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Updates on Being Zhenya

I haven’t been a very good blogger this week, I know. It’s just I’ve been too busy, ended up working throughout the entire Memorial Day weekend, though Sam and I managed to make it to his parents’ for the most amazing grilled burgers I’ve ever had! Then today was my last day with Peanut (the little girl I babysat for the past 5 months). It always amazed me how fast kids grow, and I know that now that I won’t be seeing her every week, she’s going to be practically unrecognizable next time I see her (I am planning on seeing her sometime in the future, it’s not like I am moving out of state). So it’s been pretty busy/emotional/exhausting over the past few days. I came home today drained, maybe that’s why Sam and I ended up having pancakes for dinner.

Starting Monday I’ll be full-time in Clinique, that should be fun, I am excited for that. Plus I’ll have more time to do my crafts, and go back to sewing, crocheting and all the other fun stuff I used to do. So stay tuned for those posts.

Another important thing – if you are in the Twin Cities area you have to go to ALDI and get strawberries for $0.99! I am not kidding! I’ll never pay $2.50 at Target again! I got a whole bunch of blueberries for $1.49, some blackberries and mangos for $0.39 each! Talk about eating healthy and saving money!

I also have more product reviews coming up, like the one on my new favorite hairspray, and a shampoo/conditioner combo that was a pleasant surprise.

I hope you all had a good day,

I’m going to finish my peppermint tea and do some chores around here!



На этой неделе я реально была плохим блоггером, и я прекрасно это понимаю! Я была очень сильно занята, работала все праздники, но мы с мужем все-таки смогли вырваться в гости к родителям и я попробовала самый вкусный бургер, приготовленный на гриле, который я когда-либо ела! Сегодня был последний день у моей малявки (маленькой девочки, за которой я смотрела последние 5 месяцев). Меня всегда поражало как быстро растут дети, а теперь когда я не буду больше видеть ее каждую неделю, она вырастет до неузнаваемости (я планирую изредка ее навещать, не в другой же штат переезжаем) Поэтому последние несколько дней были сумасшедшие/выматывающие/чересчур эмоциональные. Я пришла домой настолько опустошенная, что на ужин приготовить смогла только блины!

Начиная с понедельника я перехожу на полную ставку в Клиник, чему очень рада. Плюс у меня появится намного больше времени на шитье, вязание крючком, и прочее рукоделие, которым я раньше занималась. Поэтому ждите, скоро будут посты из раздела – Своими Руками.
Теперь о важном! Если вы живете в районе Миннеаполиса/Сейнт Пола, то немедленно должны отправиться в магазин ALDI за клубникой, которая там стоит всего 99 центов! Это не шутки, и я больше никогда не буду платить за такое же количество ягод $2.50 в Таргете. Я также купила черники и еживики за $1.49 и манго по 39 центов каждое! В общем здоровое питание и экономия денег – два в одном!
Также в ближайшем будущем вас ожидают обзоры на продукты, например мой любимый лак для волос, и шампунь/кондиционер, которые меня приятно удивили.
Я надеюсь у всех был отличный день, а я пойду допью мятный чай и сделаю домашние дела.

Everyday Fashion From Around the World: Kazan, Russia

Happy Friday everyone, and today, since it’s such a gorgeous day here in Minneapolis, much much better than yesterday, I decided to share a little more sunshine with you that came from half way around the world, Kazan, Russia, to be more precise.

As you know I feature bloggers from all around the world and their outfits on my blog, so today, I am sharing some more of Renata’s photos with you. If you remember, I’ve already featured her a few weeks back, but when she emailed and asked me to post about her Outfit again, I couldn’t say no!

Don’t forget to check out her blog here!

“Hi guys!!! The weather is so great today! And  I decided to share something positive with you! Have a nice day 🙂Аnd be happy;)”

Tunic-Kira Plastinina
Shoes- H&M

Thanks for hanging out with us!



Twin Cities Thrift Stores Review: Unique Thrift Store in New Hope

This series of posts is long overdue. Ever since I moved to Minneapolis I’ve been doing nothing but researching new thrift stores to go to. I do have a couple of favorites, but there is always more to be added on to the list.

Today I went to Unique Thrift Store in New Hope. I heard about it from a coworker, who said it was in Crystal, well Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale – it’s all the same to me 🙂 I hope I don’t offend any of the residents of the suburbs mentioned above!

Now I took a few pics inside the store, but totally forgot to take some of the outside, so here is one taken off of their website!

Now that place is huge! Compared to everywhere else I’ve been in the Twin Cities so far, the only place that possibly compares is Savers on Lake St. As a DIYer and a crafter I was pleasantly surprised by the selection, they had sewing patterns, beads, zippers, yarn, and all the other goodies you can dream of. Those are hard to find at Goodwill or Salvation Army. I even got some fabric!

