Ashley Barlow Art

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Ashley Barlow is hands down one of my favorite local artists. I met her last year at the Edina Art Fair, and have been in love with her collages ever since. The vintage element, the combination of colors, the DIY element (stitching) and the thought process that goes into her pieces is amazing.

Edina art fair took place a couple weekends ago, and I naturally stocked up on some more Ashley Barlow for my house. You see, I have this vision for my living room, which I can’t wait to bring to life, and Sam is finally okay with it. So now it’s a waiting game! But I will definitely be sharing that with you, be it next week or next month!

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  1. Her artwork is amazing! I’m such a sucker for whimsical and “Indie” type art with a splash of vintage and her work is definitely up my alley. I don’t blame you for wanting to be surrounded by beauty like that ^.^

    I do hope you post the final look of your living room when it’s all completed!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Kayla! Isn’t her art great? And yes, I definitely will post an image of it all once it’s finished!

  2. I love how whimsica her art is. I think it would fit any decor from Art Deco to Victorian if placed in the right frame. Does she travel to art shows?

  3. Gorgeous!! I need to look her up once I’ve moved to the cities and have new space to decorate!

  4. Cool art. Edina – are you in MN then? I like that “nerdy girl” poster thing in the pic.

    • I am in Minnesota, I have been here for the past 4 years, and I lived in New York City before then!

  5. This is SO GOOD! I haven’t heard of her before, but absolutely love her art too, thanks for sharing!

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