Linoleum Inside (DIY clutch out of an old purse)

I love DIY, and I love clutches, just like any girl. I also get extremely attached to my purses, but they get old, and need to be thrown away. Luckily for my purses, they often get a second life. This is a clutch I have recently made in my spare time!

So follow the steps to find out how to make this

From this

First decide on the shape and size, then make a pattern

I made my clutch out of the side of the purse, there is still plenty of material left for a wallet or another clutch! The best part is the suede! I pinned my pattern down and cut out the shape. Luckily for me, there was lining attached to the material already, I separated it, and in order for the clutch to hold its’ shape, I put some linoleum inside!

Now you are probably wondering where in the world I got linoleum, well there is basically everything you need and don’t need at my house. And linoleum was used to upholster doors.

Next I started sewing the sides up (by hand)

Then I attached a magnetic clasp, it came with an old purse.

Super glue is your best friend, always remember that!

Now it’s time for my favorite part, the making of the suede flower! I cut out 3 circles…

And made a fringe along the rims, then put them one on top the other…

Added some beads, sewed it all together…

Then attached it to the clutch itself

The final step was to sew it all together. And make it look like this.

I hope you enjoyed my little DIY! Have a good day everyone!

My Gap/DIY Shirt Part 2

I just wanted to post a picture of this shirt in an outfit! The necklace is vintage, belonged to my grandmother. The before of the white shirt can be found here

Gap shirt, and the grey cardi were both freecycled. The jeans (Armani Exchange)  I am wearing underneath cost me $1 at a garage sale in Murray Hill, NYC!

DIY White Gap T-shirt Makeover

You know what is the best thing to do when you are bored? Nothing! But I felt like being more productive. So I gave my white Gap T a makeover!

The before

The materials/tools

The after