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Shopping lists, threats and World Market

These are a few things I wanted to talk about today.

Shopping lists are a necessity, esp. if you are OCD like me, but ever since I moved in with my grandparents to help them out, they have become someone else’s responsibility, namely, my grandma’s. I remember making the very first shopping list for my fiance & I when we were driving up to where he went to college. See now he doesn’t eat very healthy & he doesn’t cook, so we had to buy a lot of things, which ended up costing us around 65 bucks! Pretty neat, for 2 people, for about 2 weeks. What do we eat? Good question. I am one of those people who saves magazine cut outs. I love the ones that tell you how to cook a dinner for 4 for $2 – $5, there is even a cook book that tells you how to do it! Fish, chicken, pasta, lasagna, it’s all on the menu! Cookies, doughnuts, cake, ice-cream… Now my grocery lists are filled with products I don’t necessarily eat, but that I need to buy for others. I am learning to put them first.

Threats are not necessarily a good thing, and they don’t always work, but for some reason playing the Jewish card has always worked for me!

World Market, just wait, here I come with all my orders for all the beautiful housing decorations that you offer!

The world of my disorders

There are 2 most common disorders out there – sleeping & eating. And I have had both. My eating disorder caused by stress caused my weight to drop down to 110 lb. My sleeping disorder caused by my work schedule increased my coffee addiction. I love my disorders, and who wouldn’t? I lost weight & I went back to drinking the most popular drink out there!

Now disorders caused by stress, make my face flourish & not in a good way! Thank God there is a solution for that, so I’ve been managing my life & my looks pretty well.

Last night was “Hello sleeping disorder” all over again. Last time I had it was when I was in college before my senior thesis presentation. I would wake up at 3 am & stay awake for a few hours, eventually I would dose off, but would have to wake up soon, so it actually tortured me.

Now my grandma has cancer, and I have recently moved in, to take care of her & grandpa. She gets treatment in a different city, so she leaves the house at 2.30 am once or twice a week, last night I wasn’t far from being asleep at that time. I was browsing the blogs, watching some videos, twittering, you name it – I did it! Around 3 am I decided to go back to sleep, but the realization of having to wake up in 2 1/2 hours to get ready to teach my 6 am class left me hanging. I got an hour of sleep last night.

What am I getting out of this? Sleeping pills!

Corrupting my world

I have noticed, that I started doing what I was always doing best – nothing! I also procrastinate, screw up my schedule & stay up till 2 or 3 am. I watch everything, there are so many shows out there, and I watch all of them. Correction, I watch the ones, that are either funny, or sad, or have something in common with my life.

The Big Bang Theory – my fiance is a geek, and he turned me into one, so I can relate to Penny & Leonard.

The Big C – my grandma has cancer, stage 4, that show is my emotional outlet, I cry when I watch it. No one understands, but Cathy!

The Millionaire Matchmaker – I learn constructive criticism.

Hellcats – speaks to my inner cheerleader.

The Office – everyone watches it, and I have driven through Scranton.

Keeping up with the Kardashians – They study Kim’s case in Harvard business school, I was accepted to an Ivy League school!

Modern Family – reminds me why I don’t want to have kids!

The Simpsons – I have a poster with the most famous quotes from there!

Family Guy – Love Mila Kunitz.

That 70’s Show – Donna (Laura Prepon) is partially Russian.

Sex & the City – Love Manhattan scenery, watch it to recognize places, and then yell out – I was there!

Cougar Town – Love Cortney Cox, esp. her hair!

Ancient Aliens – Have to watch something on History Channel, right?

Firefly – gotta watch a sci-fi show once in your life, even if it is during Passover in Florida with the people you don’t really like.

And a whole lot of other stuff!



Have you ever felt like you are an actress? And they are filming your life? But they are not actually telling you that? Though you have random soundtracks running through your head as you walk down the street, or visualize the lighting of a certain scene? Anyways this is how I feel. And I have been feeling like this since I was 18.

I am no movie star, not even close. I am an ESL teacher. I drink coffee like an addict, I watch too much television, I am madly in love with my fiance & wedding planning is my favorite thing to do. I work from home, some of my students are famous, some are just influential, but they are all fun & nice people, that I will tell you more about as the time goes by.

I love yoga, Kate Potter is a real life saver for me. Not because yoga has drastically changed my life,  but because that woman came up with a work out thats doable & affordable.

I cook, I bake and I am 150% confident I am the best at it, so confident, that I want to open my own bake shop, or invest in one, but these are long term plans.

I love make-up, Twiggy is an inspiration, but by no means do I look like her, or even attempt to.

So in my opinion, these are all the good reasons for me to have my own show, but as for now, I am enjoying Being Erica, and so should you!