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DIY T-shirt, DKNY skirt, Forever 21 Booties, Rebecca Minkoff bag

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I finally came around to making a T-shirt for my blog, and then wore it to take pictures outside.

The shirt is still not done, I am planning on adding sequins or beads to the letters to outline them, but it’s a start!

A lot has happened in the past couple of days, and I have more projects going on than time on my hands, but like I tweeted yesterday, I am extremely grateful for what I do as a blogger, and for those who take me seriously!

At the end of the day it’s all about sitting down and enjoying the sunset.




Styling a pencil skirt isn’t complicated at all, especially when you have an amazing pair of booties.




Beauty Brunch: Nails and Lips and Detox Drinks


Welcome to beauty brunch! Today’s post is all about nails and lips. Remember the teaser I posted last week featuring Sinful Colors Nail Polish? Today we are going to talk about those, as well as some of the other products that I have been using to keep the polish on my nails for more than a day.



Left to right: Solar Flux, Matte About Blue, Red Tired, Rubber Ball, Rain Rubber, Pipaya

These nail polishes have a very interesting grainy texture and remind me of a color my friend Luchessa sent me from Germany, but that one was specifically advertised as Sand Finish, while these say absolutely nothing on the bottle.

Of course the colors are brilliant and vibrant. I love the look and feel on my nails. As you may have guessed I wore blue and red ones for July 4th, and the color is still lasting. I am glad it didn’t chip on the first day. I have been making sure to use a top coat every time though. My new favorite is Sally Hansen base and top coat, as well as the Big Matte Top coat.


Another summer beauty must-have I want to talk about today is lipsticks, glosses and tinted balms. I have been using a lot of different products lately, and wanted to share my thoughts, looks and opinions on.



These two babies by NYX (Strawberry Milk and Narcissus) have been my go-to this season. I love the pale lip look, it compliments the tan.



A couple other lip favorites have been Maybelline Baby Lips in Oh Orange ($3.99 on


And Sigma Lip Gless in Get Ready ($10 on



And finally I want to share a couple detox drink recipes with you. If you are like me, plain water doesn’t taste good, so  that will help you stay hydrated and feel good.


Bring 72 oz of water and 4 tablespoons of stevia to a boil, add 4-5 stalks of rhubarb cut up into 1 inch slices, and let boil for 5 minutes. Let cool, add ice and enjoy!



1 thick slice of lemon, 5-6 freshly picked mint leaves, 5-6 freshly picked lemon balm leaves. Pour boiling water over everything, steep. Drink cold.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

N is for Necklace {A-Z Challenge}

spring-summer-necklaces statement-necklaces There is nothing like a necklace to make an outfit stand out. And if you ask me, that’s my favorite piece of jewelry! I have so many different ones in my collection! But after creating these necklace boards, I got really inspired to go back to DIYs and make my own. How is this one for inspiration? DIY-necklace-inspiration I can’t wait to show you the final result. I am also starting fashion illustration, and if you want me to draw you or one of your favorite outfits from the blog, leave me a comment below! Happy Friday!

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St Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorial + DIY Green Mascara


As promised, today I am sharing a St Patrick’s Day makeup look. Plus an easy DIY green mascara tutorial. And even though almost all St Patrick’s Day festivities are over, there is still tomorrow! And you can totally rock this look to school or work. 



Now for the mascara:



Did you do anything for St Patrick’s Day? Do you like colored mascara? I have also tried a new lipstick, what do you guys think? 

Don’t forget to check out St Patrick’s Day outfit ideas here!

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2013-12-17 18.19.59

2013-12-17 18.13.46 2013-12-17 18.18.00 2013-12-17 18.18.47

2013-12-18 22.06.54 2013-12-18 22.07.50

This Christmas, above all, give love!

Happy Holidays,


Easy DIY Leather Necklace

2013-11-21 22.42.06

2013-11-21 22.45.08

2013-11-21 22.47.44

1.Cut out the shape you want your necklace to be from leather of your choice.

2. Add embellishments (I had these gold studs left over from one of my previous DIYs left) using fabric fusion glue (trust me, it works wonders on leather!)

3. Find an old necklace that you haven’t worn in years and remove the chain.

4. Using tools (or in my case tweezers and a nail) make holes in the leather and insert the new chain links through the holes.

5. Wear loud and proud! Just make sure the fabric fusion glue dries first ;)

2013-11-21 22.43.53

Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend!




Uncommon Goods Holiday Collections and Gift Ideas + $50 Giveaway

Uncommon Goods

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Have you started shopping already? I haven’t, but I definitely started looking. It’s okay to look, right?

