Having now permanently lived in the States for over two years, I can definitely say that this is my favorite time of year! October brings beautiful colors into our yards, Halloween candy and treats are followed by November and Thanksgiving, and then, Christmas is right around the corner.

This morning I was browsing Pinterest for holiday decor and DIY ideas, and have fallen in love with the holidays even more. This year I have a whole house to decorate! And Target has great decor and entertainment ideas.

And how can I forget about the holiday fashion? Check out these amazing styling options:

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

I especially love the fur!

With these accessories you will be the IT girl of every party!

One thing about being an immigrant is one can often be alone during the holidays. So this year I am planning on celebrating something called Friendsgiving, inviting a few friends over, sharing the laughs, the joys of friendship, and of course the drinks!

White Russian

Shirley Temple

Would you come to my party?

Happy Friday,


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target. But, as always, the holiday picks, ideas and opinions are all my own.

Happy Halloween!

It’s The second day of partying and celebrating Halloween at work for me! Yesterday was our 101 Dalmatians day, and today you can go as whoever! So Ta-Da I am a witch! The costume came from my closet, I didn’t have to buy anything! And that’s how we want it, right fellow thrifters?


And a close up of the face! I used a lot of blacks and grays, and skipped the blush!


My husband went as The Pwner, from Pure Pwnage! Check out the key board, that’s one important accessory!


Happy Halloween!
Please leave me links with your costumes!

Easter the Hutsons’ way!

Yay for Easter and holidays and a day off 🙂 Anyways I am going to start today’s post with my outfit of the day! The skirt was an amazing $12 find from Old Navy! The sheer blouse is something I got at Ragstock last week and the under shirt is something I’ve had for years! The shoes are pretty old too, I’ve had them since Russia!

I also made a traditional Russian Easter cake called “Kulich” – just some raisins and icing, and it turned out really good! I honestly didn’t expect that at all 🙂 Hehe

Once we got to my in-laws house, Sandra surprised me with spicy Korean carrots (those are super popular in Russia!)

While waiting for dinner, we entertained ourselves by adding on to the diorama!

Can you guess what we’ve added? Heh!

And after dinner we were all enjoying the view and taking pictures. Sam and I don’t have a lot of pictures together, so we finally took one!

And I took one with my mother-in-law as well 🙂 How gorgeous are we?

And finally, I just wanted to share some of the beautiful scenery with you, add on bird sounds and a little breeze and you get our Easter Day!

Happy Easter everyone!



<3 tote - perfect for Valentine's day

I posted a preview of this DIY on my FB page yesterday, and today I wanted to share this amazing and easy project with everyone. As some of you have noticed, I bought a sewing book last friday, and the pattern for this tote was in it. You can use any pattern or a tote that you already have!

The crochet heart applique was first mentioned on BeingZhenya back in June, the tutorial on how to make it is here.

So hopefully you like this simple Valentine’s Day tutorial, let me know if you have any questions 🙂



PS. BeingZhenya is now on YouTube, there are no videos yet, but trust me – there will be thrift hauls, DIY’s and random Zhenya Vlogs on there 🙂


Christmas Outfits

Did you know that if you google ‘Christmas outfits’ you are going to end up with a whole bunch of images like this:

 How about something more classy I say? Red is always a popular color:

But if that’s too much, opt for black…:

French connection has some great sparkly sequin dresses, so does Saks off Fifth!

… or white:

Make sure you don’t end up looking too much like the Snow Queen though! The goal is to look fabulous, yet approachable!

Make up wise, here are some amazing tutorials from the best YouTube gurus out there!

The second one is my favorite, maybe because the hair actually corresponds with the make up, and she isn’t wearing a scrunchie! I do have a thing against those! Anyways, let me know what you are thinking for the holidays!



DIY Friday – Easy Halloween Costume Idea

Hello, I work at Target, is what you should be saying if you decide to go with my costume idea!

I know a lot of fashion bloggers have been posting on the subject of Halloween costumes, and I decided to jump on the wagon as well!

Living in downtown Minneapolis, sometimes I feel like living inside Target! Yesterday Nicolette Mall was decorated with Christmas banners – something about Target Winter dazzle, or whatever it was! So I thought why not dress as a Target employee for Halloween! I am sure you all have a pair of Khakis and a red shirt tucked in somewhere in your closet! Plus it’s always fun to add some creativity to your costume, so I added this huge Target name tag. It can be done by simply drawing the company’s symbol on a piece of paper – the bigger and the more obnoxious – the better!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Disclaimer: The back of my shirt (which is actually the front 😉 says I’m lovin’ it and has the McDonald’s symbol – I didn’t have a plain red shirt and didn’t want to turn it inside out! )

All I needed to know about dressing up for Halloween, I learned from Niki Minaj

It’s that time of the year again, when every conversation begins with – What are you gonna be for Halloween?

