Tooth Update

For those of you who aren’t following, I started an interesting experiment yesterday, trying to dissolve a real human tooth in coke.

You can see and read about the experiment here:

This is what happened today:

First of all, the tooth fell out of the gold crown, so it obviously shrank (actually one of the reasons for this experiment – to separate human form from the metal), and it turned brown. I scratched the tooth with tweezers, and you can kind of see where I did that, the marks are still there. This happened about 24 hours after I began this experiment.

As you can also notice, the paint on the inside of the lid of the jar started to peel off! Not a good sign is it? I didn’t think so either! But what did I do then? I added more teeth to the jar!

Let me just tell you, once this is over, my mom will be able to make some fine jewelry for herself!

New update on the teeth situation tomorrow! And if that didn’t convince you to STOP drinking COKE, I don’t know what will!

The Tooth Experiment

Have you ever seen Myth Busters? I read on Wikipedia today that Coke dissolves teeth. I have recently seen an experiment on TV that showed Coke removing lime buildup in an electric tea kettle. Which let me tell you, was pretty exciting (the kid inside of me appreciated that little “miracle” very much).

It was also mentioned that Coke can dissolve your teeth, and that you are supposed to drink it through a straw, so here is my experiment today!

A tooth…

A jar…

And a bottle of Coke…

Put the tooth in the jar…

Now the tooth is trapped in Coke…

And now we wait:)

I will keep you updated!

Experiment started at: 1.42 pm, Friday, March 25, 2011

Devastation or Anticipation?

This AM post was supposed to be all happy, and fashionisty, I found a lot of vintage fashion magazines, and I was going to do a tribute to Twiggy, but something happened. And I want to get it off my chest. The vintage fashion post is still coming up, just later today.

Last night was just another night, had some red wine, watched some SATC. Around 2.30AM my grandma started howling. I thought it would stop, it didn’t. Around 3 AM I went to check on her, she was screaming and asking to call the ambulance. This was when I gave her the first shot. Half an hour later she was screaming more than before. I called the Ambulance. And they refused to come, the woman told me that I can give her another shot. This is when I broke down. I haven’t had such a breakdown in years. I was crying uncontrollably, maybe it was the Ambulance not coming, but I feel like it was more the devastation of the situation I ended up in. In spite of all this, through my tears, cries, and sobs, I managed to give my Grandmother a shot. But she made it extremely difficult for me by kicking and yelling that I was killing her. And the only people I was thinking of at almost 4AM were the neighbors.

I can never express how grateful I am to Sam, and all of you who are supporting me through this. When the shot finally kicked in, about 30 minutes later, this house was the quietest it has been in days! You could hear a pin drop! And I went back to sleep. Grandma started moaning, and I was on the verge of another break down, but then she stopped, and has been sleeping ever since.

What now? Anticipation. When she wakes up, you know…

PS. I am sharing this, because I believe that all cancer patients and their families need to express themselves. I don’t want to be holding my frustrations in me. But they eye is still twitching, you know!

Face of Cancer Part 2

Promise, no scary photos this time. I decided to add some older pictures of my grandma, and what she looked like about a year ago.

Here she is with my grandpa:

And here she is at work, celebrating something.

And this is her with my uncle and cousin

Can you believe that this is the same person? I certainly can’t!

Face of Cancer

What would you do if you had to see this everyday?