After Sam and I bought our house, home decor is constantly on my mind. And even though I love TJ Maxx type of stores and Target is one of my favorite retailers ever, I tend to gravitate to something more unique, one of a kind and possibly preferably handmade when it comes to my own house!

When I came across Uncommon Goods, I knew it was the place for me! Items that are presented there are a perfect combination of design and creativity, with the handmade design I am always looking for:

PicMonkey Collage

There is so much great stuff, that you’ll find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! The wall art possibilities are endless! And since I am looking for some pieces for my living room, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites (all images are clickable and will take you to the Uncommon Goods page! All images via


Vintage Iron Bookends

Equation Geek Clock

Equation Geek Clock

Personalized Couple Art

Personalized Couple Art

Hand with Heart - Zlatka Paneva

Hand with Heart – Zlatka Paneva

Hello Gorgeous - Valerie Galloway

Hello Gorgeous – Valerie Galloway

There is so so much on their website! And every item is amazing! I wish I could share them all with you, but I can’t, so I am going to do something better! I am going to give away $50 to Uncommon Goods to one lucky reader!

Enter here

Happy Friday and Good luck!


Disclosure: This post and giveaway were sponsored by Uncommon Goods. And even though I was compensated for it, the opinions are 100% my own. 

My Little Curbside Secret

2013-10-26 14.18.53 2013-10-26 14.19.04 2013-10-26 14.19.14

Not everyone has the courage! The courage to pick something up from the curb, the courage to bring it inside your home! The courage and confidence that you can actually turn it into something, well, acceptable, and maybe even a center piece.

I thrift, I freecycle and yes, sometimes I dumpster dive/pick up items off the curb. And here is the side table I have had for a few months now! I picked it up back when we lived in Loring Park, then it travelled all the way to my in-laws house to get sanded, and stored until we moved. Then we moved, and I didn’t have time, and I didn’t have paint. Then Sam talked me into buying primer, thinking it was going to be white, the primer was gray. So I primed, and primed, and then painted. And decoupaged the top in between – with pages from Ogden Nash’s book of poems. Remember…

God in his wisdom made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why.

… yeah, that guy.

I also threw some stamps from Germany in!

2013-10-26 16.28.221

What do you think about “one man’s trash being someone else’s treasure? Have you ever picked anything up off the curb?

Happy Hump Day,


in the Kitchen in the Socks in my Sweater with a Fox


You’ve seen What Does The Fox Say video, right? RIGHT?

Well, this DIY is 100% inspired by it, that and a million gazillion of other fox sweaters from mass retailers ;)

1. We are going to start with one $3.99 Hanes sweatshirt from Savers,

2013-10-20 21.40.24

2. Next – spend 10 or so minutes drawing the fox,

2013-10-20 21.40.41

3. Pick out your fabrics and colors,

4. Cut out all the parts and lay them out,

2013-10-20 22.11.13

5. Here is when fabric glue comes in the picture – glue the eyes, tip of tail and darker parts of the ears,

6. Add the lines, you’ll need the basic embroidery skills here, but don’t worry – it’s really easy!

2013-10-20 22.48.19

7. Sew the appliqué to the sweatshirt, creating the outline of the fox

2013-10-22 19.34.05

And viola!

2013-10-22 19.41.41

Happy DIYing!



2013-10-22 13.43.36

Gilda Dog – A Dog Lovers DIY

2013-10-15 20.53.53

2013-10-15 20.54.22

2013-10-15 20.55.00

2013-10-15 20.54.39

A boy in my class has a dog, and when you ask – What’s your dog’s name, he always says – Winston dog! It’s never just Winston, it’s always Winston dog! Unlike the cat – the cat he just calls kitty cat!

When my husband was growing up he had a dog named Mike, and she (yes, SHE!) was a doberman. I never got to meet Mike… But I got to meet Gilda, and even though it’s been over 2 years since she died, we love her, remember her and miss her!

This DIY is for Sam, and Gilda, and all of you dog lovers out there!

For this DIY you are going to need:

– A frame – mine came from an estate sale, and is probably older than I am,

– Some sort of fabric or cardboard, I picked hemp,

– A stencil – I always make my own by printing it off the Internet and carefully cutting it out,

– Paint – I used 3 different kinds and I am not sure one of them is even a paint, because it’s a nail polish :) – white paint for the frame, gold acrylic paint for the hemp part of the frame, and nail polish for the fabric,

– Nails, or push pins,

– Ribbon to hang your artwork up!

For this project all you need to do is:

1. Cut the material (fabric or other) to fit the frame.

2. Lay out your stencil and carefully fill it in.

3. Paint the frame if that’s required.

4. Put it all together and you are done!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Don’t forget to join in tomorrow for #ThriftStyleThursday – it’s going to be plaid central!


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