Amuse Bouche by Bite Beauty Review

Amuse Bouche BeetrootAmuse Bouche

When it comes to lipstick, I don’t ask for much. I need it to be matte or satin, non-sticky, and long lasting. I also need the color to be vibrant, something that will distinguish me from the crowd. I like to stand out.

I found all these characteristics in the Amuse Bouche by Bite Beauty. Having received 3 lipsticks in the mail about a month ago, I wanted to make sure I really put these products to the test.


Amuse Bouche Beetroot

Color: Beetrootย 

Amuse Bouche Gazpacho Amuse Bouche Gazpacho

Color: Gazpacho

Amuse Bouche Pepper Amuse Bouche Pepper

Color: Pepper

Hands down Beetroot is my favorite color, it’s new and different in my collection, and I was pleasantly surprised that the color lasted even after a visit to Starbucks, and I make those more than once a day ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gazpacho is a play on the traditional red lipstick, it’s bright and vibrant, definitely not a deep red some may be looking for, but definitely worth considering for the summer.

And finally Pepper, probably the most “neutral” of the trio, it’s a safe color for those who don’t like to draw attention to themselves, or chose to accentuate the eyes.

These are my new favorite lipsticks, and I can’t imagine my beauty routine without them.

Thanks to Influenster for providing me with these samples for review!ย 


  1. These are beautiful shades on you. Thanks for introducing this brand and colors to me.
    Rachel xo

  2. These are beautiful shades on you. Thanks for introducing this brand and colors to me.
    Rachel xo

  3. Beetroot is my favorite too. Found you through “Garay treasures” linkup ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Darcy says:

    You look great in each of these colors!

  5. Beetroot is gorgeous! I went to the Bite Beauty Lab in NYC where you mix your own colors recently and I’m still in love with the color I made. Bite Beauty’s lipstick formulas are so amazing.

  6. Those colors look so beautifully. I need to get my hands on those soon!

    Alicia |

  7. I LOVE BITE! Their colors are so bright and vibrant and long-lasting ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. How did I lose you? (I mean how did I lose your blog?) If the internet Goddess is with me, then I’m following you again… I hope.
    You look even more beautiful and stylish than I remember, (and cute, don’t forget cute).
    Your eyes and smile captivate me. I look forward to reading your posts again.
    All love,

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