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Advanced days are Over

And by that I mean the whitening days are over for my husband, remember these?

2012-11-07 21.15.07


Sam started using them a little over 20 days ago, and Wednesday was his last strip! Let’s see if you can see the difference?

Day 1:

2012-11-08 21.44.33


Day 20:

2012-11-28 00.10.46


I think it looks pretty white! I lot better than what we started off with! Now let’s see how long the effect lasts. Sam did complain about increase in sensitivity though, so that’s a definite downside. Otherwise it works!

Happy Friday,


Easy DIY Greeting Cards

Our center director has recently quit. So I decided to make a “Good-bye” card for her, which turned out so well, that I decided to share this DIY with you!

The card ended up being a combination of scrap-booking and sewing, plus I got to reuse one of the paper bags I got from Origins! (Every time I shop there, I ask for a paper bag with a different pattern! I know it’s crazy, but those bags are perfect for all sorts of DIYs)

Here are all of my supplies (plus glue of course! Elmer’s is becoming my best friend!). As you’ll see below, I am not going to use up all of these supplies, I was simply trying this and that 🙂

Then I took a white piece of paper and cut out tissue paper to make my card a 3-layer one!

And after a little bit of gluing and sewing (the larger piece of lace in the bottom left corner had to be sewn on, because it just wouldn’t stick!) I ended up with this:

I hope I’ve inspired you to go make a card for someone today! I think I am going to DIY all of our Christmas cards this year 🙂 Let me know if you want to receive one in the mail!



Thanksgiving Outfitters: A Thrifter’s Tale

I tried my best to combine something thrifted, something vintage, something blue (oh wait, that’s a totally different story 🙂 ), and something modern in my Thanksgiving outfit. But a lot of it ended being something borrowed as well! So taking all of the above factors into consideration, it was almost like a wedding! Or was it? So without further adieu, I would like to present my Thanksgiving Outfit tale!

Once upon a time there lived a girl, who was absolutely fascinated by anything thrifted, vintage, or, even better, the combination of thrifted and vintage. And every time she put together an outfit, it was a special day, a celebration of sorts.

The morning of Thanksgiving our thrifter had a task, which appeared to be more challenging than it really is. How many of you have ever adjusted skirt waistband? How many of you have ever adjusted an elastic in the skirt’s waistband? Maybe due to the lack of sleep, or to the overwhelming memories of living on the Upper West side after watching Macy’s Day Parade, or to simple lack of attention (that, let’s be honest a lot of us suffer from) she had to redo the waist elastic 3 whole times! But it was totally worth it, because the skirt was $1.50 Goodwill find. Important lesson learned: When working with a wide elastic make sure it’s aligned properly before sewing it together!


The skirt was quite see-through, but a thrifted $2 vintage slip came to the rescue! The picture of which will not be included, because this is an appropriate, PG fairy tale !

The top that she wore that day came from far far away, all the way from overseas, from a country called Russia, because that’s where our thrifter was from. And it used to belong to her Grandmother. Unfortunately Grandma was now gone, but the memory of her lived forever in that vintage a little bit altered top! Lesson learned: Spend time with your loved ones and carry on memories of them not in your clothes, but in your heart!


Completed by a Mossimo top from a clarance rack at Target, $1 necklace from Steeple People, and the latest refashioned tote our thrifter threw on her modest black heels and walked to the car carriage, cherry pie in hand! Good thing it was 50F that day, or was it?

After a couple glasses of champagne, and traditional Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with a twist of cayenne pepper, the family decided to step outside for a nice walk, to let the food settle and make room for dessert, only to find out that the wind has picked up and the temperature dropped to 30F!

The weather’s cruel prank didn’t stop the family from their intended promenade. All it took was some extra clothes from parent’s closet.


The thrifter’s  fairy god mother mother in law spared the warmest angora coat and a beautiful beret, as well as a pair of stockings to keep the thrifter’s legs from freezing off.

And out they went into the cold! To take pictures and have lots of fun:


… for about 20 minutes or so, because it was indeed intolerable!

Lesson learned: No matter how cold it is, family time is important!

I hope you enjoyed my silly thrifter’s tale. Thrifting isn’t really that hard, but creativity is a must, especially when it comes to putting outfits together. And the final important lesson of the post is – Don’t overdo vintage/thrifted outfit. Take it slow and build up your confidence as you go along!

Have a great Wednesday everyone, we all need a little fairy tale in our lives every once in a while! I hope something magical happens to you today!

The Thrifter

TP Wall Art, and yes, TP stands for Toilet Paper!

I am pretty sure that by now, everyone has made a TP (toilet paper) wall art! It’s really not that hard, just takes a long time.

Before I share the results, here is a tip for those of you who are going to feel the urge to make some TP art after reading this post:

– Make sure to use liquid glue, glue stick won’t make the pieces stick!

– Get plenty of paper clips, they are going to be your best friend when it comes to holding the pieces together!

And now that I am all done giving my advice, let’s see what I’ve made:





Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Blue Nile’s The Extraordinary Days of Christmas Giveaway!

It’s less than a month until Christmas, and what better way to announce that than by promoting a giveaway organized for you by Blue Nile. So go ahead like Blue Nile Facebook Page and get excited to participate!

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 The Extraordinary Days of Christmas.

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  • ·         One extraordinary jewelry prize will be given out per day, but everyone will win something.
  • ·         The campaign will kick off on Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012) and end on December 7, 2012.

