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Salt and all his frenemies

I know that a lot of us want thicker fuller hair, is it possible? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try. I’ve been an Aveda client since I moved to Minneapolis and I don’t regret it one bit! (Let me know if you need a good hairstylist and I will give you Brooke’s phone number – she’ll cut your hair for $15 if you tell her you’ve been referred by me). Anyways this is by no means a promotion for Aveda or anything. This is going to be a post about one of those home made natural beauty recipes that can cause controversy and all. We are going to talk about salt scrubs and shampoos today.

A while back during my wonderings around Macy’s (that’s before I got hired), I stumbled into LUSH – and was given a sample of their “BIG” salt scrub/shampoo:

After I’ve used up what was in the tiny black jar (which lasted me 3 times FYI), I didn’t really see BIG results, but my hair definitely looked shinier! After talking to other beauty junkies though, I discovered that constant usage of this shampoo dries out your hair and scalp, so it’s best to use it a couple times a month. Now for a price of $24.95, plus whatever tax may bring, I wasn’t ready to dry out my hair just yet 😉 So I looked into scalp salt scrubs and discovered the following:

Salt scalp scrubs, I am going to call them SSS, can be beneficial, but can also be dangerous. They are not recommended for people who have scars or cuts on their scalp, or who have over sensitive scalp as well. When used, make sure you are using fine salt, and not the coarse kind (all that pink salt from Trader’s or what can sometimes be found at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s will probably be too coarse). It’s also important not to go over board with essential oils, just use a couple drops of one of the oils I am going to mention below. And finally – be gentle to your scalp, don’t scrub it too much, you don’t want to damage it, or your looks!

So the recipe for the home made salt scrub is:

2 tbsp fine salt

2-3 drops essential oil (lavender, rosemary, peppermint, basically anything that helps hair growth)

about 1 tbsp water – make sure that salt doesn’t dissolve, act fast and prepare the scrub just as you are about to take the shower, trust me, it only takes 2 minutes.

I apply this scrub to wet scalp and wet hair, when I am already in the shower, gently massage it and rinse it off. Then I use my regular shampoo and conditioner.

I hope some of you have the guts to try this out, just like I had. And I do recommend that you do this as a 10 sessions treatment, because this SSS can also lead to drying out your scalp. I have just completed treatment #3, and so far so good! Remember you can always stop if something is not going right or you are not happy with the results!

And finally a product I am extremely excited to try – Aveda’s new series – Invati:

I was lucky to have been given a sample during my last visit to Sanctuary, which was in the beginning of the month, but I haven’t had time to try it. I really wanted to use up that EO shampoo that I had. Last night I was browsing some coupon sites though, and saw a print out for this same product. And without any hesitation – printed it out. I mean if I am going to review that shampoo and conditioner in the future I might as well get more of the product, so that my review is more legit. So the samples that I now have will probably last me about 4-5 washes, which is a good two weeks time, since I don’t wash my hair every day. And the review will definitely will be on this blog. But I do want to encourage you to go get your own sample, it’s free and all you need to do is ask 🙂 And yes I do realize that I live in the Aveda capital of the world, but I am sure there is one somewhere near you, if only you look hard enough!

I would also love for you to comment and tell me what do you think about the SSS and whether you think Aveda shampoos and conditioners are legit at all! Thanks lovelies,



Purse Dilemma

Do you watch YouTube? Anyways I have become the biggest YouTube junkie for over a year now, and I love Tiffany from MakeupByTiffany – she recently posted a video and shared her latest purchases – one of which was a Louis Vuitton bag. And what a bag – I mean it was gorgeous. So gorgeous, that here are some pictures for you:

And I do agree with Tiffany that purchasing a bag like this is an investment and an investment of a life time. So I’ve discovered myself drooling over LV bags for the past 2 nights.

