Summer 2011 Fashion on a Dime (or something like that!)

Are you ready? It’s almost here! Among other things that are already here are the look books and  videos for 2011 summer fashion trends. This is not your typical fashion trend review, I wanted share the ones from my fav stores, in other words – the budget version of summer 2011! Enjoy!

1. H&M

2. Rory Beca for Forever 21.

3. Urban Outfitters
4. Gap
5. Express                                                                                                             Ensemble  Ensemble                                         EnsembleEnsemble
6. American Apparel 

PS. I hope you enjoyed these looks. Have a great summer everyone!

Zhenya vs. Clothes. Part 1. The black jacket.

This is a story of a vintage black jacket, that lived happily in my Grandma’s closet. Until one day I came with scissors.

Well, it didn’t really happen like that. But the truth is – there really is a vintage jacket, moreover, it’s also hand-made. And I happened to find it while going through some old clothes. The material feels like the one they use in H&M for their trench coats and such.

You all have seen a picture of it if you went through the posts about my vintage collection.

I can’t say it was love at first sight, more like confusion, but nevertheless, I have now made this jacket wearable! The problem? Weird sleeve length! The solution – scissors! And here is what I ended up with – a black vintage hand made oversized jacket with a tolerable sleeve length!


PS. Pay attention to my Simpson’s Poster in the background!

DIY Clutch #2

Remember that purse that I turned into a clutch? Well I had enough material to make another clutch out of what was left over.

1. The material before I turned it into a clutch. This used to be the front pocket of the purse, and the zipper – well I found it among my Grandpa’s treasures!


2. I am sorry I didn’t take any pics in between, but once again I used my linoleum trick, so that the clutch held its’ shape! The lining is the same fabric I used for my chair and my curtains! I also made the tassel, to give it a tassely look 🙂

Blue handmade Top in Today’s Outfit!

I have recently made a top out of a medium sized T-shirt, and wore it for the first time today in an outfit! I just wanted to quickly show you a picture of it, sorry for the not so good quality, this was taken with Photo Booth! (Gotta love my Mac!!!)

You can read more about this DIY project here!

Put Those Sleeves to good Use!

Yesterday I made a top out of a T-shirt. Remember? Well guess what, I still had the sleeves left. So I decided to put them to good use! And what better use can there be than to make some fabric flowers!

Now there are plenty of web-sites, blogs and photos on the Internet that teach you how to make those. So I basically found one, and followed the instructions!

1. First, I cut out fabric circles, you can do it by tracing a bottom of a cup, or wing it. I made about 20 circles of 2 different sizes. (I am really sorry I forgot to take the pictures 🙁 )

2. Then you fold the circles in half and sew them together. You only need to make a few stitches.

3. For the smaller flower, I also cut along the circle to give it a “Chrysanthemum” look.

PS. Check out these brands that also make such types of flowers!

J Crew


DIY Headband/Vintage Lace

This is another DIY project that I made using vintage lace left over from my Grandmother. I started yesterday, but finished today. The project also includes one of my lace flowers.

1. These are our materials, I used a black headband that I had for a while now,

and the greenish colored lace off a vintage nightgown.





2. First I made the flower (all my lace roses are made following the same pattern – running stitch sewn to the centre or the base)







3. Next I made a cover for the headband itself. I took a piece of lace, folded in half, and sewn together.







4. When it was all done, I turned it inside out, so that the stitches would be on the inside.

There it is, looking like a snake! Don’t worry they caught the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra!




5. Then I put it on the headband






6. Now it’s time to work on the ends, so that they aren’t showing.

I simply folded them in, and sewed on the inside of the headband.





This is what it looks like without the rose







And with it…

























I hope you enjoyed DIYing with me today!

Love and Lace Flowers,


My Vintage Lace Collection

My first idea was to make a YouTube video about my lace collection, and I did make one, it was up for about a day, but then I realized that YouTube isn’t for me yet, and that I should focus more on my blog.

Today I will share some pictures of my vintage lace, that’s the lace I use to create some of my DIY projects, mainly they are lace flowers. Why flowers? Because they are easy to make, and look pretty! (To read more about my DIY projects go here:

or here

Up first is the lace I am planning on using in tomorrow’s DIY project, so you will read about it tomorrow, it’s a teal/sea-foam green color, very vintage, very pleasant for the eye. Came of a vintage nightgown, unfortunately I wasn’t able to turn it into a tank top, it was too worn out 🙁

Next is the lace I used in my most recent DIY project, about a vintage purse. I created this flower pin to go with the purse, but then decided it would be better to wear it with different jackets, or even in your hair. The very first link mentioned above will take you to the post about that project. Here are the two kinds of laces I combined. The black one came in a wide long strip, like regular fabric, and the white one came off another vintage night gown, which I successfully turned into a tank top last week!)