The purse selection is also great! But the good brands are priced high, even if the purse is a complete disaster :/

I initially went to Unique looking for black maxi skirts for work! Well I found a couple that I liked, tried them on, and was sort of disappointed, but then I looked at the dresses, and was able to find two that I liked, and that would be perfect for work for the summer and into the fall!

I wasn’t exactly impressed with the home goods section, there was no order or organization whatsoever, toys and pots and glassware, all mixed on the long shelves! There were a lot of things though, so that’s good! The more variety, the better.

The furniture selection is very good compared to other places, as well as jewelry, there are so many chachkies there, that I decided to leave before I spent a ridiculous amount of money on them all!

Prices are quiet odd though, some items are priced reasonably low, but some are overpriced, like that black Coach bag in one of the pictures above, that I think was $39.99 I remember getting my mother-in-law a brand new one at Salvation Army for $34.99

Shoes are on top of the clothing racks, just like at Plato’s closet! That sort of arrangement only works when the shoes are arranged according to size, and the sizes are posted where everyone can see them, which I unfortunately didn’t notice here.

Overall I was greatly impressed with this store, plus they do a Customer appreciation day every Tuesday, so you can get 25% off on all of your purchases (and who doesn’t like savings?). There are more reviews on yelp if you are interested, or dissatisfied with mine 😛

And finally, here is what I got

Black maxi dresses, so now I can be 100% accepted into the nunnery of Clinique 😉

And some fabric, the blue is so so much more vibrant than what the picture shows

I hope you all enjoyed this review, I promise I will have more in the next couple of weeks!

Happy Thrifting,


Latest Thrift Finds

Here is the thing about thrifting – when you are looking for something specific – you can never find it. I don’t know if that’s Murphy’s law that applies to thrifting or what, but I’ve been looking for a black pleated maxi skirt everywhere with no luck. What I am looking for is something like this:

My problem is – I don’t want to pay top dollar for it, $20 tops 😉

And I am pretty sure I’ll be able to find it sooner or later, because I really need it for work for the summer!

But let’s talk about my latest finds! These two scarves from Goodwill cost $2.99 each, the blue and white one was brand new and came with tags from a local boutique in Edina, MN

Aren’t these awesome? The yellow one is from Old Navy, and will be perfect for the summer! I can’t wait to wear it!

Yesterday I found some books, as well as a sewing pattern! Here’s what I got:

I get to keep everything but the I Spy DIY book, that has to go back to the library at some point 🙁

I hope you are having a great day, enjoying the weather and what not! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, I try and post every day!



Drumroll for the WINNER!

Hey everyone, it’s time to announce the winner of our giveaway! I bet you are as excited as I am!

Heatherlee of DesignThink

Here is her comment:

Would totally rock this on ‘Date Night’ wearing something like this >>>> or even a little more casual like this >>>>> might even pair it with some other arm candies of the same color scheme. We’d probably hit up the red carpet, dip out of the event early for a private, romantic dinner …and I’d have my arm around my man the whole time. Btw my date would look something like Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Ryan Gosling :P

Match made in heaven!

Thank you everyone who entered! There will be more giveaways on my blog in the future for sure and don’t forget to check out Polished Boutique!



Thrifting for Your Home: It’s easier than you think!

This post is long overdue, but I am glad I am posting it today. You all know I love thrifting, and since we’ve been going to a lot of art events here in the Twin Cities area, I was able to lay my eye on some amazing pieces. The only sad thing is that a lot of times the prices are too high.

I lucked out at Steeple People, especially when it came to Pottery. I scored a hand made mug, that holds more coffee than I’ll ever need in the morning. As well as a Frankoma pitcher! I also got a small bowl for the keys to keep on the table by the door. I got so tired of keys laying around everywhere, and falling between the couch cushions, so this became a perfect solution.

Paintings are always fun, especially when they are nice and affordable! I scored the two for less than $15!

As you could probably tell from the pictures I also bought some books, two of them are on sewing, one on junk style, one on making your own accessories, and one cook book!

I hope this inspired some of you to go check out your local thrift store! Thrifting is fun, easy and green!



Art-A-Whirl 2012, Minneapolis, MN

I know you all probably thing that all I do over the weekends is go to different art exhibitions and fairs, well I have been for the past 3 Sundays, simply because I’ve been getting Sundays off at work!

Today’s post is going to be about Art-A-Whirl, that takes place every year in North East Minneapolis. I’ve never been to that part of town before (shame on me I know!) It’s a pretty awesome area that became a home to a lot of immigrants from Poland and Germany. That’s where the famous polish store Kramarczuk’s is located! I’ve been to the store, no further!

There are also a couple Russian Orthodox churches I believe, but since I am not orthodox, I wasn’t really interested in going there. Maybe some other time.

Since Art-A-Whirl doesn’t take place in one building, we drove around quiet a lot that day! I am going to post pictures in chronological order, as we went from building to building!

But we’ll start with a map:

If you speak Russian, you’ll find the name of this band just as funny, as I did!