So I wanted to ask your opinion – do you think it’s worth investing into an expensive purse like an LV or a Chanel, or just spend money on a cheaper one. Anyways, please take time to leave a vote 🙂

Doodles my lovelies,


NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture Review

Being a huge fan of all the drama going on Jerseylicious for the 4th (I think season in a row) I couldn’t NOT notice that episode, where Olivia gets all dressed up like crazy, oh wait she is crazy and does some super hero make up tutorial for NYX website.

Here are the videos for those of you, who missed this amazing Lordess of the Wing/Olivinator show

So when the NYX Haute Jersey palette popped up on HauteLook for only $15 I knew I couldn’t miss out on that! Plus you all know that HL is my newest latest obsession 😉

I honestly love the way the palette is made – all the little details, the writings above the mirrors that you are the DIVA and all that, now I am not exactly happy with some of the eye shadows. There are too many grays/silvers, but some of the lighter colors and that pink and blue are pretty amazing, the blushes and the bronzers are great – my favorite is that mixed one, with the blush and the bronzer all together (which reminds me – I have a Physicians Formula one, I should probably take that out of the drawer! ). The lip glosses are so adorable, but so small – they are great though, and do last quiet a while – up to 3 hours, which for a lip gloss is a pretty decent time, I think. I usually carry one in my pocket at work (sorry, Clinique).

So that’s the story of me and the Haute Jersey palette from NYX,

Have you tried NYX products? Which ones would you recommend?



Phones and their Outfits

Dior Phone Touch

The other day my husband told me about “lady” phones that he read an article on! I have to admit – you gotta love ars technica for their ability to reach out to everyone – both men and women!

Versace Unique Pop Pink

The whole idea of having a “ladyphone” seems rather stupid to me, because nowadays you can make any phone look like a “lady” by simply purchasing an appropriate accessory.

Gucci V3i Gold

 LG KE850 Prada

Why get something that not only looks stupid, but has horrible horrible features (You are horrible, horrible girls! – get the reference?), when you can get a nice designer cover for your iPhone or Blackberry (sorry, ever since I moved to the US the other brands ceased to exist)

Like glitter and sparkle? Knock yourself out with Swarovski cases:

Available from TheRedBirdDesignon Etsy

Funny story – when I was buying my iPhone the girl who was selling it to me suggested this case –

I love Michael Kors, but this particular design is too much – I don’t want to fiddle around, trying to get to my phone, even if it is in a secure little snake skin pouch like this vs. being thrown into the almost bottomless pit, which is my Zabars bag. Needless to say the girl didn’t own the iPhone or the case for that matter 🙂 And didn’t know who Micheal Kors was either.

Now Ted Baker has something a little more handy in all senses of this word:

But to be honest with you, I don’t even have a case for my phone, and neither am I planning on getting one! Maybe someday, when it becomes more of an accessory, than a necessity!



Vitamins – is it all what it takes?

My dear blogger friends, I know I have abandoned you, and I feel so so sad about it! Yesterday I was trying to upload a post through my phone, but it wouldn’t add the pictures right, so I gave up and decided to wait till this AM!

I finally have a morning off to sit down (well actually sit up in bed) prop myself with a pillow and start writing.

I am going to talk to you about vitamins today, and why I take them. If you are my friend on Facebook, you’ve probably seen this:

I am sure some of you have been wondering about this picture, and yes, I know the printer in the background is very attractive, we are going to leave my old HP alone today.

Now I am going to say it upfront  – this post is my opinion and my alone, I won’t be convincing you to do anything, buy anything, take anything – I am just sharing my experience, that’s all.

I’ve been taking vitamins for as long as I can remember! My grandma was a doctor, so she would always give me vitamin C – in Russia it came in a little yellow ball – I think it still does – well, those vitamins were like a treat to me, almost some sort of candy. No wonder that I later snuck into the cabinet and ate the whole jar, which of course caused a rash and a lesson learned for life 😉

I later found out from a friend, whose parents were also doctors, that it takes like 20 of those to fulfill the daily dosage of Vitamin C in your body, go figure!

When I started coming to the States, all these One a Day’s were becoming more and more popular. Almost like the Gummies for adults are popular now. So I’ve taken those as well.

