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Here I am at Goodwill in Rosedale, going through the racks with skirts like a maniac, when I hear

– Oh that’s a size 6, that’s going to be too small.

So I start a conversation with this woman, find out that she is going to a party the next day and that skirt would’ve been perfect for the event. So blah-blah here, there and everywhere, the lady turns out to be Russian (and no, we didn’t become best friends on the spot 🙂 but we had a nice chat). I told her my Xanax pills story, she told me that one of her coworkers has a code word for Goodwill (not everyone is as comfortable telling the world that everything they buy is from a thrift store) – Boutique GW, hence the title!

Once again, if you are living in the Twin Cities area and want to go thrifting, shoot me a message! There is contact info in the “About Me” section, or there is always Twitter!

Now the fun part, the finds! I have released a teaser (haha I know I sound so official) on Istagram on Saturday, showing the tag to my newly thrifted Christian Dior skirt:


And here is the skirt itself:


It’s going to be perfect for fall/winter, since it’s so warm! Are you ready for price now? $2.99 It was 50% off, so $1.50! That’s my kind of price for Dior! Basically everything that you’ll see in today’s post was 50% off, so hold on tight to your chairs!

Anthropologie HWR brand cardigan, $2.50 originally $4.99


Another HWR top for $2.50 originally $4.99 (both pulled off the New Arrivals rack)


J.Crew dress size 2 $3.50 originally $6.99 I got it for a special event which I am going to keep a secret now, there will be a separate post dedicated to it!


And – SURPRISE – here is some crinoline:


I also got this Webster dress in XS (it was a limited collection for Target this past summer), only $3, originally $5.99 (I used my Choose to Reuse coupon book on this one! Thank you to Hennepin County for a great program) I rarely buy Target brands at thrift stores, unless they are limited collections 🙂


I got a couple more sweaters, this one is Isaac Mizrahi, $2.50, originally $4.99



A Club Room sweater in L  $2.50, originally $4.99 (It’s men’s I know, it’s too big for me, I know) but it’s a perfect oversized baggy sweater to cozy up in and if I ever want to – I can make Sam wear it!


Up next – Adrienne Vittadini dress in M, this was the most expensive purchase of all – $4.50, originally $8.99. Another perfect fall dress, and don’t you just love this zig-zag pattern? Plus it has this awesome exposed zipper! Ah – can’t wait to wear it!


I also got a few skirts! They were all $1.50! I would’ve gotten more, but decided not too. See I can control my thrifting addiction (yeah, right!)

This one is a Banana Republic, in size 4


This one is 100% silk Winter Silks (oh the irony) skirt in size 8 (look at me, I am all over with my sizes today!) I totally fell for the pattern, can you tell?


This one is a made in USA no brand, size 16 very light, very see through pleated skirt, which I bought

1. because I fell in love with the color

2. because I fell in love with the pleats

3. because I knew I could make it work!

So I am simply going to adjust the elastic in the waistband, wear a slip underneath and rock my skirt and boots look this fall!


I know that some of you are going to say “Little House on the Prairie” about this skirt, but it’s a brand new vintage (if vintage can be brand new 🙂 ) Susan Bristol in size 12. It reminded me of the traditional Russian scarves, can’t wait to style this piece for you!


And finally this turquoise necklace, that was $3.99


I hope you enjoyed this haul, please let me know what you liked the least and what you liked the most! I will be styling these pieces and blogging about it shortly!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



PS. Some of the purchased items were stained, but I got all of the stains out! Let me know if you want a post on how to get rid of stains on thrifted clothes!


  1. OMG love the Chevron dress!

  2. I like your blog! I like how you find things that are very affordable. I also try to find affordable clothing pieces to style on my fashion blog called ‘Vogue and Heels”. ( The dress and the skirts are my favorite and I still cannot believe the price you paid, they are amazing!

  3. Great finds!!! I miss GW Botique a lot! Where else you can find Dior for under $2 🙂

    • Thank you! There was a Dior blazer at a different Goodwill which I didn’t get, still kicking myself for it! :/

  4. You really seem to have a good eye for great finds. Seems I can go into GW and look and look and never find a thing. I have bought the odd thing for just the vintage buttons even when the item wasn’t my style. I liked the zig-zag dress the best.

    • I like that dress a lot too! The large blue sweater is just too baggy after I washed it, I don’t know what I was thinking 🙂 haha

  5. Hi Zhenya, just dropped in to catch up & say Hi. My dad passed away so life has been pretty stressful with little time for blog reading or posting. That’s a really impressive haul. There a lot of things to feel pretty thrilled about. I love the Adrienne Vittadini dress best. I never get a haul that good. We call them opportunity shops here in Australia now more commonly called Op Shops and our prices are NEVER that good. A lot of items are often over priced. But I’ve learned a few tricks from you. Stain removal would be great. Hope he new job is good. Thanks

  6. Great finds today! I so wish I was in the twin cities so I could go thrifting with you! Have a great week!

  7. bahaha “boutique gw”! i mostly don’t tell people i got my clothes from goodwill b/c i don’t need them going there too and snatching up all the good stuff! 🙂

    a stained thrift store post would be awesome!!

  8. Wow. Looks like you scored!! I never find goodies like that..ha

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