Blanket Scarves and Oversized Coats

Here is the story of a girl who can never have too many blanket scarves, and too many coats – me. This started about 8 years ago, and I am not seeing an end to this not so minor obsession. So I am embracing it. And the trend. My most favorite oversized coat ATM is:


How I wear it:

levitating oversizedgreycoatHM

The plaid blanket scarf that you see on every blogger



The vintage hand woven wool Irish blanket (actual blanket!!!) worn as a scarf

minnesotafashionblogger plaidblanketscarf

And the latest addition – my DIY blanket scarf from a thick fabric my mother-in-law gave to me


It’s the fashionista snuggie. What are you gonna do?

More of my favorite coats, scarves and purses below! You know I would fill my closet with those if I could! Maybe after I graduate 😉

Handbags2014 LongCoatsFallWinter2014 ScarvesFall2014


  1. I love the boots, and I love you in that coat. Wow!

  2. Love the black booties, with stud details, and the oversized plaid scarf. It just started snowing up north, so I think its time to break out the burberry scarf!

  3. The oversized coat is such a great look! So effortless.


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