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<3 tote - perfect for Valentine's day

I posted a preview of this DIY on my FB page yesterday, and today I wanted to share this amazing and easy project with everyone. As some of you have noticed, I bought a sewing book last friday, and the pattern for this tote was in it. You can use any pattern or a tote that you already have!

The crochet heart applique was first mentioned on BeingZhenya back in June, the tutorial on how to make it is here.

So hopefully you like this simple Valentine’s Day tutorial, let me know if you have any questions ūüôā



PS. BeingZhenya is now on YouTube, there are no videos yet, but trust me – there will be thrift hauls, DIY’s and random Zhenya Vlogs on there ūüôā


Plushenko should be mentioned in Russian National Anthem

And according to my husband he is, this is how Sam sings the first 2 lines of the Russian National Anthem (disclaimer: if you are extremely patriotic, don’t read this, otherwise I’ll get accused in blasphemy! LOL)

Rossiya Bolshaya

Raz Dva Plushenko…

So you get the idea ūüôā

But in spite of being a sour loser at the last winter Olympics, he goes and gets a 7th gold medal at the European Championship. It’s one heck of achievement indeed. I mean where is Lysacek? Where are other skaters? Plushenko has turned himself into a skating king, and the only person who can follow in his steps is Johnny Weir, he is half Russian anyways!

The commentary to the video is in Russian, but you don’t need to speak the language to understand the movement and the final score ūüėČ

Have a fabulous week!




Baby Shower Ready

Having bought a couple items off of a baby registry for a friend of mine, I found myself thinking that I should make something that comes from the heart, because not everything can come from a store. And since my friend is having a baby boy, it was very easy to determine the color of the baby booties that I wanted to make. I did start last night, and finished today, but this is a fun and easy project to make and share the crochet love!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!



Sewing by the Book

A lot of times I sew under the influence (be it some idea, another project, or memory), and sometimes I need more than that, I need a book. And what can be better when you score one that has the patterns too?

Today I was at Marshall’s picking out a perfume, and I came across this book:

I am sure you’ve seen other books from this series, the patterns are included in an envelope like so:

Now to give you a feel of what this book is all about I included pictures of some of the projects:

   And all this for:

 Yup, $7.50! How awesome is that?

What craft books do you like? Please do share!



Another hole be GONE!

So I got this awesome American Rag top on sale, and then somehow got a hole in it, only after one day! Don’t you hate when that happens? Anyways, I knew that the light fabric couldn’t be stitched up, so what better way is there than to cover a whole up!

¬†See the hole? I know it’s small, but trust me – it bothered me a lot!

 So I pinned some vintage lace along the edge!

 And sewed it all to the shirt!

 No more hole (and from now on this shirt is hand-wash ONLY!)




What’s your Statement?

Statement pieces should be in every woman;s wardrobe, period. Now you are lucky if you have one, if you’ve got more than one, well you are either amazingly lucky, or don’t really know what a statement piece is.

A statement piece is an interesting, attractive and relatively eye-catching wardrobe items that reflect your personality. It’s usually quite bold and unique, but not necessarily brightly coloured and oversized. It’s often, but not always, the thing people notice first about your outfit. Sometimes it becomes an item that people associate with your signature style.

A statement piece can be an accessory, or even an item of clothing. To give you some idea – here are great examples of statement pieces:

¬†¬†So the question is – what’s your statement piece and why? I am in the progress of determining/creating mine!



A Dame in a Hat

A little bit of history today for you my lovely readers. And please remember this post for the rest of your life, because even when you are old and boring and are invited to a ladies get together – you don’t want to show up wearing a pink bucket on your head (a real story FYI!)

So let me introduce you to Madame Agnes,

The famous milliner Rose Valois, Madame le Monnier and Madame Agnes during the races at Longchamp racecourse, in August 1943

Of course hats were everything in the first half of the century, primarily the 30’s and Madame Agnes was the most popular milliner, and do you know why? Because this woman would cut the brims, while the hats were still on her clients. Now which one of you would let someone do that to you today?

Influenced by surrealism, she introduced that form of art into the art of millinery, plus she added the feathers too, and who doesn’t love those?

