Samsung Galaxy Camera I received from Verizon Wireless back in May!

When it came to picking out my sailing outfit, I went for one of my favorite DKNY dresses from Macy’s (yay for fitting into juniors size!), and my thrifted (Goodwill) white rim sunnies! I also braided my hair, because once you get out on St.Croix it gets really windy and the hair blows all over the place, in your face included!

2013-07-21 17.40.59


2013-07-21 17.40.51

I also wanted to share some scenic photos, enjoy and let me know what you think about sailing and any other kinds of on the water activities!

2013-07-21 19.01.12


2013-07-21 19.01.02


Another cool thing I was going to talk to you about is this new app I’ve been using called Mavatar. It’s an iPad app that let’s you shop and create wish boards, but at the same time applies coupons and any promotions going on in the store at the time! The creators of this app focus on higher end stores and brands (Nieman Marcus, Bloomington’s, Nordstrom) with a good mix of Macy’s, Gap, and Banana Republic in between! It’s especially nice to see Bloomingdales and Nieman’s featured on here, because they closed both of these stores in Minneapolis! (*SIGH*)

2013-07-23 20.15.03


The “main” page of the app (every category breaks down into more when you tap it)

2013-07-23 20.15.14


And this is where you can see how many coupons/discounts/promotions are available

2013-07-23 20.15.25


And an example of a “Wishlist”!

So here you have it online shoppers – a great way to shop and save at the same time! Now that’s what I call smartshopping!

Let inspiration guide you today~



Make Tonight a Game Night

When it’s too hot or too cold to go outside (those seem to be the two most common temperatures in Minnesota) – make tonight a Game Night!

Growing up I was obsessed with card games, Uno, Phase Ten, Draw 2, Wild card, I was hooked! I even learned how to do the bridge shuffle – I called it the fancy way!


There are also some Russian games, like the never-ending game of the Drunk (pyanitsya) or Fool (doorak), I had a lot of fun teaching my husband how to play those, and beating him in those was definitely a boost to my ego 🙂

When I was a teenager I got my first gaming console and even though I enjoyed a game of Sonic here and there, after I beat the games, I quickly lost interest and moved on to something else. Now, after having been married to a gamer for almost 2 years, I can definitely say one thing – I enjoy watching someone else play a video game more, than playing it myself. I am willing to participate in an occasional race or two though!

During my au pair years I got into Monopoly. Have you seen all the available versions of this game nowadays? There is one with fake credit cards! Not to mention the one with Disney or Star Wars characters. We actually own the latter, it was my gift to Sam for Valentines day last year. I am a nerd like that!

11219148Check out this Nightmare Before Christmas edition for the Tim Burton Fan in all of us!

So why not make tonight a game night? Turn away from that TV you’ve been probably watching for the past few hours, and spend some time playing with your loved ones. And if you’ve got kids – you are in luck, because there is always that good old chutes and ladders laying at the bottom of the stack!

And finally don’t forget to check out some on-line gaming opportunities, especially if it’s a single kind of night. There are quite a few websites out there, i.e castlejackpot.com, where you don’t only play the game, but can also place bets and win some $$$. It’s a virtual casino with slot machines, roulette, black jack and so much more! Besides you can also play Monopoly online, Star Trek (for the geek in all of us!), treasure quests, and so much more! Please remember to play responsibly!

So go have fun, enjoy the night, and remember, it’s only a game!