Well, I don’t know that yet, but here is what I know:

1. How to wear a wig:

2. How to draw attention to certain parts of my body:

3. How to wear fake eye lashes:

4. How to make priceless facial expressions:

5. And how to make an entrance:

Happy Costume Brainstorming!



PS. The story behind this post is this: Yesterday Sam and I were at the grocery store, and I saw Niki Minaj on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Except for I didn’t know who she was, and my husband did! I know! So there, my ignorance is fixed! But you know what they say – Ignorance is bliss, and I think they are right!



4th of July DIY Ideas!

Happy 4th of July, you are all my fireworks, each and everyone of you! So don’t you forget to shine and show some color! Today’s post is about 4th of July DIY projects and crafts! I picked my favorites from all over the place – different blogs and even YouTube channels that I follow!

1. DIY Flag shorts.

This is an amazing piece of apparel to wear if you want to really show your patriotic spirit off! Done by two sisters – Steph and Melissa. I actually won their channel giveaway a few months ago! Love all the pieces!



2. DIY sexy photographs for your man! 

It really doesn’t take much to take one sexy photo to cheer up your man’s 4th of July celebration. All you really need – is a FLAG 🙂 And some shoes too (but shoes are optional). Check out this one with Grace Potter

3. DIY make-up/dress-up Kandee Johnson style

She is fun, she is fearless, she is fabulous, she is – Kandee! Check out her 4th of July DIY make up and dress up pictures/tutorial here

But just to give you a feel of the awesome, here is a pic:

4. Low-cal 4th of July cheesecake!

Who said cooking isn’t DIYing? You are not buying the cake, so that’s official hand- making/baking/stirring/mixing

Get the recipe to make this easy cheesecake from the kraft foods website! 

5. DIY 4th of July wreath! 

Who says wreaths are only for Thanksgiving or Christmas? This 4th of July wreath is a dream! I am definitely making one for next year.

For instructions, go here 

I hope you enjoy my 4th of July DIY picks! And remember, you can always use them next year 🙂

Happy 4th!



Happy Father’s Day, Vintage Style!

It’s been raining all day, so I’ve been kind of in a lousy mood. And then I remembered that today was Father’s Day. So I decided to find some cool vintage cards and share them with you 🙂

I hope you all are having a great day celebrating with your fathers and grandfathers. Happy Father’s Day to everyone who is a father!

Saint George and His Ribbon

This ribbon has become almost a “must” on Victory Day. Well, I don’t have one, does this make me a bad Russian? I don’t think so! This morning I showed Sam the parade in Red Square. We also kind of laughed at who has more hair between Putin and Medvedev! At least everyone seemed happy, in spite of the hair factor, and some other matters! I am glad that ugly ice-rink was down!

Victory Day, or May,9 is one of the most important holidays in Russia, I guess this is the equivalent of Independence Day, except for the Moscow parade is impossible to get to and you can only watch it on TV! Unlike the US, you can go anywhere, as long as there is room on the side of the street. Also, in Russia no one throws you candy! But they show you the tanks, and other latest military equipment! How cool is that! And then it all ends up on YouTube and everyone can see what Russian military has in store!

But I am not here to talk about the “boasting” and the “showing off”, we all do that every once in a while. I am here to talk to you about Saint George!

The tradition tells us that Saint George was a Roman soldier and a priest! Catholics firmly believe in his existence, or should I say the fact that he lived on this earth back in the 3rd century AD. But they have some issues believing the stories about him. Especially the one about Saint George and the dragon. According to the story a dragon or a crocodile made its nest at the spring that provided water for the city of “Silene” in Libya or the city of Lydda in the Holy Land (depending on the source). Consequently, the citizens had to dislodge the dragon from its nest for a time, to collect water. To do so, each day they offered the dragon at first a sheep, and if no sheep could be found, then a maiden had to go instead of the sheep. The victim was chosen by drawing lots. One day, this happened to be the princess. The monarch begged for her life to be spared, but to no avail. She was offered to the dragon, but there appeared Saint George on his travels. He faced the dragon, protected himself with the sign of the cross, killed the dragon, and rescued the princess. The grateful citizens abandoned their ancestral paganism and converted to Christianity.

I love the paintings of Saint George, I think my favorite one is by Vassily Kandinsky

Here are some more paintings of this Saint. Pay attention to how the dragon changes size and form!

Saint George by Elena Kudryashova

Saint George on the Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow, Russia

Saint George by Natalya Brodskaya

Saint George by Paolo Uccello

Saint George by Katya Medvedeva

Saint George on the Coat of Arms of Russia

Saint George by Bellini

Saint George on the 10 kopek coin (Russian Currency)

So whether you are wearing the ribbon today or not, what matters is the attitude, the gratitude and the respect! Happy Victory day everyone!