Basically you name it – I’ve tried it – Calciums of all sorts, Multi’s, liquids, soft gels, chewable (I went through a fiber stage, I admit), extracts…

I did take a brake for a while, I haven’t taken anything since last December I think. So what happened? Why now?

You guys it all goes back to my skin – I am not happy with the way it looks, and drinking a lot a lot of water wasn’t cutting it for me, neither were all the products I’ve been using!

So I turned to Gillian McKeeth for advice –

 Yes, her, she knows what she is talking about, right?

Anyways, she connects breakouts on your face to your intestines or liver, or other internal organs, and I am sure she wasn’t the one who came up with that, so I boldly followed her advice, spent $40 bucks on all of this (Thank you CVS for BOGO!)

Now what the heck is all this again for? Oh that’s right – to get better looking skin and get rid of blemishes!

So we’ll start with the teas first – Mullein Leaf (God knows what it’s called in Russian – never saw it there, probably never will) and Dandelion tea – now the one I have here is the Detox one and it contains the same organic dandelion root as the other one, but tastes so much better! The regular dandelion is just – UGH! Even with honey and sugar and lemon, it’s still UGH! Mullein is better, a ton a ton of better – and there is more tea bags in there too – 24 vs. 16! Good thing I have coupons!

Now the vitamins – all are supposed to help get rid of blemishes and make your skin perfect. Today is Friday, I’ve started taking all of these guys on Tuesday, my skin is still not perfect :/ I guess I’m just going to keep on taking them!



PS. A certain portion of sarcasm has been used in this post, please beware!


Outfit of the Day – March 16


Dress – Mossimo Target

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag – Coach

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Make up – greens and goldens – I was practicing for St. Patrick’s Day 😉



Ssshhh! I have a secret!

Did you know that wearing two different flip-flops in public is tacky? Even if you are 13?

Have a good day everyone, and don’t forget to make sure you are wearing the right pair of shoes!



She believe she could, so she DID!

Alright everyone, time to get off your lorals, and get to work! Or to working out, or to finding a job, or to organizing and cleaning out your closet! I am serious! And I mean business. This is going to be a motivational post like no other, and here is why – I can’t stand complainers, I can’t stand people who sit there and wait for things to just work out for them or fall from the sky. Things don’t come to you on a silver platter.

Growing up I was surrounded by missionaries, people who taught me a lot of good things, people I am thankful for, people I am glad I’ve had in my life, but not everyone is destined to be a missionary, it takes skills, it takes training, and a lot A LOT of confidence. You can’t be snotty, you can’t be bitchy, you can’t reject the foreign culture. Unfortunately I’ve seen people like that! I obviously don’t stay in touch with them.

Now complainers and losers come in all shapes and sizes, so here are a few tips on how to identify one, or maybe discover one in yourself! After we identify all of the types, we are going to talk about how to get rid of the loser symptome!

1. Loser, who thinks he is a loser – You guys, it’s all in the State of mind. If you think your life sucks – it will, if you hate your life, it will bite you in the ass, it’s as simple as that!

2. Loser, who doesn’t know he is a loser, but everyone else does – that is the person whose friends talk about him/her after the person leaves the room. This is the person you roll your eyes at. This is the person who has been spoiled by their parents and doesn’t know how to use an ATM (I am 100% serious about this last statement)

3. Complainer who is always jealous – OMG she has such an awesome life, she has the looks, she has the job, she has the perfect husband. Oh we all know people like that!

4. Complainer who is ungrateful – They’ve got the job, they hate it. They’re in a relationship, they talk BS about their partner all the time. Not even seeing starving children in Africa can get this person out of this state!

5. Complainer who is also a loser – those people are doomed, and only divine intervention can help them – unfortunately, not even me with my bitch-slapping skills can get a person out of this state, I doubt that any professional health/care providers can.

Now what do we do about it? If you are a person like that, or you are surrounded by any of the above types – take action!

