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Clothes That Fit

Oh I can’t even tell you what I saw on the bus today! You know when you see something so shocking, you can’t get your eyes off of it? The whole bus was watching her when she got off! Those were my size shorts (size 2) on a size 10 girl! The thing that killed me – there was no embarrassment or shame written anywhere on her face. And the top left very little to the imagination as well. So I started thinking, if you are comfortable walking around with a crack big enough to stick a quarter in it, what can’t you do?

The whole subject of clothes that fits started bothering me on Sunday, when I was sitting at church, and not only there were girls with pot leaves on their belts, but again, there were tight T-shirts present, and needless to say I missed out on most of the sermon thinking of “Why some girls/guys don’t want to work on themselves” and “Is it that hard to find clothing that fits, and not only fits, but flatters?” I mean the girl on the bus was very similar to this:

But in all seriousness, if you find yourself in a situation like this:

Just leave the store. Not all one size fits all fit me. I think the tag should say “one size fits most”. So here are some helpful hints, that I use in my life:

– If “one size fits all” didn’t fit, forget about that item of clothing, move on, sometimes it’ll include moving on to a different store.

– Know your sizes. Every store is different. I am a 2 at AX, but a 0 at Forever 21. Old Navy has never fit me! Neither have H&M or Urban Outfitters (I am talking pants only now!)

– Sometimes it’s safer to go one size over when picking out a top. I wear a Small, sometimes I wear an XS, but I like going one size over, and I like tops that say – Small-Medium. Call me crazy, but I would rather clothes looks on me like on a hanger, than it being all tight and clingy! Besides with loose items, there is more freedom when it comes to styling! There are belts, and vests, and pins, and high rise pants, to tie it up, or tuck into!

– And finally, don’t let anyone ever dress you. What are we, 4? Even when I was 4 I knew what I wanted to wear, and what it went with. I once took a dress to pre school, secretly from my mom, because she wouldn’t let me wear it (it was a special occasion dress, and there was no occasion).

When other people tell you what’s good and what’s not, they aren’t always entirely honest. The sales person needs to sell. The friend might be jealous of your figure. The significant other might not care. The true feeling of whether something fits or not comes from one and only one source – YOU! So please, use your common sense, read up on what fits you and what doesn’t (there are plenty resources on line), watch some What Not To Wear (it does get boring after a while, but at least they know what they are talking about!) and trust your instinct! I remember growing up at church, and one person said – if you aren’t sure whether this look is appropriate or not, ask yourself – Would I be ashamed walking down the street with Jesus wearing this? I wouldn’t go to such extremes, but think of your mom, or dad, what would they say? And if mom or dad doesn’t do it for you, then think of Mother Teresa!




PS. All cartoons are taken off of

PPS. Another subject that bothers me is see-through clothes.


Crocheted 12 petal Flower Tutorial

You know I have a thing for flowers, crocheted ones, lace flowers, real flowers! I will never grow them, because I don’t have a thing for gardening, but decorative flowers and flower accessories hold my heart. Here are some of my favorite ones!

And I thought today I will share how to make your own crocheted flower that looks like this

1. This is what you are going to begin with (the arches with number 6 stand for 6 stitches)

2. You will then make a second row of petals, this time the arches are going to consist of 9 stitches

3. Finally fill out the petals following this pattern

And enjoy your flowers!



This is my favorite time of the year, when I walk out of the front door, and it smells better outside than inside! And no air freshener can compare! I am talking about the smell of lilacs.

When I was little, we were always looking for the 5 leaf lilac flower (like the 4 leaf clover), but instead of keeping it, you were supposed to eat it, while making a wish!

Unfortunately I can’t share the scent, but at least I can share the beauty!

Lilacs were an inspiration not only for artists, but make-up artists as well, here are some amazing lilac colored products on the market out there

Essie Nail polish – Lilac – St. Lucia Lilac

Maybelline Legendary Lilac Eyeshadow

NYX Frosted Lilac Eyeshadow

I even wore lilac eyeshadow today, it’s a good thing Sephora Blockbuster has a ton of lilac inspired colors!

The Church Wedding

The royalΒ church wedding we’ve all been waiting for! Yes, my friend Yulia got married today! And today was one fine day indeed! Sunny and warm, and I wore my coral CK dress πŸ™‚ Happy Happy Joy Joy Day! For those of you who missed it, here is the recap!

Here comes, no not the bride, the bridesmaid (maid of honor, I guess that’s what she was)

Here is the groom waiting at the altar (arch, which was decorated rather nicely!)

Now here comes the bride, and I will tell you, that even a sarcastic person like me, cried! She was stunning!

And the first kiss (I am serious when saying FIRST)

Here is me presenting the happy couple with a gift (guess what’s in that envelope? Cha-Ching! $$$$$$$)

Of course I had to take pictures of the salads, there won’t be anything like that at my wedding! Russian food, you will be greatly missed!

And the center piece! I even pulled out one of the carnations to take home, but forgot it at the wedding, in high hopes that I would catch the bouquet, to have pretty flowers in my house!

Now I will post some pics of the program, but you should go to my YouTube channel for more recap on that, because it’s indescribable! A good way of explaining it would be – Whatever they are on, I’ll take two! But in all truth the main idea was – Yulia (the bride) was being offered a whole bunch of different husbands from different countries (all played by one guy), and well here are some pics!

And to top it all off, I’m going to add some more pics…

… of the cake

and of the kiss

and of course of me, and the other guests πŸ™‚

I can proudly say that I made the groom/husband take the last picture! Hope you all are having a great weekend wherever you are!

Twilight: Team Zhenya!

Team Edward, team Jacob, ah, screw this! Flannel should also be worn by lumberjacks, and lumberjacks alone. Or normal people, at a lumberjack party! The engagement ring was more of a fashion statement, and I am glad mine isn’t like this!

