Blue Nile’s The Extraordinary Days of Christmas Giveaway!

It’s less than a month until Christmas, and what better way to announce that than by promoting a giveaway organized for you by Blue Nile. So go ahead like Blue Nile Facebook Page and get excited to participate!

Users on Blue Nile’s Facebook page will experience an interactive, cozy fireplace setting that’s surrounded with presents and holiday features. Each day, a user may select and “virtually” unwrap one of six presents in hopes of winning one of 12 extraordinary jewelry prizes from Blue Nile. One extraordinary jewelry prize will be awarded each day, and range from $3,500 to $13,500! Prizes include, but are not limited to, multiple diamond engagement rings (including one from the new Monique Lhuillier line), 2-carat diamond earrings, a sapphire and diamond ring, and a 4-carat diamond bracelet.

 The Extraordinary Days of Christmas.

  • ·         There are six unique presents wrapped and displayed for each Facebook fan on Blue Nile’s Facebook page. In order to participate, fans must “Like” the Blue Nile Facebook page.
  • ·         For 12 days, Facebook fans will have a chance to unwrap one present of their liking to win a Blue Nile prize.
  • ·         It is a game of chance. Prizes vary from percentage off discount codes to $11,000 diamond rings. We’re happy to say that we will be giving away a cumulative prize value of $100,000 over the course of 12 days.
  • ·         One extraordinary jewelry prize will be given out per day, but everyone will win something.
  • ·         The campaign will kick off on Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012) and end on December 7, 2012.

Good luck to you all and Happy Holiday Season!


And the Winners Are…

Okay, this is way way overdue, I had this Giveaway on my blog, and it’s taken me an extra two weeks to pull it all together and announce the winners, I gotta get better than this!

So here are the 3 winners of the Giveaway 

1. Brande of Victory Vintage Style Blog 

2. Beth of The Renegade Seamstress 

3. And lovely author of Pillows a la Mode 

So ladies, please message me back with your mailing addresses either by emailing or through Facebook 🙂

Can’t wait to send your goodies out!



Giveaway: Win a handmade beaded bracelet

Hey everyone, today I am announcing a Giveaway on my blog. It’s as easy as one two three, all I am asking from you is:

1. Be a subscriber to my blog (through wordpress, email, bloglovin’ – whichever is more convenient for you)

2. Leave me a comment telling what kind of posts you want to see on my blog! And which bracelet you would like to get as your prize.

3. I will pick 3 winners, randomly on August 1.

4. The giveaway is open internationally, so go ahead, comment away wherever you are from 🙂

Now what’s up for grabs? Some of you may remember the bracelet that I made from beads I recycled from an old pair of shoes. Well I had enough beads for a couple more creations:

Good luck everyone! Looking forward to all of your comments!



Drumroll for the WINNER!

Hey everyone, it’s time to announce the winner of our giveaway! I bet you are as excited as I am!

Heatherlee of DesignThink

Here is her comment:

Would totally rock this on ‘Date Night’ wearing something like this >>>> or even a little more casual like this >>>>> might even pair it with some other arm candies of the same color scheme. We’d probably hit up the red carpet, dip out of the event early for a private, romantic dinner …and I’d have my arm around my man the whole time. Btw my date would look something like Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Ryan Gosling :P

Match made in heaven!

Thank you everyone who entered! There will be more giveaways on my blog in the future for sure and don’t forget to check out Polished Boutique!



Give a little, Get a little

Hey everyone, so today is the last day to enter my blog’s GIVEAWAY that I’ve organized together with Polished Boutique! It’s super easy to enter, all you need to do is follow this link!

I also wanted to share the exciting news of me winning a giveaway here on wordpress! It was arranged by an amazing blogger Beauty and the Best of the Rest from the UK! Who was also willing to ship it all to the US! Here is what I got:

So Giveaways really work! Don’t miss out on mine!



A day in life of a blogger: Mother’s Day 2012

Get ready for another overwhelming post with photos from our Sunday trip around Minnesota!

But first of all don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY! You can enter it here. Hurry, you only have a few more days to enter!

Now about our Mother’s day – since my mom is all the way back in Russia, we only had one to pay all of our attention to! My mother in law! I actually got Sam to take a picture with her!

How can you not love them?

Our mother’s day map looked like this:

That pottery place was great! They had free food and coffee too! And of course some cool stuff to look at and take pictures with! If you know me well, you know that I don’t usually buy anything at events like this, but after I am done there I go to a thrift store and find something similar (I have a post on thrifting for home coming up soon! I promise!)  So here are some shots of the place:

There were also these cute puppies, and they were so so soft, I wish I could’ve just taken them home with me!

We also got to take pictures in these awesome chairs, while the guys who were occupying them left 🙂

I also had to take a picture with a barn! These are just fun to spot here and there around the state! And I was always wondering why they were red (or very burnt out red 😉 )

Next we went to Taylors Falls! It’s a state park on the border with Wisconsin. To be honest, I wasn’t really dressed for the place, because it was so rocky, but we had fun anyways!

Look how strong Sam is!

Christmas picture 2012?

Inside a pot hole!

Outfit of the day: Urban outfitters dress and shoes, Steve Madden shades and the CVS Pharmacy reusable bag that has ORGANIC written on it 🙂

Our last stop was FRANCONIA:

It’s a sculpture garden, with some very unusual sculptures!

I hope you had fun looking through the pictures of our day with us! If you speak Russian don’t forget to check out this video! And even if you don’t speak Russian, go ahead and check it out!

Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!

You can enter here