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2014-02-09 19.08.34

Hi everyone, and welcome! My name is Zhenya and I am Russian in America.

When I was in middle school one of my favorite pass times was drawing and designing clothes, now that I have become a fashion and style blogger, I can definitely say – You saw it coming everybody.

I am a teacher by day, a blogger by night, and by weekend, and by lunch break, and basically any free time that I get. I love it. It’s my passion.

If you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and planning your outfits for tomorrow…

If you have no more room in the closet and are taking over your husban’s/significant other’s side…

If watching Fashion Week is like going to church…

… then we are going to be best friends!

Enjoy BeingZhenya.com!

You can always email me – evgeniahutson@gmail.com

137 Thoughts on “About Being Zhenya

  1. Beautiful pictures always, keep up the good work! Love from Belgium

  2. Thanks for following my blog, glad to know I’m not the only one reading it =p

  3. Hey!!! I always smile when I find another blogger from Minnesota! I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life!!! :) Ready for Spring!!!

  4. Hi Zhenya!

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I’ve already read several of your posts and absolutely love your style. I know your blog will become a frequent stop for me! :)


  5. Your blog has grown so much!! I would love to read a post on tips to grow a blog :)

  6. Thanks for following me, Zhenya! I am following you too!
    I look forward to reading your posts.

  7. tracyrose2013 on July 29, 2013 at 2:40 pm said:

    Hi Zhenya,

    Healthline is interested in contributing a guest post to beingzhenya.com. We would be open to contributing any blog that would be of interest to your readers. Healthline bloggers have been featured on a variety of sites including:

    Washington Times: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/tango-mind-and-emotion/2012/aug/10/how-healthy-choices-easy/
    Natural News: http://www.naturalnews.com/036515_diabetes_strawberries_prevention.html
    Patch.com: http://strongsville.patch.com/blog_posts/where-and-what-to-eat-in-cleveland-to-beat-the-winter-blues

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Warm Regards,

  8. Hi Zhenya, I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award at http://thewardrobesurgeon.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/super-sweet-blogger-award/

  9. Hi! I really like your blog, been following it ever since I found it (about 1,5 years ago). My great desire is to learn Russian, not just as a tourist but to be able to speak, converse, read, talk, listen – the whole deal. Sadly, where I am, they do not have opportunities for learning Russian. Would you ever be willing to make posts about Russian on your blog or perhaps give some advice where to learn Russian online or where to get some materials? I’d appreciate greatly! :)

  10. Hi Zhenya! Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my post! :))) hope you are well!! Have a lovely day! x

  11. Hi Zhenya!
    We nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award on our page!

    Be sure to come and check it out, and keep up the lovely blogging!

    xo Kim

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am going to take a look around your blog as well – it looks really interesting. :-)

  13. Thanks for dropping by and liking my “Common can be beautiful” piece. Like what you are doing even though mascara and fashion would not be top of my agenda

  14. Dear Zhenya…

    Thank you so much for subscribing ‘proyekakhirminggu’. Just landed to your blog and love your extraordinary DIY projects. Hope you’ll like mine too. It’s always wonderful to connect with peoples with the same passion.

    Greeting from Indonesia! (You can find it in the map… lol )


  15. Thank you for stopping by simplydaisies and the like! Come back anytime. Love reading your stuff!

  16. Thanks for checking us out at goodnewsnow.wordpress.com

  17. racheeng on May 11, 2013 at 8:31 am said:

    Thanks so much for following dear!

  18. Hello, lady. I left one comment already, but for a blogger I know nothing about the Internet so I’m not sure it posted. Anyways, thanks for the like. I went through most of your diys, cute stuff girl, keep up the great work. Also I lived in Minneapolis for 3 years about 3 years ago, I bet we know some of the same people.

    Have a great day!

  19. Hey thanks for the visit/like. Minneapolis eh? I spent 3 years there myself. I bet we know the same people!

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my post! I love what you’re doing here. I look forward to checking out some of your projects!

  21. Hi BZ,
    I’ve decided to follow any WordPress members who commented on or liked my past posts, in an effort to be more community minded. Don’t feel compelled to hit me back, but if you do I hope you enjoy and say hi.
    bcpkid (pettiplays)

  22. Hi! You have a new follower – Beth at Renegade Seamstress sent me! Love it all – yard sales are fantastic and so are thrift stores. I can’t sew but I admire those who can, like you! I also liked you from my 2 FB pages. Great blog!

  23. I went through your blog and it is lovely! I love all your DIY’s! Looking forward to more! hopefully we can collab one day! I am just starting out in the blogging world but any tips would be appreciated! much love, sarah

  24. You have a lovely blog! I’m looking forward to reading!

  25. Love your blog! I’m also a big crafter & thrifter, huge vintage enthusiast, and I’m also thinking about teaching English overseas (I’m in the US), which is how I found you (Google). I look forward to keeping up with you!! :)

  26. I love your blog! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! http://delightfullyteal.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/inspiring-blogger-award/

  27. You have such great ideas! I can’t wait to try a few :)

  28. Love this introduction!

  29. Hi Zhenya!
    I love your December photo, pretteee :-))) I always enjoy seeing your ‘footrprint’ on by blog. You are always so inspiring! Happy, happy New Year to you and those you love.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  30. Hey, I agree, happy girls are the prettiest girls. I adore Audrey Hepburn and not only because she was a pretty moviestar but also for her commitment to helping others. Looking forward to looking around your Blog. I like your Banner too!

