4th of July DIY Ideas!

Happy 4th of July, you are all my fireworks, each and everyone of you! So don’t you forget to shine and show some color! Today’s post is about 4th of July DIY projects and crafts! I picked my favorites from all over the place – different blogs and even YouTube channels that I follow!

1. DIY Flag shorts.

This is an amazing piece of apparel to wear if you want to really show your patriotic spirit off! Done by two sisters – Steph and Melissa. I actually won their channel giveaway a few months ago! Love all the pieces!




2. DIY sexy photographs for your man! 

It really doesn’t take much to take one sexy photo to cheer up your man’s 4th of July celebration. All you really need – is a FLAG 🙂 And some shoes too (but shoes are optional). Check out this one with Grace Potter

3. DIY make-up/dress-up Kandee Johnson style

She is fun, she is fearless, she is fabulous, she is – Kandee! Check out her 4th of July DIY make up and dress up pictures/tutorial here


But just to give you a feel of the awesome, here is a pic:

4. Low-cal 4th of July cheesecake!

Who said cooking isn’t DIYing? You are not buying the cake, so that’s official hand- making/baking/stirring/mixing

Get the recipe to make this easy cheesecake from the kraft foods website!


5. DIY 4th of July wreath! 

Who says wreaths are only for Thanksgiving or Christmas? This 4th of July wreath is a dream! I am definitely making one for next year.

For instructions, go here


I hope you enjoy my 4th of July DIY picks! And remember, you can always use them next year 🙂

Happy 4th!




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