1. Start working out! Trust me – it always helps. No need to sign up for a gym membership either – just go for a walk or a run around the park.

2. Eat better! Yes, chocolate is good for you, but in small amounts. And by chocolate I don’t  mean Oreos, those are as good for you as lard!

3. Motivate yourself! You are headed towards a goal, a place where you want to be, where you see yourself successful. Here is how I motivate myself – I have a cork board with all the things that I want in life, and yes that includes money and movie star appearance, but i also have a whole bunch of cut outs with quotes about success, and how to achieve it! Remember my Marc Jacobs watch? I only talked about it like what? 10 times already? (okay maybe 2) I had a picture of it on my board for at least a month before i got it. And no I wasn’t waiting for a paycheck – I was waiting to use a coupon 🙂 Getting a 50$ discount off a 200$ watch is always worth the wait! Another thing that motivates me is comparison. And here is where you draw a fine line between comparison and jealousy! There is that good feeling of competition, and a bad feeling of – “Damn, that could’ve been me”. When some one is successful at work – I celebrate it with them! I don’t think about – this could’ve been my customer, or I could’ve had this sale – working as a team takes a lot growing up to do!

4. Think positive! You are not going to find $20 in the street if you don’t want to! I remember I once told my husband – I am going to find $5 today – that day I found a dollar, since then – I’ve found $40! You gotta believe in yourself! Some of you know that I have the “celebrity” syndrome. What the hell is that? – you say – well that’s when I dress up, do my make up the best way that I know it, and go turn heads in our small downtown Minneapolis. Do you know who is more proud of me then? No, not me – my husband.

5. Want to become a better person! It’s not only good for you, but for people who surround you!

6. Forget about fear! I know quiet a lot of people who are afraid to call someone they don’t know. I am related to one of them. Once I even had to call her University to find out some information for her. Jeez, what’s the deal with that? I called over 25 people at work today, telling them about our gift with purchase coming up at Clinique. Have I seen any of those people before? Maybe 2. But it’s my job to sell, and that had to be done! Plus let me tell you a secret –  they can’t see you over the phone!

Lastly: If all of the above failed – RUN AWAY or try some of these affirmations:

– You can’t find yourself – you can only create yourself! –

– Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you get there – 

Think highly of yourself, because the world takes you at your own estimate 

– The groundwork of all happiness is good health – 

Now to all of you who live off of someone else’s money – stop doing that, we all know what you are doing, and don’t cover it up with a “good” cause – if it’s good for you, it doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone else! Go face the real world and show us what you’ve really got, that way you’ll earn some respect!

No hard feelings,



PS. This post was inspired by real people, and even though some religious beliefs were involved in the original argument, I am staying out of religion in this post!

The easiest leather DIY bracelet you’ve ever seen!

A while ago I freecycled a giant bag of leather, inside of which was another bag filled with leather straps like this:

 Seriously, there is like 30 of them in the bag!

So I took one, wrapped it around my wrist 4 times (you can do it as many times as you like 🙂 )

Once I estimated the desired length, I cut the end off and also trimmed it, to make it narrow, so that it would fit through the buckle…

And viola!

You can also add studs or beads, unfortunately I didn’t have any around, but I think that plain leather looks pretty amazing on it’s own. I also know I got quiet lucky with those buckles, if you don’t have a buckle, I suggest making 2 wholes on each end, and pulling a string or a ribbon to tie the entire bracelet together!

So let me know what you think! My husband already told me that I look like his video games characters 🙂



Marc Jacobs, Aveda and an Awesome Saturday overall!

News #1: It’s finally spring weather in Minneapolis, it was a beautiful day, 65 degrees, yeah, I couldn’t ask for more!

News #2: I splurged and got that Marc Jacobs watch! Here is my new baby:

News #3: I got Brooked! Again! And you can get too! Plus if you tell her that you were referred by me, your $25 haircut will turn into $15! How awesome is that!

Here is Brooke’s info you guys! She is absolutely wonderful!

Hope your Saturday was as good as mine!