  31. Hi Zhenya! Thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments and “likes” at Nook & Sea – I most definitely receive them and am so grateful! Your site is so cute – keep up the good work!! I’ll be back.

    Nook & Sea

  32. Hey hi!!!
    I really love following and reading your blog, so I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award (as if you needed another one with how many you get for your awesome blog!), which you can find here:

    Keep on keepin’ on, and thank you so much for following!!!

    Best, Lara

  33. Thanks for stopping by foodforfun. Love your Mpls pix:-) You are handy with a needle and thread–very cool what you do with thrift finds. Should you be interested in a recent foodie field trip to Franklin Ave, check out http://foodcommunicationservices.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/fridays-culinary-field-trip-on-franklin/

  34. Cool blog. I’ve actually been thinking about renaming my own blog to ‘Being Adora’ also after the great drama Being Erica, too funny. Perhaps I should go back to the drawing board.

  35. Hi Zhenya!!! So excited to meet another minneapolis blogger. Yippee!

  36. I have awarded you with the Inspiring Blogger Award! Check out my post for more information.

  37. hey, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post! I love your blog! xoGlor

  38. Dear Blogger, I nominated you for the blogger´s sunshine award. Have a look!

  39. I love thrift store shopping! My daughter & I love hunting for good deals at thrift stores – it’s like finding treasure! :)

  40. Great mini-bio you got here Zhenya, so glad to have found your blog!
    Cheers :)

  41. You should check out my latest post, there is some good news for you ;) x

  42. Hello Zhenya, thank you for liking my post! I have had a lovely look around your blog and i love it! One of my very good friends is Russian so I have had a beautiful glimpse into Russian culture first hand. I will pop in very soon. Love Maryanne

  43. Thanks for visiting my blog at http://www.thinkandponder.com I have enjoyed getting to know a little about you from visiting your blog.

  44. Thanks for stopping in and the like!

  45. Thanks so much for stopping by MagnoliaGrace! I hope you’ll follow along :)

  46. Hi Zhenya!

    Thanks for liking my post! I am super new to this whole blogging thing but I have always been a thrifter and a DIYer. I am having a great time so far meeting new people and their blogs! Your Blog looks great and I’m looking forward following you!


  47. Hey, We love textile, fabric too.. Looks like we are with the same interest. My name is Landy. I worked with Faab. We create textile designs. Mind to share what is hot in US?

  48. Thank you Being Zhenya for taking the time to read my new blog greenspinage and liking it, I am so new to this, I didn’t realize anyone liked the page until now. Then I couldn’t figure out how to respond to it. And i still dont know.Thanks again !

  49. Love your blog! My name is Vicky, I am also from Europe, Ukraine :) Its awesome meeting other bloggers from where I come from. Looking forward to reading your posts :)

  50. It was very kind of you to “like” my post! I look forward to future posts from you as well!

  51. Cool, I am excited to read more of your posts!

  52. Hey Zhenya!
    I have learned so much about style from you and love seeing all your diys. Your tips and tricks are always great! That’s why I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. You can find out more about it here:
    Thanks for sharing all your wisdom! I look forward to reading more!

  53. What!?! Another red head blogger with an awesomely crazy name! We must be long lost sister : )

  54. Keep up the wonderful work Zhenya! Minnesota proud, haha. But really, wonderful job.

  55. Hi Zhenya,

    Thank you for “liking” my post! I will be watching your blog closely!

    xo Amy

  56. Zhenya, I love the way you write. Thanks for introducing yourself in a sense by liking my blog. :)

  57. Hi Zhenya! (LOVELY name, btw!) Thank you for the ‘like’ – I love your blog!! I hear Minneapolis is a great city, and I see why!!!

    Be well!

  58. Thanks for liking my blog post! Can’t wait to read some of your thrifting posts!

  59. Thanks for liking my most recent post! Cool to hear from another Minnesota dweller.

  60. Hi Zhenya!

    Thanks for the likes! I admire that you can sew (I’m crafty, but sewing evades me). I also love that you were born in Russia – I don’t know much about it & never been there but my Serbian husband’s accent often gets mistaken for Russian! :-)

  61. Hello, Zhenya! Thank you for liking my post about What I Wore recently. :)

  62. Hi Zhenya thank you for liking my post! I will be sure to check out your blog regularly!

  63. I have paid forward the versatile blogger award to you.
    Permalink: http://signaturealamode.com/2011/11/23/versatile-blogger-award/

  64. Hi! Thanks for liking a post and visiting my blog! I do like yours so much too! Hope we become good friends :)

    Cheers from the Philippines!