Good luck to you all and Happy Holiday Season!


DIY Friday: Decorating a Tote Bag

Back in October, I went to a staff development day for work. It was one giant teacher conference, with a lot of classes to take, and of course a free goody bag! Unfortunately the bag had this on it:


Just in case you have trouble figuring out the writing, it says – Igniting your awesome! I think it’s an absolutely amazing inspirational quote, but not when it looks so sad and washed out :/

I took some nail polish remover (ACETONE is your best friend here!) to get rid of most of the writing.


Then I got some fabric for the new applique to go over the writing! This came off of an old T-shirt I freecycled a while back, and it’s just been sitting in my closet, waiting for it’s moment! And well, it finally came!


I was debating which piece to use for my refashion and whether to do both front and back, or just front, and finally decided on this:


The brown lace trim came off of the same shirt that I cut up last week for my wall art DIY 🙂

The next step was the longest and probably the most painful one, because I pricked my finger with a needle a few times! But I hand sewn it all together! And the result was just amazing!


Yes, it is Monopoly Star Wars edition sticking out of my newly refashioned bag!


I hope every single one of you had a blessed Thanksgiving! And a successful Black Friday!



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Russian Blini (Crepes) Recipe


Being Russian doesn’t mean that you are oh-so-good at cooking Russian food! I’ve mastered a lot of it. Making soups and stews is a piece of cake! I could make salads (or as one of my friend’s referred to them “cold casseroles”) every day. But Russkie Blini have always been a challenge for me. Every time I’d try to make them, they’d turn out as pancakes! And if you know the difference between a pancake and a crepe, well – that’s a big fail! The worst was when they’d turn out as something in between crecake? or maybe panpe? But last Sunday I feel like I’ve conquered it, and all I needed to do was to follow my aunt’s recipe, which is tried and true. It’s also no family secret, that’s why I am sharing it with you!

Here is what you’ll need:

2 cups of flour

3 eggs

2 1/2 cups of milk (you can cheat here and divide the given amount in half and substitute milk with water)

1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
Mix all of the above ingredients in a bowl (you can cheat and use a mixer, I won’t tell anybody!)
Then add 1-2 tbsp oil into batter.
And you are ready to FRY!!!
Sam likes his crepes with syrup, but I am more creative – I love them with Nutella and bananas, or strawberries, or blueberries…
Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone and Black Friday, if you do that, of course!
I’ll be back on Friday with a new post for you!

OOTD featuring my Refashioned Romper

As promised Outfit featuring my latest refashion! Check it out if you haven’t yet!

And yes, my firends, the Christmas tree is up in IDS, go check it out! And don’t forget about the Holidazzle!



DIY Lace Art from an Old Top

I am so glad I am done with all of the product reviews and can finally return to my ordinary or extraordinary posts (whichever you prefer).

This DIY is so easy, you can do it at 11 o’clock at night (that’s exactly what I did!) and it will still turn out great!

You are going to need:

– Small canvas (I’ve had it for the past 2 or 3 years in my craft storage box) which are usually pretty cheap!

– Lace fabric (Mine came from a freecycled XL OldNavy top)

– some ribbon (Came from the same top as the lace) if you are planning to hang your piece, otherwise, because the canvas that i used was a square it could be used as a stand alone piece on a shelf!

– staples or nails or glue, or whatever you can think of to hold it all together! I went with push pin boards!

Here we go:

1. Get your supplies ready!



2. Lay the canvas on top of the lace to determine how big of a fabric piece you’ll need!


3. Fold the lace nicely around the canvas (you don’t want it looking messy!) and pin it down! Hint: when you are pinning down the lace, add the ribbon into the fold, so it’s all pinned together.

And you are all done and ready to hang!

And the best part is – I made TWO!

 Happy DIYing everyone and Happy Monday!



Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Challenge ft. my husband!

If You’re Not Whitening, You’re Yellowing.”

Disclosure: Crest 3D Whitestrips were sent to me free of charge through Influenster. To learn more, please check out the link.

Poor Sam… It all started 10 days ago, after we came back from Fargo and I received this in the mail:

These are no ordinary Whitestrips boys and girls, these are Advanced Seal, which means you can drink water while wearing them!

Here is the sad thing though, back when I was in college I used to whiten my teeth using Crest White Strips, and I did it a lot. I seriously think I overdid it! My teeth became super sensitive (I can only use certain kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash now), though they are still pretty white! I guess something good did come out of these.

It took me a few days to realize that even though I can’t use them, Sam can! To my surprise, he gladly agreed to whiten his teeth!

I do apologize for lighting in some of those pictures! But I hope you’ll be able to see the difference! I can definitely see it, and so can Sam, and plus he still has 10 more days to go!


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6: 

Day 7:

Day 8: I totally missed out on taking a picture that day :/

Day 9:

Day 10:

Well you get the idea! I’ll definitely post again in 10 days, after the course has been complete! I know it’s a rather pricey product! We saw it for $43.99 at Target today. But the cheaper versions work just as well. And I know that Crest offers a lot of mail in rebates, or you can get ExtraBucks for buying WhiteStips at CVS!

I definitely recommend the WhiteStrips, unless you have very very sensitive teeth. Even though instructions say that whitening won’t harm your teeth, any kind of whitening harms your teeth! So in the end definitely talk to your dentist and make a decision!



PS. Sam has also been growing a beard because it’s Novembeard. Let’s all support Prostate Cancer Research!