¬†¬†¬†So now when you need to wear a hat, you are going to know what to wear ūüôā



Spreading the Handmade Love: ElvenFox on Etsy

Being a big supporter and lover of everything unique, handmade and preferably local, I couldn’t help, but share my friend’s etsy shop with you. So without further ado I want to introduce ElvenFox to you, and my beautiful friend Maria, who is behind it!

Maria and I not only share the love for original and unique jewelry, but the same language and home country. Maria grew up in Ulyanovsk, Russia, but as you have probably guessed now lives in Minnesota. That’s where I met her. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of semi-precious stones, when we wandered into one of the stores here in Minneapolis, and when I found out she was making her own jewelry and had an Etsy store, I couldn’t help but ask her questions, and share the answers with you!

What is so special about your jewelry?

I simply believe that stones are alive, and when I incorporate them into jewelry, it not only makes the piece beautiful, but also made with love. Very often we find jewelry, and it looks pretty, and the stone looks kind of real, but when you touch it, it feels like some cheap plastic, there has been no soul put into the piece. Every stone in unique, it’s impossible to find two that are completely alike, just as it’s impossible to give birth to an identical human being. That’s why I am so interested in incorporating semi-precious stones into my creations.

What kind of materials do you use?

I love working with silver (but I can use other metals as well) and semi-precious stones. The latter ones are beautiful, unique and not as expensive – they are easier to mine (no one will cut off an arm of a boy who was trying to steal a piece of jasper, as opposed to diamonds mines in Africa, where this would be an ordinary punishment for the same action).

It’s always interesting to learn about where the stones come from, where they are mined. For example, pietersites mined in Africa and pietersites mined in China have different coloring. Some stones, for example larimar can only be found on 1 squre kilometer in Dominican Republic. So it’s not only jewelry making, it’s also constant learning.

Do the semi-precious stones really have powers like a lot of people seem to believe?

For thousands of years a lot of stones have been used in medicine (they still use sulphur¬†to treat acne, but it can’t be used in jewelry due to it’s solvability and fragility. Amethysts are used to treat insomnia – you simply need to put a small stone under the pillow – it really helps.

All of my jewelry is unique, one of a kind, and every time I sit down to make a new piece I put in all of my love into the process, I always think that whoever is going to wear my creations will be very happy.

Labradorite Pendant, Wire Wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silv

Necklace and Earrings Set. Rose Quartz and Garnets with Sterling SilverAvanturine, Jadeite and Shell Budda Necklace  Necklace and Earrings Set. Labradorite, Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Iolite, Shell and Sterling Silver

  Labradorite in Sterling Silver

For more handmade goodness go to:

There are more items here:

Maria’s email:¬†

Please feel free to contact Maria if you want to learn more about her jewelry!

Have a great week everyone!



Spring 2012 Ready-To-Wear Alphabet and Trends

I love when designers do ready-to-wear, because in spite of all the great almost sci-fi designs that we often see on the runway – ready-to-wear is actually READY TO WEAR!

Plus I love the idea of spring, I want the snow to be gone, the trees to start budding, the flowers to cause allergies, the sun to come out again, not that I have finally found my sunglasses, for the days to get longer… I obviously want a lot of things, as you can tell I am one of those wanty Americans now ūüôā hehe

As far as the trends go – there is a lot of royal blue, nice pastels, bright yellows, a TON of tribal print, a big variety of rompers, florals (esp. Mr. Mizrahi), some pastels…

But back to the runway – I picked out a few of my faves, so enjoy!

 Alice + Olivia

 Badgley Mischka

 Cynthia Rowley

 Donna Karan


 Fatima Lopes

 Gaspard Yurkievich

 Holly Fulton

 Isaac Mizrahi

 Jason Wu

 Kelly Wearstler

 L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani

 Milly by Michelle Smith


 Orla Kiely


Sorry, couldn’t find a designer beginning with Q, other than Quicksilver, and I don’t consider them worthy of this list, so there! If you have a problem with my decision, please DON’T contact me ūüėČ

 Reem Acra

 Stella McCartney

 Tsumori Chisato

 United Bamboo

 Valentin Yudashkin

 Wes Gordon (the only one beginning with W!)

No one on X ūüôĀ

 Yeohlee (love the shoes!)

 Zac Posen

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Spring Make-up 2012

Seriously, so many great choices, I am at a complete loss, don’t know what to choose!








Which one is your favorite?