Now after having drunk a few glasses of sparkling wine, and watching Twilight I found myself in the streets of a small Russian town, walking home from a REAL girls night! I have walked home late at night before, living in NYC, I could walk all the way from subway on 79th and Broadway to 82nd and Central Park West! Hell I walked all the way to the subway from meat packing district, where girls get raped, killed or sold into slavery! No wonder they have their night clubs there. What was that one called? Amnesia? They still send me email updates πŸ™‚ Anyways, I came up with a perfect idea (note: all my ideas are perfect after having some you know what!) – if anyone is harassing you in the street, put on your Edward face, don’t blink, and tell the person who is after you that you want his blood. Man, I really wanted to try this gig out on someone tonight, but everyone seemed to be going their own way, and nobody was out there to get me! But if I learned anything after watching Twilight, this was it!

Happy weekend everyone!

PS. This weekend’s coming up posts: A church wedding and DIY Vera Bradley like tote bag! Stay tuned!

Great Vintage Finds and Thoughts on becoming a Vegetarian

Today has been one strange day, but every day is strange in Zhenyaverse! That’s why I blog about my life, and not my neighbors life. Besides if I blogged about their life, you all would be depressed and crying your eyes out. Well, let me tell you a secret, there are sad times in my life, especially when I go visit my Grandpa at the hospital. Good thing he will be home soon!

The first thing I want to share with you, is that Sammy D from Sammy Davis vintage added me to her blog roll! Yup! I made it, I am famous now πŸ™‚ You can check it out hereΒ , I am right there under Fab Fashionistas! That’s right, it’s me! Love you Sammy D! I will be bringing you vintage from Russia! πŸ™‚

As some of you know I have recently made myself a skirt, and it’s all vintage too, because fabric is from the 70’s or so, it has paisleys people! Alright! (Can you tell I am hyper? Because I am, it’s all that coffee I’ve had tonight! Coffee and yoga! If you have never done yoga check out Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter, right now! Go and google it! She is that amazing! Well finish reading the post first! πŸ™‚ ) So today I was looking around and found these amazing pieces of fabric, in the colors that I absolutely love. I also found a pair of white gloves, so if you have any ideas when and where to use them (other than Minnie Mouse on Halloween), I will be extremely grateful.

My mind wanders on! I followed a recipe I learned from one of my friends at the Bridal Shower, and made this wonderfully – amazing vegetarian dish.

Now vegetarian or not, it’s worth trying. The veggies are from the frozen food isle, so is the dough! Butter the pan, put it all in, sprinkle salt and spices, add some oil, cover up with the dough, and bake for about 40 minutes at 350 F. For those of you chicken lovers – you can add that too!

I have tried becoming a vegetarian before. A few years ago when I worked at DHC, my friend Jessica showed me a book called “100 things to do before you are old and boring”! And one of them was “being a vegetarian for a week”. Back then my week ended several days early, because I just couldn’t resist spaghetti! Yes, I have great memories of camp food! So maybe now, I will actually stick to the plan! Let’s see if I can be a vegetarian for a week!

PS If you love sewing and have ideas on what magic I can do to those vintage fabric pieces, let me know!

Keep Calm

Ever since the Royal Wedding, I’ve been hooked on the Keep Calm posters. I know this is weird, but I will probably end up having one or two somewhere in the apartment that Sam and I are going to rent πŸ™‚ Here are a few of my favorite ones:

First, the original:

Then, one to celebrate Towel Day (which was yesterday, May 25)

For all of you bloggers out there, here are a couple:

For all of you shopaholics:

This one is for all of my DIY girls out there! Because we are all so special:

Here is one for everyone who had to spend time in a cold cold far away country, like Russia:

Next one is for all of my ESL students out there, and let me tell you, I am never going to do this to you:

This one is especially for my friend Amber, who is having a baby soon!

Here is some for all of you out there lovers of strange and not so strange stuff:

My friend Ksusha from college will tell you that this one was true in her life (for the most part of our senior year in college at least)

And finally:

For all of us out there!

Have a great day everyone, sharing the love, the laughter and the hope, that everything will work out for the best!

Paper Bag Skirt

This has been such a popular trend, and I couldn’t resist making one myself. I simply followed instructions I found here

I also used vintage fabric that my Grandma had, so that makes this skirt even more special πŸ™‚

Happy sewing and DIYing everyone


Have you ever won? A lottery? Won in a game? Won anything? I have recently won a YouTube giveaway, and this was the most perfect giveaway for me, which included both purses and jewelry! The package came today, and since I am not there, Sam opened everything and showed me on Skype! He is the best fiance, really! I am not going to post pictures of what I won, well except for one thing, this Ted Baker purse in purple!

You can see the rest of my goodies here

Also please support the girls if you are into DIY and fashion! Subscribe to their channel! Thank you Stephanie and Melissa!

DIY: Crocheted Round Cross body Bag

My latest DIY project, I saw a similar bag on That 70’s Show, and decided to make one! By the way crochet and macrame are in for the summer!

1. Here is a pattern that I used. It’s a doily pattern originally, but I used thicker yarns and only crocheted till row 11. You will need to make two of these.

2. Then you’ll need some fabric for the lining. I used some old denim like fabric. You are going to need to cut out 2 circles, sew them together, and make sure that you leave enough room to sew in the zipper as well!

3. This here is the strip that I used to connect the two crocheted doilies together, that way the bag got more width!

4. Then you are going to sew the lining to the crocheted outside of the bag, and attach the strap (which can be made out of anything, I chose to simply crochet mine!)

And here is a pic to show you how high/low it sits

Have a happy DIY day everyone!