The next piece is very interesting and unique. It is going to look perfect on a V-neck shirt, so once I find a perfect shirt or top to put it on, I will create another DIY/Vintage masterpiece and share it with you.

These two kinds of lace are very wide, so they would make perfect linings for tank tops, or skirts (it will look like you are wearing a slip underneath). Again, love the florals on the lace!

The next two pieces I will show you aren’t lace, they are more like ribbons, and will serve as a perfect finish for pillows or picture frames, if you are into that stuff. I am planning on incorporating them into a blog post as soon as I find some couch cushion 🙂 Why? Will tell you later!

And the two final strips of lace that I am going to mention are cut offs, I know one came of yet another night gown, and the other one came off either a pillow case, or some shirt (can’t guarantee either one of those, though). They need a little more work, and a little more imagination on my end!

Thank you for checking my vintage collection out. Again, a new DIY post is coming up tomorrow, I will keep you posted!

Love and Lace Flowers,


My Vintage Collection – Part 3 – Jewelry and Purses

This is the last post about my vintage collection. Today I’ll show you some jewelry and purses that I acquired, hope you enjoy them!

1. Brooches and Pins. These are all vintage. The one on the bottom right is

missing a stone, I just need to buy one, and glue it in! The one on the top right is a pin I usually wear on my hand-made Italian coat that I got at a garage sale in Murray Hill for $1. The apple pin was a perfect find for me, because I work as a teacher. I wonder when my Grandma got them all?

2. Earrings and Pins. All earrings are gold, which of course makes them even more special.

Now I’m not so certain gem-wise, I need to go get them appraised. Pay attention to the pin on the top right – I love the green of the flower (as one of my fellow vintage lovers noticed – I love florals, and flowers, and basically everything that has to do with them!)

3. Bracelet. I know that this bracelet is definitely from the 80’s, it used to belong to my mom.







4. Purses.












5. Uncategorized

A vintage shirt that makes you want to sing “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…”








A beige jacket.








A one size fits all kind of white top with a vintage necklace







And a “paper bag” skirt







Love and Lace Flowers,


PS. Comments and suggestions, as well as corrections, are appreciated and welcomed!




Little Black Dress

When I was growing up in Russia, we were poor, not poor-poor, but we didn’t have a lot of money either. When I was in 7th grade I wore the same outfit to school EVERY DAY, until one of my good friends (she was a year older too) called me out on that. This is when my mom became my salvation. She sewed and crocheted for me. I soon had more than one outfit to wear to school.

I learned how to knit and crochet too, but I was never confident enough to make my own clothes. Until now!

I found this dress about a month ago

And it came with a scheme, so I decided to create my own, but make it black! (I have been into black, white, and gray lately)

Here is what my “dress” looks like so far:

Will keep you updated!

Love and Lace flowers,


PS. The top of the dress is knitted, but the skirt is crocheted.


Dresses from my Vintage Collection

As promised, and announced on Twitter I am continuing showing you pictures of my vintage collection, and today’s post is about dresses!

I love the colors of this dress, very warm, very fall-looking! It’s going to look great with some of my boots! It comes with a belt. And I love the little detail on the back!

See, that little triangle in the picture above? Yes, that’s the detail, it’s either they ran out of fabric, or it was the design 🙂

Up next is this very springy looking dress, again love the colors, and the ruffles on the bottom!

The red circles kind of look like poppies to me. Are they really poppies, or is it just my imagination?

Up next is a hand made/sewn dress, beautiful black lace, over pink fabric! Belted.

My next dress is a very warm, definitely winter dress, with what seems to be a leopard print on red. Buttons on the front.

This dress is also a perfect dress for fall (I wish these dresses were made out of something else, other than polyester, but that’s the only reason why they are still in a good condition!), it would be too hot in the summer. Again, this dress comes with a belt, buttons on the front.

The next dress was a fab find! I absolutely love the print, and the brooch on the front!

This dress is the only cotton dress in my collection! I love the soft pastels and beige. Unfortunately you can’t see the plaid on the front of the skirt very well, but it’s there. The front ties up. I think this is a perfect fit for early spring or fall!

The final dress deserves special attention, because it’s brand new, very summery, very Carrie Bradshaw, because it’s see-through! I am going to get a lot of attention wearing this one!

I had a wonderful time going through all these dresses, I hope you did too. While I was taking them all out of my Grandma’s closet, I found a pair of jeans, that belonged to me, I wonder how it got there!

PS. In one of my future posts I will show you how to wear and accessorize these dresses!