  65. Hi Zhenya,

    Thanks for stopping by TheAbsoluteMost.com. I hope you become an avid reader. See you around.

    http://www.theabsolutemost.com “where fashion and beauty collides”

  66. Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I live just north of you, in Manitoba, Canada. We hope to get down there in the summer. Looking forward to reading your little corner of the Internet!

  67. Hi Zhenya!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and “like”ing it :-) I just love your name… so beautiful! I had never heard it before. Is it common in Russia? I also like the line “I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.” So true.

    • Well Zhenya is short for Evgenia, it’s a popular name and it’s cool because it works for both boys and girls! I am glad you stopped by! And liking other people’s blogs is what I do, I know how that can brighten someone’s day!

  68. Zhenya thank you for your “like.” It was very kind and considerate of you to take the time to do that. I’m very glad you found my site because now I found yours and I’m going to be a follower here. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


  69. Hey there :) thank you for the follow, the likes, and everything else on my blog. I’m glad you enjoy my posts, I also have a lot of fun going through yours!

    All the best.

  70. Dear Zhenya!
    Greetings from Poland. I found your blog because I looked for pics with “Prof Filutka” or to be correct FILUTEK :) Filutka is just the declination form (in Polish but maybe in Russian too we change the words endings depending on the cause). Anyway, I really like the mixture of your topics and the layout (if it was not for the header I wouldn’t enter the page :) and the way you shine through what you write. Big smile through the Atlantic ocean!

  71. Thanks for liking one of my posts on my blog! I checked out your blog too it really well written and creative! I started following your blog You seem to be an awesome person. Take care!


  72. Hey! Thanks for liking one of my blog posts. Really made my day! I have weekly “fantabulous apparel” posts and most of them are vintage-y. (It’s obvious you’re into that.) You should drop by and see if you’d like to follow! :)

    Thanks again!

  73. Hi,

    Thanks for checking out my blog you seem to be really interesting & nice, and btw I love your name… I’ll definitely be a follower ;)

  74. Thanks for subscribing/liking/commenting/or whatever else.

    Just wanted to let you know I was here.

  75. Hello zhenya,

    thank you for your visiting my blog. I love your creations and start following you. I am looking forward to see more and maybe I would use some of them? I start doing some crafts but not with a big success .. I hope in the future get better.

  76. Your blog posts are very cool. I like the txt fonts and layout. Care sharing some tips for enhancing a blag? Mine is kind of plain :( but Please subscribe. Ill be subscribing yo yours also

  77. Hi Zhenya,

    I look forward to seeing what great things you find thrift and vintage shopping in Minneapolis. Follow my finds through New York’s resale and vintage shops at whiteelephantstyle.wordpress.com.


  78. I also love Being Erica! And I love all the topics you cover on your blog! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  79. I found your blog (love the wedding dress post) and wanted to contact you, but didn’t see any other way.

    I am an intern with a wedding video company called Storymix Media. We recently ran a contest on our Facebook with HUGE success, so we decided to do it again! Only this time it’s especially for brides-to-be who are blogging wedding bliss! BUT we are limiting it to 30 bloggers so time is of the essence!

    If you’re interested in learning about the contest (A Free Wedding Video and $250 gift card is the prize!) please email me at caitlin@storymixmedia.com.

    Sorry if this sounds spammy :(

  80. Hi Zhenya,

    I like your cooking picture!

  81. P.S.
    Like your header.

  82. You said your profile was getting lots of hits (I came here through your profile–well, guessing at your blog address.) and I think it was because you had a very interesting quote to start it off. Everyone wanted to see the end.

  83. Hi zhenya,
    Thanks for visiting to my blog ya :)

    Anyway, how did you find out my blog?
    It is really surprising me, you know :D

  84. Hi there,

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog. How did you find out about me? Anyway I really appreciate it.

    You have an interesting blog. Keep it up!

  85. Hi, Zhenya!
    How are you today? Hope you are well and your grandmother is feeling lighter…
    If you are interested in EFT please look at:
    I personally recommend you the following…
    This may seem to be wired first, but this is really effective, at least for me!
    If you need any help, I would love to help you! Just let me know!
    Peace & Bliss for YOU!

    • Hi Miyuki,
      Unfortunately my grandma is doing worse, but we’ll keep hoping and praying. We gave her some sleeping pills today, but they made things worse. We’ll see how things continue. How are you? Thank you for all the links. I am definitely going to follow some of the advice!

  86. Hi, Zhenya!
    Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog.
    I hope your grandmother is having and will have beautiful days…
    Peace & Bliss for you,

    PS. Do you know about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? It might help you and your grandmother to feel lighter… It helps me a lot in many ways.

    • Hi Miyuki,
      Thank you for commenting. I have never heard of the technique, but I will google it as soon as I am off work today! I have tried so much already, affirmations have been helping me a lot, but my Grandma is at the stage of seeing things, like animals, people or objects. I had no idea cancer could do all that.

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