Jarmo Koponen

Randy Walker 

Ice globes for your garden

Emily Dyer 

Lucy Grantz 

Michael Birawer

(Sam and I actually bought a poster of one of his paintings)


I just thought this was a very cool desk 🙂

Those huge lego blocks were actually for sale! Any takers?

I hope you enjoyed our little trip, here is a video re-cap of the events. I also apologize for not mentioning the names of all artists, there were so many, I couldn’t possibly remember them all! But if you know that the above pics show your work, please leave me a comment and I’ll correct that!

Have a great day everyone!



Give a little, Get a little

Hey everyone, so today is the last day to enter my blog’s GIVEAWAY that I’ve organized together with Polished Boutique! It’s super easy to enter, all you need to do is follow this link!

I also wanted to share the exciting news of me winning a giveaway here on wordpress! It was arranged by an amazing blogger Beauty and the Best of the Rest from the UK! Who was also willing to ship it all to the US! Here is what I got:

So Giveaways really work! Don’t miss out on mine!



A Case of Makeup Plagiarism: Hey Revlon, create new product much?

I wasn’t originally going to even write anything, because these images are pretty self explanatory, but this case of plagiarism just wants to make me laugh, or cry, I don’t know! The funny thing is – I found the Revlon picture on some blog last night, and left a comment that Revlon has completely ripped off the chubby stick, I literally had to look twice! And I work at Clinique! So I left a comment on that blog and the author didn’t even post it, you know those blogs when your comment is awaiting moderation and then it never appears? (oh wait I do that on my blog too! But that’s so none of you would be offered sex toys from Germany or Russian brides). I just wish people would’ve been more honest and open to criticism, besides, I wasn’t saying anything against her, just the company! I also hope that you understand that even though I work at Clinique, I still use other brands, including drug store ones, but hey Revlon is going off my list, with it’s crappy nail polishes and awful PhotoReady!

Have a fabulous day everyone, I know I will!


PS. The pictures were taken off of Revlon’s FB page and Musings of a Muse, who also provides a great review and compares Revlon to Clinique and Tarte!

На самом деле я изначально не хотела даже ничего писать под этими двумя фотографиями, так как они говорят сами за себя! Но такой плагиат заставляет меня биться в такой истерике (то ли от смеха, то ли от слез, сама еще не поняла!) Самое интересное, что я нашла фото с новой продукцией от Ревлон на одном блоге, и сразу же оставила комментарий, что данный продукт является точной копией Chubby Stick от Clinique. Мне даже пришлось приглядеться поближе, хотя я работаю в Клиник! Но мой комментарий так и не появился – знаете есть блоги, где автор может модерировать комментарии, то есть вы его оставляете, а потом ждете, но ваши слова так и остаются неопубликованными? (ой блин, я же тоже так делаю на этом блоге – но это чтобы всем читателям не начали предлагать секс тойз из Германии или Русских жен)  Жаль, что некоторые люди бояться критики и не хотят слышать ее в свой адрес, причем я не критиковала автора блога, а именно саму компанию Ревлон. Я также надеюсь, что вы поймете следующее, не смотря на то, что я работаю в Клиник, я пользуюсь продукцией и других брендов, того же масс маркета, но сегодня я вычеркнула Ревлон из своего списка, пусть их вонючие лаки и отвратительный PhotoReady катятся в тартарары!

Всем отличного дня! Я знаю что мой день будет отличным!


A day in life of a blogger: Mother’s Day 2012

Get ready for another overwhelming post with photos from our Sunday trip around Minnesota!

But first of all don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY! You can enter it here. Hurry, you only have a few more days to enter!

Now about our Mother’s day – since my mom is all the way back in Russia, we only had one to pay all of our attention to! My mother in law! I actually got Sam to take a picture with her!

How can you not love them?

Our mother’s day map looked like this:

That pottery place was great! They had free food and coffee too! And of course some cool stuff to look at and take pictures with! If you know me well, you know that I don’t usually buy anything at events like this, but after I am done there I go to a thrift store and find something similar (I have a post on thrifting for home coming up soon! I promise!)  So here are some shots of the place:

There were also these cute puppies, and they were so so soft, I wish I could’ve just taken them home with me!

We also got to take pictures in these awesome chairs, while the guys who were occupying them left 🙂

I also had to take a picture with a barn! These are just fun to spot here and there around the state! And I was always wondering why they were red (or very burnt out red 😉 )

Next we went to Taylors Falls! It’s a state park on the border with Wisconsin. To be honest, I wasn’t really dressed for the place, because it was so rocky, but we had fun anyways!

Look how strong Sam is!

Christmas picture 2012?

Inside a pot hole!

Outfit of the day: Urban outfitters dress and shoes, Steve Madden shades and the CVS Pharmacy reusable bag that has ORGANIC written on it 🙂

Our last stop was FRANCONIA:

It’s a sculpture garden, with some very unusual sculptures!

I hope you had fun looking through the pictures of our day with us! If you speak Russian don’t forget to check out this video! And even if you don’t speak Russian, go ahead and check it out!